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MD5: 584287598f93bbe5a7ddcb3e686cf87d
SHA-1: 6ff3322730f1e9911c1b8b7023b9f0e61f1e3722
SHA-256: b06a7f849d190cd5d94136b1c9566d9731c2fadfec174136530746d3e0c5460c

Release info

Created by: bojanz
Created on: 9 Aug 2012 at 16:36 UTC
Last updated: 18 Aug 2012 at 13:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Major changes since alpha3:

  • Redesigned installer, admin listings, discounts UI, help and getting started screens, and other visual tweaks following the results of the user testing.
  • Jirafe integration.
  • Reworked admin menu.
  • Kickstart without demo store now has a new omega_kickstart base theme.
  • "Checkout redirect" functionality, giving anonymous users a place to login or register before proceeding with checkout.
  • Basic localization support (configures and enables locale, variable, i18n_fieldsm etc)

The next release is planned in time for DrupalCon Munich.
See the list of RC blockers here.
Our main focus is getting discounts usable, and adding coupon functionality, as well as the ability to limit the validity of discounts and coupons by various criteria (product type, product, customer country, etc).
The version of Kickstart without the demo store will also be seeing many improvements.

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha3:

  • Move the VBO selector below the form, tweak the Chosen settings.
  • #1714892 : [No Demo Store] Remove the summary on the body field for products
  • Tweak the weight of the Getting Started tab.
  • #1715126 by robertDouglass, GuGuss, joshmiller, vasike: Add a Commerce Shipping patch for Display a message if there's No Shipping method enabled
  • #1670854 by haza: Support basic localization.
  • #1701554: Enable the checkout user flow by default and add a checkbox for that feature.
  • Fix Views megarow theming.
  • Add CTools patch for date field auto-submit, update Commerce Discount.
  • Add missing slash on calling ie9.js library on commerce_kickstart_theme.
  • Rename field_product_variations to field_product
  • Typo fix on getting started search field.
  • #1632544 : User flow for login and checkout process
  • Fix JS error that was breaking all admin views.
  • Rename commerce_kickstart_content to commerce_kickstart_blocks and don't display the payment, discount and promotional banner in the store is installed in "no demo store" mode.
  • #1672358: Image thumbnails on product pages on mobile devices should behave differently.
  • Rename Inactive / Active to Disabled / Enabled in the products 'quick edit' screen, remove an unused function.
  • #1670892 : The order list summary view should be the same as the order history view
  • #1717588 : Attach the enter key to trigger the search on kickstart advanced help
  • Fix the install process where it loops with the welcome screen and the database settings when setting.php is not pre-filled.
  • #1703210 : add "Customer profiles" link to admin menu
  • #1686602 by bojanz, vasike: Patch for Addressbook module: rebuilts the addressbook menu item to fix the error for no addressbook enabled
  • #1719332 by vasike: Use the order created data as date filter on Orders page (instead of updated)
  • Make sure the node templates are no longer harcoded, by adding Title and Fences modules.
  • #1718960 : Remove the "go to my store" button on the help overlay
  • Fixing font alias issue on video pages in Chrome. Also fixed safari clip issue, fixed css error, reduced width of dropdown slightly to avoid overlaps
  • Bring checkout cart button back
  • #1707956: Redesign discount screen.
  • #1719064 by vasike: Fix Multiple product display nodes on Products page using SKU COUNT aggregation in View
  • Change weight for block free shipping on frontpage.
  • #1714774: Remove commerce_kickstart_jirafe().
  • General style updates, logo updates, and minor advanced help style update
  • Fix the "add product" page that were displaying that no content type were created.
  • #1691470 by jsacksick: Make the Search API index include all product display types automatically.
  • #1702490 : Advanced Help
  • Configure the Chosen module in Backoffice, so that it works without the demo store, and on non-Kickstart installations as well.
  • #1632550 by haza: Implement a welcome screen for the install, and hide the language step.
  • #1686602 by Bojhan, Guguss, vasike: Rebuilt the Orders page for the new visual style
  • Link level 0 admin menu item to a default action.
