Three and a half months ago, Views, along with CCK and OG were made available as a release candidates. Today, I've finally come to the conclusion that the remaining bugs are minor enough to go ahead with an official, formal release of Views 2, and we can finally say that this module is now out and available. Yes, it actually beat Panels 2 to final release!

If you've never tried Views 2, or are hesitating about Drupal 6, this new release of Views is a very good reason to consider making the transition, especially in your new sites.

The Views module has undergone extensive development, refactoring, and testing. Views 2 improves the existing functionality of the Views module, and adds new features designed to simplify life for developers, site admins, themers, and end users alike.

Possibly the most important change is that Views can now create lists of anything: nodes, users, taxonomy -- you name it! Another large change you'll notice right off the bat is that the UI for Views has completely changed, and is full of JavaScripty goodness. While it may take some getting used to initially, we're confident that you'll find that the changes ultimately make creating views much easier than before.

A more detailed list of changes is below.

Views links

New features for your site

  • Multiple blocks, pages, and feeds per view.
  • Built-in AJAX for pagers, exposed filters, and argument drill-down clicks. Great in blocks!
  • RSS feeds for comments.
  • Greater control over exposed filters, including being able to reduce a taxonomy list to just terms you select.
  • Can have multiple "displays" on a view with the same path, which have different features -- give your administrators and privileged users richer views than others!

New features for themers

  • All views output is done through templates, dramatically improving themability; the old views theming wizard is no longer required.
  • Additional theming information to customize your views through templates is also provided in the user interface.

New features for site admins

  • A completely reworked UI for creating and maintaining views. Features of the UI include:
    • Options are presented contextually; thus, when editing/creating a view, you are presented with only the choices you need.
    • If two people are editing the same View the view will be locked; only one person can edit a view at a time.
    • Live preview! Make a change, scroll down and see what your view looks like.
    • Upon previewing, performance timers show how long your View took to build, query, and render. Great for quick performance tuning.
  • Views can pull data from many different core tables. Users, comments, statistics, files, plus other things can be plugged in.
  • Can have views within views, known as attachments. These attachments can be used to display multiple, related views within the same space.
  • "View type" is now called "style", and has split into Style and Row style to allow far more flexibility in how view results are displayed. We've also added useful styles such as grouping and grid.
  • Lots inline help with the Advanced Help module.
  • New "Relationships" can let you have all the fields from referenced nodes right in your view.
  • New glossary styles make it easy to page items alphabetically.
  • Pluggable mechanism to find values for arguments for blocks -- easily create views for the node or user page with no PHP snippets required.
  • Views now have optional tags in addition to names; allowing you to sort your list of views and find and edit the ones for which you're looking.
  • Export multiple Views at once.
  • Tool to analyze your view for common mistakes (that can be expanded through plugins)

New Features for developers

  • Reworked, pluggable object-oriented API. Every component of Views is implemented as plugin objects and handlers. Views developers now have a great deal of freedom extending and customizing Views with their own data tables, display types, and view and row style plugins.
  • Pluggable argument validation (can embed PHP code) to give you greater control over what kind of arguments your views can use.
  • The SQL statements used to generate a view are displayed on preview.

Known issues

  • There may be a few lingering issues with Postgres, in particular with GROUP BY related queries.
  • The upgrade path from Views 1 to Views 2 is very rough. Because Views 2 was completely rewritten, it actually uses different tables. When you update a site that previously included Views 1, none of your Views will be transitioned. There is a converter tool that will make a best effort (and by best we mean weak) to convert your Views to the new format. They will require manual tweaking in almost every case. Please expect this transition to take a bit of time, but ultimately be worth the investment.


stephthegeek’s picture

Wow final release, awesome! I still think that Views 2 is the single biggest improvement in Drupal from D5->D6. I keep discovering new helpful things in it....

It's oh so nice to not be constantly unstyling list views ;)

I can't wait til we can upgrade our site to D6 and take advantage of all that sexy ajax pager/sorting goodness.

Congrats to you and everyone who pitched in on Views 2 for an amazing module.

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barthaedens’s picture

views 2 is totally awesome!! Thnx to the community for all the wonderfull things you guys are doing!

