grendzy and raspberryman closed the last two critical tickets:

Of the 20 major tickets, they found only one that is a release blocker and needs attention:

#1281974: Missing bundle property on entity - related to translations - That ticket needs a good 2 hours of curation to clear the patches up and improve the steps to reproduce, then an additional scope on the fix once the patches have been reviewed.

#1316162: Support content translation and host entity cloning - Although this is a major and important ticket, it is more of a feature request and shouldn't be a v1.0 release blocker.

2 other issues that I are close to being RTBC and help resolve serious bugs in FC.

#1344672: Field Collection: Field translation (entity_translation) support. - See #12 for Entity Translation

Original post:

Hey there, this module is used by, and as part of the D7 Upgrade Initiative, we need to get it to a stable 1.0 release prior to launch.

What will it take to push a release of this module out the door before Oct 30th, 2012? Let's use this issue to investigate and generate a bullet-point list of things that need to happen (or a list of links to other issues).


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#1714478: Cant use time "24:00" or "00:00" in dateformat field after upgrade to D7.15 - I do not believe this to be an issue with field_collection
#1084268: Exception: Invalid field name given. in FieldCollectionItemEntity - this needs input from the maintainers on the direction to take with the module

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Tried, but could not reproduce #1281974: Missing bundle property on entity - related to translations. See my tests at:

At this point, I don't see any release blockers.

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Assigned:Senpai» fago
Status:Active» Needs review

It looks like Field Collection has no criticals left, and is now ready for a 1.0 release. Let's make it so.

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We have 16 active major bug reports - are any of these release blockers?

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Title:Field Collection needs a 1.0 release as part of the D7 Upgrade Initiative» A 1.0 release would be nice for D7
Version:7.x-1.0-beta4» 7.x-1.x-dev
Assigned:fago» Unassigned
Issue D7, -porting

This isn't actually a blocker. A 1.0 would be great, but we can live with beta5 if we need to.

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Issue summary:View changes

Updating v1.0 release status

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Title:A 1.0 release would be nice for D7» Field Collection: a 1.0 release would be nice for D7
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Or for that mater a stable Beta 6. It's been over a year since the last release. This isn't a best practice as far as I am concerned #2186377: Highlight projects that follow Best Practices

It would be great if this could happen. There are a number of other issues that seem close:

@tim.plunkett - You've weighed in on some of the issues I've brought up around providing incentives for contrib modules & issue queues (Thanks for this btw).

What changes could be made to d.o to make this module easier to maintain for you?

EDIT: There are 56k sites using this module. There have to be some means to make it a priority for this to be more actively maintained.

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Title:Field Collection: a 1.0 release would be nice for D7» Field Collection: A 1.0 release would be nice

I think d.o is good and any change to it will not likely make this module easier to maintain. It is just a complicated module that needs to interact with a lot of other things. For example, compare the number of installs vs. reported issues in field_collection and imce_wysiwyg.

With so much work happening on D8 now it seems unlikely to me for the D7 version of this module to receive significant additional efforts from a new source, but as the D8 release approaches I think it will be easier to attract talent so long as the module remains relevant and is not replaced by solutions such as entity reference.

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@jmuzz - you might be right. However, we've got another 3-4 years of support for Drupal 7. Maybe more.

Fixing these issues for D7 is important for 99,720 sites right now. With that many users, we should be able to find a way to make it a priority to address this critical problem.

Many of the outstanding issues have already been fixed it seems. It just needs to be made a priority.

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It would be nice if there was a pager at the top of the issue comments so I don't need to scroll to the bottom of all 300 of them to find it.

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Yeah, many users are using it - that doesn't necessarily mean it's release ready. E.g., there is still #1344672: Field Collection: Field translation (entity_translation) support. open which I'd conside mandatory for a 1.0 release: One would expect the module to support the features of field API, i.e. revisions and translations. We managed the get the former done, but the latter is not done yet. (Not speaking of stability of those features even.).

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Agree to @fago #12

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Issue summary:View changes

Ok, adding that to the summary. Doing minor formatting there too.

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Title:Field Collection: A 1.0 release would be nice» [META] Plan for Field Collection 7.x-1.0 release

Standardized the issue title.