I have an idea for drupal.org. I have many times searched and searched for the correct module for a job. I would like the ability to mark my favorite modules, themes, and sandboxes while logged in on drupal.org. It would also be good if one could add a note to the bookmarks for their information. Might also be nice to be able to mark them as public or private as well. Maybe a block on the dashboard to display them.

Another idea would be to give a "Favorite" rating to modules, themes, and sandboxes based on how many people have marked them.

The whole idea would be so people do not have to save a bunch of bookmarks in their browser but can easily then see a list of their bookmarked favorites as well. It would also let other see what modules, themes, and sandboxes others Favorite too if there is an ability to make them public. This would be something like the like button on Facebook fan pages but in this case for each modules, themes, and sandboxes project page.

However you might want to make this two separate new features for drupal.org, bookmarks/favorites and likes.

I hope this is understandable and think that this would be a very good social feature(s) for drupal.org that would help others better select and find modules, themes, and sandboxes.

God Bless!

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I second the author of this topic. Thoe the way I imagine this functionality is a bit different.
It would be nice to be able to create lists.
I am working on several Drupal projects and if there would a possibility to have a personal tagging system per user would be very nice. Maybe asking to let users set their own hierarchy in those list would be a bit much but at least I personally would appreciated it a lot.
With this functionality I would create Drupal module trees. Top level modules like a personal core that goes more or less to every site then dependencies branch below some specific branches divided by project types.
This would benefit drupal.org website by keeping more users longer on it and by doing so some of those users would contribute to community more often.
Also best of these trees could be used as hierarchies for Drupal modules because I presume that for newbies it may prove to be difficult to get around Drupal's inner hierarchies without any guidance.

If you have opinion please share or follow this topic to express support.

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Hi dddave!

I am re-activating this issue as the parent issue #1621714: Allow to bookmark/favorite issues without abusing the Assigned field or issue tags is dealing with bookmarking favorite issues.

This feature request as I originally wrote it and as POVYLAZZZ commented on is not about bookmarking issues but about bookmarking projects(modules, themes, sandboxes, distributions). It might be nice to categorize them too but the major request is to have the ability to bookmark them so I can find my favorite projects fast.

Yes, I realize that I can bookmark them in my browser, but this would also give another rating to judge a module. It might actually be better to allow people to like or dislike a project for a rating but I digress, as I am looking for a simple bookmark functionality like the star functionality on github.

Thanks for your understanding!

PS If I did somehow misunderstood the other issue, as it was rather long and I did not read every last word of it and it would provide the functionality to also bookmark projects too, please do revert the status on this issue.

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Github has put me in the habit of reaching for a star when I want to save a project for later review. Additionally it has put me in the habit of looking at the number of stars on a project as a signal of project quality. I've wished for this for a while.

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Sometimes when developing new sites, I come across modules that I am not going to use on that site, but want to remember for the future maybe. It would be awesome to somehow bookmark/favorite/flag modules and themes and have them appear in our own profile list privately.

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Moving to customizations for review.

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This would be a great feature! The ability to add a comment to the bookmarked module/theme/sandbox would be very nice too (e.g. to remember the reason why we have bookmarked a less used alternative of a more popular module).

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+1 I added a duplicate issue to this one therefore I would like to vote this one up :)

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I have a draft of this running at https://drumm-drupal.dev.devdrupal.org/project/drupalorg


There isn’t a logged out state yet, you can log in to Drupal with bacon/bacon. I also need to add the listing of projects you have starred.

Longer-term, I’d like to make the “Add … to dashboard” links similarly-styled and put everything where that link is now.

  • drumm committed 55a1a00 on 7.x-3.x
    Issue #1973934: Allow users to “star” projects

  • drumm committed 63a1aab on 7.x-3.x
    Issue #1973934: Allow users to “star” projects
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This has been deployed.

A good place to start for any followups is #1434450: Add the ability to follow projects like we follow issues.

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  • drumm committed 3f4119a on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #1973934: Clean up user’s starred projects page
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Any chance to have ordered by starred (as well as title)?
i.e. so most starred are at the top, least starred at the bottom

  • drumm committed aba1522 on 7.x-3.x
    Issue #1973934: Remove uid exception value
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Do you mean user-specific pages like https://www.drupal.org/user/796188/starred, or project browsing pages like https://www.drupal.org/project/project_module/?solrsort=iss_project_rele...?

We’ll be using the data in the future, but we need to collect a decent amount to make it more useful.

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I was referring to user pages, I thought they were already ordered by title, but closer inspection would seem to indicate this isn't the case either.

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They are ordered by when you starred the project. Most recently starred first.

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Nice, I would like to click Like on your comments, but there is no button yet :)

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This is especially useful for sandboxes that don't show Reported installs. Thanks.

  • drumm committed 15e1845 on 7.x-3.x, dev
    Issue #1973934 by drumm: Export project star flag permission

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