Drupal Dune 2

Senpai’s picture

All I can think of is Wootz! Nice going Views Gang!
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PepeMty’s picture

I'm about to upgrade my main site to D6 this weekend and decided that a RC was good enough. ;-)

Thanks for all your hard work!
Warm regards from sunny México!

Warm regards from sunny México!

carlospo’s picture

OMG! This feels like Drupal 6 is ready to go!

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mo6’s picture

Great news! This means the Drupal 7 development cycle starts right now..? ;)

gnosis’s picture

We need CCK 2 up to at least RC 25 ;-p. THEN we can move on.

Rowanw’s picture

There's a very promising upcoming module that plugs into Views 2 and makes it easy enough for almost anyone to create a view, it's called SimpleViews.

Congrats on the release of Views 2.

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merlinofchaos’s picture

I KNEW there was something I wanted to mention in the release notes. Going to edit that in. Thanks for the mention.

-- Merlin

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-- Merlin

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eaton’s picture

To sync up with the Views 2 official release, I rolled a full release version of SimpleViews, as well... viva la views!
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vph’s picture

Great. Though, I'm not surprised about the existence of this module. I'm quite familiar with Views 1 and while I was trying to use Views 2, I thought it was quite difficult to use. Same story for Panels. Versionn 2 appears to be too complicated.

I hope the official version proves that I am wrong.

ff1’s picture

Use views 2 for a couple of weeks and then try creating a view using views 1. I guarantee that you'll be amazed by the power and ease of use of views 2! :-)

BioALIEN’s picture

Back when I was testing the Release Candidate 3 months ago, I had the same experience about difficulty levels. But after a while, you get the hang of it and start to appreciate the added functionality it provides. Problem is, if you get too used to Views 2 and you get a client running Drupal 5, don't be sucked into under quoting them for the work. Try to remember the differences between the versions :)

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prbass’s picture

Thanks for all of your hard work on this, and of course everyone who helped out along the way.

I've just about got used to the new views, and I have to say - it's AWESOME!

Thank you!


shanwa’s picture

Great works, mucho kudos!

zilla’s picture

thank you for such incredible work.

you forgot to mention that it's also reduced fat and better for you..
i love to waste time:

ChrisBryant’s picture

This is amazing and a huge milestone for the Drupal community!

Views 2 is a pleasure to work with and I keep finding new little treasures. It's simply incredible what it allows you to do with ease and is a corner stone of building almost any Drupal site.

Thank you to everyone that made this possible, especially merlinofchaos!

Gravitek Labs

infojunkie’s picture

Congratulations merlinofchaos on a great job. Views 2 is a fine piece of work.

adrianmak’s picture

Waiting CCK 2.x come final release

hectorplus’s picture

I recently upgraded tecito.comto Drpal 6, Views indeed is a must have module, this version has lots of bells and whistlers, it makes creating views faster and easier, it takes just a bit of time to get use to the new UI, but worth it!

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zzolo’s picture

Thanks for all your hard, amazing work.


75th Trombone’s picture

Now VanDyk needs to release a PDD2E chapter online about it. 8)

f1mishutka’s picture

Greate news!

Crell’s picture

I've been using the Views 2 RCs for several months now. Then recently I had to go back and do some Views tweaking on a Drupal 5 / Views 1 site. Good lord, it was so ungodly painful! Or rather, the Views 2 UI is so ungodly wonderful! :-)

Views 2 is an amazing piece of work, from an architecture standpoint and a UI / UX standpoint. I really hope more of its innovations (including the FAPI improvements) fold back into core.

Well done, Earl and everyone else!

Larry Garfield

Kuldip Gohil’s picture

Really views makes drupal easy and rocking.....

Kuldip Gohil

Summit’s picture

Hi Earl,

Views 2 is the reason I will try Drupal 6.Thanks a lot for you and your team for great work!!


mirnazim’s picture

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo

I have been waiting for this to happen.

Great job guys

wonen’s picture

Lol, what a response! You must be really happy now :p

TheRec’s picture

Great news, I'm really excited to test this one, I have never put a site in production without the view module so it is pretty essential to my activity. Thanks for the excellent work.

For the moment what I am/was missing is/was a true "transaltability" for the views as pages (as i18n offers for nodes and now D6 natively supports for nodes too). I always had to use "semi-working" modifications to achieve what I wanted. So was there any work done about this in the Views 2 version ? That would be pretty awesome.

