DrupalCon just finished wrapping up and it has been an amazing week. Over 900 people attended over 50 sessions and over 30 Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions. In the rooms and halls you could see knowledge virally spreading throughout the attendees as well as connections being made. DrupalCon may be over but don't let the knowledge sharing stop. Attend, Host, Create a local event to get this momentum going!

Here are a few great events coming up!

Sydney, Australia May 18th-22nd, 2008
Drupal Asia/Pacific Conference. The first major Drupal conference in Australia teamed up with CeBit.

Austin, Texas March 8th, 2008
BarCamp with Much Drupal love

Orlando, Florida April 5th-6th, 2008
Barcamp with much Drupal love

Paris, France April 19th

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, May 24th - May 25th, 2008
international 'Learn Open Source' training/meeting

Check out more events on groups.drupal.org/events

Don't see your event? It wasn't posted on groups.drupal.org, please post your events so everyone can find out about them!

Want a DrupalCon in your town? Get involved and submit your proposal. This is your community and it doesn't happen without you.


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...but saw last week that it had sold out...maybe next year!! will there be some writeups coming of major discussions and all of that?

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Maybe next time, eh. Hope you guys had fun :)

John Forsythe
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It was a great conference. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to put it all together. I know there was a tremendous amount of effort involved. I look forward to the next Drupalcon.

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I feel very fortunate to have the biggest Drupalcon yet right here in my backyard, at just the right time. I had a career diversion there for a while, but I've been gradually dipping my toes back into what has become a much bigger community in my absence. Just when I was feeling like my feet were almost wet enough, Drupalcon showed me how much deeper I have left to go - and the prospect of diving in is exciting (CANNONBALL!!!).

Now, back to blogging about Day 2 (who knows when I'll catch up to days 3 & 4...)


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It's great to have you back, Mike. Congrats on joining Cyrve.

The future is Bryght at Raincity Studios

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The sessions were great and the sense of community was really strong. Congratulations to the organizers. I had a blast.

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Loved the sessions

Very informative

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In every single DrupalCon in the past, there has been a clear indication of where to get videos and audios of presentations.

Where are they?

Victor Kane

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These are coming soon. Imagine the amount of work to prepare all this stuff, but I am sure the kind people who recorded will share it as soon as they can. My understanding is it may take a couple of weeks to get it ready for publication. Meanwhile, some session material is available with the session announcements on the Drupalcon site.

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If anyone wants to help the video process, join the thread: http://groups.drupal.org/node/9553

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But I am not funded by any large organization. Looks to me like the process is too ambitious, would have been better to just get out some principal sessions first, then the rest later.

Victor Kane

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If you think it can be ran better I highly encourage you to get involved and help to make it better. You don't need to be funded by any large organization or funded at all. The awesome volunteers (emphasis on volunteers) are putting in a lot of time and effort to get the video out and up onto the web and none of them are funded by large organizations.

If you think the process could be modified the best thing you can do is not to comment on the what the process looks like but rather to get involved in the process.

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photos from Boston DrupalCON 2008

Greek Drupal community mydrupal.gr

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Awsome, I like your pics. Looks like you guys had fun!

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I maintain a meetup.com group which can be used to promote your Drupal events: http://drupal.meetup.com/13/

Join the group, ping me, and I'll extend administrator privileges to you so that you can add info about your Drupal events. It's an extra channel that we can use to promote Drupal.

- Robert Douglass

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I go to conference to learn new tricks, connect with the people who belong to the community I am proudly a part of, witness the growth of the industry which is my bread and butter, and to share the excitement and successes of others who are my peers... DrupalCon 2008 has not only met all my reasons to attend a conference, it gave me a reason to look forward to one in future...Heart-felt thanks for organizing this amazing conference and will see you all in the near future.

-Gowri Abhaya

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Is there any video of this conference?
I want to learn from it

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Yes, all sessions were videoed and these videos should be available within a couple of weeks. They will be well worth watching.

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yes, videos and audio is all very nice - but are the session slides stored in a repo somewhere?

Peter Lindstrom
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visit www.archive.org and search for DrupalCon Boston. Some session slides are already uploaded, others will be there pretty soon. A few sessions slides are posted in Blog area of drupal.org

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yes thanks, i missed them!... and i want to add that this is very nice project, thanks everyone!...

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Yes, it was a superb conference, and well worth the time and expense of travelling from the UK. This was my first DrupalCon and I was impressed by the friendliness of everyone (I knew no one beforehand), the quality of presentation and discussion, and the sense of community. It feels a privilege to be part of this community, which is certainly going places. Great thanks to the team that organized everything.

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What a wonderful experience DrupalCon was! It was my first such conference (of any kind), and I was so impressed not only by the quantity and quality of information provided but also by the enthusiasm and friendliness shown by everyone.

I had to miss Friday's code sprint and am wondering what was worked on and accomplished. I've been scanning Planet Drupal but have not seen much written about it yet. Can anyone offer a brief report?


Christopher Pelham
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