# Summary

Provides a unified and extensible way to upload, browse, and manage media on a Drupal site.

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# Where is the code?


# Estimated completion date


# Dependencies

File Entity
Entity Browser
Entity Embed

# Who's doing the port?

The Drupal Media Team (https://github.com/drupal-media)

# What help do they need?

(Are there specific types of resources (e.g. skillsets, $, sprints) that would be helpful to expedite porting?)

# D8 roadmap

The Media module will be a vastly different module for Drupal 8. Many of the responsibilities and code that was contained in Media is being split into separate components. For example, the Media Browser functionality is being developed into the Entity Browser module and embedding media in WYSIWYG is being developed into the Entity Embed module. For D8, the Media module will basically be what was considered a "Feature module" in D7: prepackaged configuration, and maybe some code and styling to wrap everything in a nice UI. It will assume that media matches up with a corresponding file entity in Drupal.

Check File entity browser module to see what is possible today. It uses Entity browser and DropzoneJS integration to provide nice multi-upload experience and re-usage of files.

For a full roadmap and status update of the Media ecosystem, see http://drupal-media.github.io/d8-status-update/#/.

See http://janezurevc.name/when-will-media-be-ready-drupal-8#list-modules for a detailed run-down of the various Media sub-components as of November 9, 2015.

# Background and reference information

(Links to any other helpful information, documentation, etc.)


Dave Reid created an issue. See original summary.

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Priority: Minor » Major
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Adding a pointer to the excellent blog post at http://janezurevc.name/when-will-media-be-ready-drupal-8 by @slashrsm.

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I think we should also add a reference to Media Pink Eye.

Media Pinkeye is one of "full-featured" media solutions for Drupal8. It's goal is to provide basic media features and experience (WordPress parity).

Also on https://contribkanban.com/board/contrib_tracker it lists the module under "No Port Active", while this empirically right I think it can be misleading. Please let me know what you think on this.

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Looking for some context... The media and media_entity projects are both owned by the "Drupal Media Team" user. Does it follow that they are being developed under the same D8 roadmap? The two modules appear to have completely different teams of contributors.

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OK, watched the slideshow (without sound) and I take it they are mutually exclusive functionality part of the same big picture roadmap.

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Adding link to File browser module: https://drupal.org/project/file_browser

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I am going to start a D7 site now, so,what should I used for the video upload now?? It seems there are lots of new selection for D8, should I still use the "media"+ media_vimeo and medis_youtube now ? or should I use another one ?? Please suggest !!! its really difficult to understand what's the best for now and for the upgrade to D8 in the next.

Thank you !!!

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Hi @all,

will there be an upgrade path from D7 to D8 for already existing content?

thx, phil

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@freelylw I work with the media team and can help you with this question. If you open an issue on the media project page here: https://www.drupal.org/project/media (specifying D7), then we can have a discussion there and I can help you to work through a solution to your question. Your strategy for a D7 site will be somewhat different than for a D8 site.

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Issue summary: View changes

Obviously development has started. Changing issue summary.

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As part of 2016 Google summer of code @royal121 worked on D8 port of media. Initial code in available on https://github.com/drupal-media/media.

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Status: Active » Needs work

Oh, great! Marking Needs Work.

Any way to sync that over to Drupal.org as it's being developed so that the project page doesn't look so sad? :)

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That is the plan. Would be great to hear what @Dave Reid thinks about that.

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The GSOC student emailed me to ask permission and I replied that I'd love to find out more, and that if he had a summary blog post or high-level of what's the end-result, that I could really use that. I'm still waiting on that information, so if someone here can provide it, even better.

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He provided PR for D8 media guide: https://github.com/drupal-media/d8-guide/pull/38/files I think that it should give you the general overview of what has been done.

That PR also needs a review so any help with that would be great too. It has been on my todo list for a while since I just returned from vacation.

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4 months passed, media-entity has it's own project now: https://www.drupal.org/project/media_entity
Does this mean the 'media' module wont be ported and that we should all start using 'media entity'?

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Depends on what you want to archive.
The plan is (as far as I know) to have the media module as a connection module between all the small small media modules. The main functionality will be in this submodules as for example media_entity.
The media module is already in an early port state: https://github.com/drupal-media/media
When you just need the media entities, you can use the media_entity module.

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Media entity will soon hopefully move in to core as media #2831274: Bring Media entity module to core as Media module. This will take up the D8 namespace for media. Core should come with media fields and some form of media browser, so for basic media needs that should be enough.

There should be an upgrade path from media entity, so if you can't wait you should start with that!