Again, thanks for this great module and all those new features and updates :)

patrickharris’s picture

This is amazing news. Congratulations.

brashquido’s picture

Nice work! I am a bit of a views newbie, so please forgive me if this is implied anywhere. I have recently had my site redesigned using panels/views extensively and while it looks the part, performance has gone out the window (even on a dedicated server). From my testing PHP execution times have increased by a factor of 3. Question I have is has any of the code re-factoring been targeted towards improving performance? Or should I be looking elsewhere for this? Performance improvements alone would be a big enough reason for me to consider upgrading.

I also hope that in the weeks to come some View gurus might be able to publish a guide or two on how they upgraded Views 1.x to 2.x.

Dominic Ryan

juan_g’s picture

brashquido wrote:
> I have recently had my site redesigned using panels/views extensively and while it looks the part, performance has gone out the window (even on a dedicated server). From my testing PHP execution times have increased by a factor of 3. Question I have is has any of the code re-factoring been targeted towards improving performance? Or should I be looking elsewhere for this? Performance improvements alone would be a big enough reason for me to consider upgrading.

It seems you are using Views 1. About performance, among the new Views 2 features for site admins, we can read the following: "Upon previewing, performance timers show how long your View took to build, query, and render. Great for quick performance tuning."

Also, caching can really help to improve speed and performance. The Boost module (static page caching for non-logged in visitors) is especially effective. There is a working patch -in its issues- to upgrade the module to Drupal 6.x.

attila_fabian’s picture

Great work!

jhebel’s picture

merlineofchaos and developers, you guys rock!

This release makes Drupal 6 so much more of a reality for most of us.

Thank you so much for the hard work, and congratulations!

toma’s picture

Great job, views 2 and Panels 2 are the best addon for drupal

Thanks for your hard work

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abx’s picture

Actually, that statement should be Views 2, Panels 2 and CCK are the best add-on for Drupal :)

dwees’s picture

I can't tell you how much I think the theme: information functionality rocks. It is absolutely a huge, huge time saver. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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thomasmuirhead’s picture

Drupal is View, Panels and CCK...sooooo excited by this.

gausarts’s picture

Wow, I didn't expect it so soon, but surely been hoping so much. Thank you merlinofchaos, and all.

love, light n laughter

love, light n laughter

robhamm’s picture

I'm interrupting my wooting, sqeeing, and happy-dancing for long enough to say thanks, Earl, and thanks for having put up with my stupid questions about using this essential module.

Now tell me that Views and Panels will make it into Drupal 7 core and I might deafen the neighbors with a happy-attack.

Rob Hamm

nsmgr8’s picture

Although my site was running without any issue. It's always nice to have a stable release version installed! Kudos to the development team.

Theatre SUST

sign’s picture

Very cool,
since views 2 rc1, I have to admit, that I am not sure who is building websites I am working on. Is it me or Merlin? ;)

Well done!

akahn’s picture

I've really been enjoying learning and using Views 2 in the last few weeks/months. I'm excited for where the final release will take development related to this project!

Edit: Also, the documentation. Where can I read about the status of the Views 2 documentation? Maybe I could help.

juan_g’s picture

At Contributed modules status - version 6.x, I've just updated the Views status to Views 6.x-2.0 released. Congratulations on the great work.

kyutums’s picture

The lack of Views 2 is what our organization has been waiting before we could deploy Drupal 6. Now that it's here, we can now upgrade! Thanks and congratulations! :)

cloneofsnake’s picture

Thanks for all the hard work!! We had a Views2 tutorial session in our Hong Kong user group, since then I've been hooked on Views2! :) Great job!!!

chrisroditis’s picture

"Relationships" is in my opinion the best thing that came with this release. I can finally relate one node to another and the other way around, node reference is just a 100 times more useful now! Thanks for your great module!

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iimitk’s picture

With all the functionality & flexibility Views 2 adds to Drupal, it really looks like another Drupal within Drupal. With Views 2, one can now access control almost anything by role or permission, which IMO obviates the need for many access control modules. Was this already implemented in Views 1?

I'm new to Drupal, but I can obviously see the tremendous amount of work put into this module. Thanks for all who made it possible.