  • Revert "Issue #1710682: Style Updates for Different Classes."
  • Update the inline help for product and product types.
  • #1710682: Style Updates for Different Classes.
  • Fix color selector on selected color.
  • #1716738: Update Commerce Discount to latest commit, to fix error coming from not being in the info file, despite containing a class.
  • #1701652 by dudenhofer: styling manage product page and additional admin theme updates
  • #1715024 by haza: Fixed [No Demo Store] Only one variation shows up on the product page.i
  • Simplify the kickstart-specific Discount CSS.
  • #1712010: Fix drush site-install by adding a Commerce patch.
  • #1707942: Replace potentially offensive images.
  • #1700600: Maintenance page doesn't display PHP errors.
  • Add a patch for link module to prevent E_STRICT error Update rules to 2.2, also prevent error on PHP 5.4. Add patch for entity, fixing and issue with PHP 5.4
  • #1701652 by Bojhan, vasike: Rebuilt the Admin Product page with new Views exposed filter for Product display, Multiple Vocabularies, Combine fields filters, using Chosen jQuery library for selections
  • #1676776 by haza, theo, bojanz: Rework the IA of the Kickstart Admin Menu.
  • #1691422: Fix commerce_kickstart_social overriden.
  • #1714788: Product-Image switch on product detail page dont work.
  • #1714722 by haza: Fixed Blog frontpage block doesn't show up on omega_kickstart().
  • Logo update, some overlap fixes with admin menu, and widget fix on install page.
  • Revert "Issue #1676776 by haza: Rework the IA of the Kickstart Admin Menu."
  • #1676776 by haza: Rework the IA of the Kickstart Admin Menu.
  • Fix the 'Connect with us' menu by adding the missing files.
  • Cleanup block setup, add the Omega Kickstart theme (for 'no demo store').
  • #1684252: Turn 'connect with us' and 'payment methods' blocks into menus so that they can be easily edited.
  • Add Advanced Help patch to improve performance, update Facet API, return Search API Ranges to the -dev version now that it's been fixed.
  • #1669252: Improve comments theming on blog post.
  • Update Drupal core to 7.15.
  • Revert broken Search API Ranges commit.
  • #1697718 by GuGuss: Enable the Jirafe dashboard into Kickstart.
  • #1701624: [No demo content] View modes for products not coherent.
  • Add IE7-js library to handle :after,:before on IE7-8.
  • #1697180: Add shadow effect to checkout dialog.
  • Update module versions.
  • #1702696: Optimize the images shipped with Kickstart.
  • Quick fix on block payment on footer for firefox.
  • #1696710 followup: Revamp visual styling Product creation.
  • Move some dependencies.
  • Fix theming on cart block when user has products in cart and is on page blog...
  • Re-export all features.
  • #1670986 by GuGuss, vasike: Add title and terms data fulltext search for Search Commerce Display fields
  • Add Tweaks on comment and update theming for comment.
  • #1691550 : Product display type not respecting comments settings
  • #1700104 : Product listing (From: ) shows prices without taxes
  • #1686610 by bojanz, vasike: Use default display settings for backoffice order view mode, in Commerce Backoffice module
  • #1686586 : [No demo content] AutoSKU not configured for default product type
  • Remove Cart link as first step in checkout progress.
  • #1691064 followup: Add styling for the checkout progress.
  • Replace shooping-cart line-item footer summary with order total footer.
  • #1694546 by dudenhofer: Fix Visual update of installation screen
  • Turn navigation menu into a select list on small devices.
  • #1672410: On search screens on mobile devices, make facet blocks into select lists to conserve screen space.
  • #1694712: Update design on the facted search price range.
  • #1695876 : Remove or decrease visual weight of product attributes in the product listing
  • #1679190 by lsolesen, vasike: Do no alter vocabulary form on deletion, within Taxonomy menu and Taxonomy breadcrumb modules
  • #1696710 by dudenhofer: fixing the visual styling of product display
  • #1677810 : Rework the HTML order template that is sent by email
  • #1676730 by dudenhofer: Fixing yellow box, dropdown, and tipsy styles on getting started page.
  • #1671340 by pedrorocha, vasike: Commerce Kickstart Migration dependency added for kickstart demo content modules
  • Issue #1697180: Add shadow effect to checkout dialog.
  • Remove "1659638-dont-show-message-always.patch" patch since it has been merged.

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