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pengi’s picture

I wanted to thank you not only for the updated release of views, but for your patient support as well. For newbs, helpful community menbers like yourself are just as important as the modules.

crischan’s picture

Now lets cheer on the CCK developers!

All who wander are not lost. - William Shakespeare

jweowu’s picture

Congratulations, Views2 team!

Now we just need CCK2 to get stable, and we can start to use Drupal 6 :)

The 12-month Drupal development cycle is looking like utter madness right about now, IMHO. It's eight months since D6 was released, so D7 will almost be upon us by the time a lot of people are willing to start using D6, given the large-scale reliance upon CCK and Views.

Nothing against the module developers, of course. Good luck to the CCK2 team (and here's hoping that this announcement spurs them into a bug-fixing rampage :)

Crell’s picture

Really, that's what RCs are for. They mean "please start using this so we can squish the last of the bugs". We've been using Views 2 and CCK since the betas, and they've been pretty solid, at least solid enough to develop sites with.

The more people use CCK's RCs and report bugs they find, the sooner there will be an actual stable release of it. :-) (The same held true for Views 2, and for the Panels D6 releases, and anything else marked beta or RC.)

Larry Garfield

Paul Natsuo Kishimoto’s picture

(S)he still has a point...developers of modules that depend on Views now have ~4 months to port from {D5, Views 1.x} to {D6, Views 2.x}. In some situations there are modules which have an indirect dependency on Views (A depends on B depends on Views). These most be ported, too. Nor is it fair to maintainers of these Views-dependent modules to be told to hit a moving target when Views didn't try to do so during D6 development.

Actual users might see stable, non-beta, non-RC releases of these modules around the same time D7 is released, meaning they must immediately upgrade to D6 + new modules, or risk running D5 without security updates. I know this is an unusual situation because Views happened to be undergoing major API changes, but it's still not a good one—especially for the enterprise user to whom running unsupported or beta code is very bad practice.

I also use Ubuntu, where each release comes after the release of its components (X, GNOME, etc.). Sure, the relationship between "upstream" software and Ubuntu is not exactly the same as the relationship between contributed modules and Drupal core. But regardless of the semantics, a new Ubuntu release feels better than a new Drupal release because there are no "buts" or "gotchas" about the parts I am accustomed to using.

Regardless of how one views it, those "gotchas" are a deterrent to potential new users and developers in the Drupal community. Maybe it's worth changing something to prevent them.

Pasqualle’s picture

4 months? what are you talking about? where did you get this number?

modules which depends on views are all ported to D6.. I don't feel your problem..

Paul Natsuo Kishimoto’s picture D6 was released 13 February 2008, or 8 months, 10 days ago.

I wasn't aware there was an exhaustive list of modules which depend on Views...can you provide a link? I'm not sure how it could include private, non-GPL'd modules that some sites may depend on. At the Contributed Modules Status page, I also see:

iimitk’s picture

I don't know if you were serious about "Some guy named Dries" or not, but Dries is Drupal founder and the lead developer & architect as of current.

"Creativity is knowing how to hide your resources" - Albert Einstein.

patrickharris’s picture

I think he was joking.

Pasqualle’s picture

State of Drupal. Hungary 2008. Dries Buytaert:
We’ll freeze Drupal 7 when it is ready to be frozen.
page 79

you named 3 modules which does not have a (at least functional) D6 release. This has nothing to do with views dependency..

Paul Natsuo Kishimoto’s picture

I agree Dries won't push for a D7 release when it's not ready—that would be destructive, and he's not crazy. In that case, my point about having a limited time to upgrade is less relevant; but the lag is still very long.

You're also right that I named modules that had no D6 releases. The linked page says they have no releases because of the Views dependency. E.g. for NodeReview: "Waiting on Views and VotingAPI to have stable releases for D6." So I'm not sure what you mean by "nothing to do"...

These aren't widely-used modules. It's probably not a "deal-breaker" for anyone. All I was trying to say was that things could be done differently in the future, so people wait less than 8+ months for module releases they can use with D(n+1).

merlinofchaos’s picture

Acquia Drupal is a lot closer to the Ubuntu model, really.

I do think that Drupal core needs to slow down. I'm personally lobbying for it, and I don't see any real pressure to push D7 out there at least for awhile.

And hey, hopefully the next one won't be a complete rewrite.

-- Merlin

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-- Merlin

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[Read my Coding blog: Angry Donuts]

eaton’s picture

I do think that Drupal core needs to slow down. I'm personally lobbying for it, and I don't see any real pressure to push D7 out there at least for awhile.

This is something that I've thought about quite a bit, too. I think there's a strong case to be made for shorter 'minor' release cycles, for non-breaking additions, user interface enhancements that don't break API compatibility, and so on... with a much longer cycle for the large-scale things like new FAPI revisions, DB:TNG, and so on.

But then, I'm odd. ;)

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patrickharris’s picture

I'd like to chime in with agreement (to these illustrious voices) ... I don't see any point in Drupal 7 being rushed out in a few months. I'm only just beginning to come to grips with the second edition of Pro Drupal Development!

armymason’s picture

I agree with the previous statements. Unless the D7 release is addressing major performance constraints it seems that the system could just enhance the current version. I want to also Thank Drupal and its developers for the hard work. I am a novice web developer and primarily better at Lotus Notes Development but I have really found this tool useful and well done.

Long live Drupal and its hard workers. I will soon add a link to my page for Drupal even though I would not consider it a Small Business anymore.

My first Drupal page attempt -- (Long Live Small Business)

Jeff Burnz’s picture

Totally wicked, you guys rock and congrats on all the hard work put in. I don't think we can ever put into words how much the entire community appreciates and needs Views, thanks very much!

maartenvg’s picture

I actually heard trumpets when I read this ;) Woohoo for Views 6.x, and it's a wonderful improvement over Views1!

Thanks for the great work.

iimitk’s picture

Well, that is a fatty release number. ;)

By the time Views 6 is released, it will be able to order you pizza and prepare an espresso.

"Creativity is knowing how to hide your resources" - Albert Einstein.

maartenvg’s picture

ghehe :)

duntuk’s picture

LOL... kiddin...

it's about time.

GiorgosK’s picture

Tried them already from the beggining of betas and RC
and it are brilliant

Can't wait for CCK 2.0 !!
Geoland Web development / web marketing’s picture

Great news!
Congrats to all contributers.
Drupal Theme Garden

marcrobinsone’s picture

Hail to the all-new Views 2 fans club!

Thank you very much for this much awaited (early Christmas) gift :).

Now I can finally consider building project sites using Drupal 6. Can't wait for CCK for D6 to be released. Yihaa!

Nguyen DO’s picture

Thank you for the work. I have just updated my sites to lastest version of Views module

Bring Vietnam to the World
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norio’s picture

Considering the issues with the upgrade path from Views 1.x to Views 2.x, can they co-exist peacefully? So we can slowly and surely transition across to the new version?

If not, would it be simple and viable enough to make it so? This could help people adopt Views 2.x a bit faster.

ff1’s picture

Views 1.x is not available for drupal 6.
Views 2.x is not available for drupal 5.
This situation is not likely to change... ever!

ThePickwickProject’s picture

Given that this is one of the few opportunities to show appreciation for merlinofchaos and team: thanks a lot to all of you!

alex_b’s picture

and a big THANK YOU.


vkr11’s picture

Long awaited. Thanks for the hard work..

- Victor
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dgurba’s picture

thank you for your efforts!

diricia’s picture

Thanx you for a beautiful and sexy interface. It's been a pleasure to use it.

mos3abof’s picture

A big thank you and WoOoW!

I have tried Views 2 and it is very powerfull.
the first time i dealt with it was after i saw this very useful video :

juan_g’s picture

I've just seen that, according to's Project usage overview, Views (all versions until the new 2.0 and 2.1) is currently the #1 Drupal contributed module by usage -at least among the sample of tracked sites-, followed by #2 CCK, and #3 Token. Congratulations to the developers.

notarealperson’s picture

Congratulations and thanks!

Michelle’s picture

Like views? Go say congrats here: :)


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AmrMostafa’s picture

I just had a chance to try Views 2 recently. I'm blown.

Reminds me of when Views 1 was released the first time, you guys did it once again. Thanks Earl and every contributor who made this possible!

-- Amr Mostafa

James125’s picture