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SHA-1: 73089e411dc7375ab3e2f0f99b20e1309816dab7
SHA-256: 8bbc27edbf83b1d5c0430d49809605117b35e85afdc93757730a56c3b481d72c
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SHA-1: d2ee2da759df412c40f46b4e70913f88f1a39ac5
SHA-256: d9aa26a9a8cda7985c70c278d0be6f358a6c8510cb902f13c2074820b96ac699

Release info

Created by: dawehner
Created on: 4 Jan 2012 at 00:53 UTC
Last updated: 11 Feb 2015 at 19:03 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

After the final release of 7.x-3.0 here comes 6.x-3.x

If you want to update from 6.x-2.x please consider that 6.x-2.16 is still the main stable version for drupal6, so
as always do your backups etc.

Thanks for all contributors on views3, especially dagmar.

If you want to get the new features of views3 look at previous changelogs/drupal watchdog or some presentations on drupalcamps/drupalcons. It's too much to describe here.

Changes since 6.x-3.0-rc3:

  • use time() instead of d7 const REQUEST_TIME
  • improve comment
  • #528606 by slashrsm: Take sure that there are never duplicated dom_id's
  • #1343394 by dereine: Sync views_data of term_data.weight
  • #1130760 by neoglez: Check for variables in tokens generation of terms
  • #by 1339044: javier.alejandro.castro: Take sure that both 0 and \'0\' is considered as empty
  • #1336420 by aidanlis: argument node_uid_revision used node_revision instead of node_revisions
  • document view::vid
  • document operator
  • Document prerender_list->items
  • #1378088 by dereine: Add the node: nid field also on aggregated queries
  • #1309026 by zilverdistel: Hide thead if is totally empty
  • #1378132 by smithmilner: Replace d7 function by d6 constant for default filter.
  • Revert "#1324580 by pcramba, dereine: Build the arguments first, so the default arguments exist on validate plugins"
  • #1349462 by benys: Add accesslog.aid field to statistics views data
  • #1354084 by tim.plunkett: Fix undefined index link_url when submit other things
  • #402944 by catch, msonnabaum, mikeytown2, drewish: Cache the calls to unpack_options both as static and in the database. This will speed up quite some sites
  • fix weight filter
  • 1372158 by dereine: Fix undefined use_group_by call
  • #1333126 by sammyd56: Improve the help text of alter['alt'] to show it's actually title
  • #1333110 by sammyd56: Fix the description of the hide if empty checkbox. This was probably a leftover from first versions of the initial patch
  • #1371122 by sammyd56: Fix all whitespace fixes
  • #1359342 by dereine: Area handlers shouldn't be aggregated
  • #1324580 by pcramba, dereine: Build the arguments first, so the default arguments exist on validate plugins
  • #1358584 by sammyd56: Improve description for all date arguments/fields
  • add a wrapper method for db_set_active
  • by dereine: wrap db_fetch_object as well with a custom method
  • #961148 by steffenr: Add a taxonomy term weight filter
  • document some more variables
  • Conflicts:
  • by dereine: Use an existing variabel when init extenders
  • by dereine: Convert drush file to unix line endings and fix some spelling mistakes
  • by dereine: Run test for string-word
  • #1360336 by tim.plunkett, dereine: Don't call view->validate in view::preview
  • #1305726 by dereine: Fix some notices in filter_in_operator
  • #1300652 by stella: Add format plural support for field_math.
  • #1086506 by dereine: Check the result of views_break_phase right
  • by dereine: Fix small typo in last patch
  • #1209390 by chx: Improve description of argument_default_php
  • #1186272 by infojunkie: Reorder pre_render calls so style->pre_render comes before field_pre_render
  • #1102952 by joachim: Add option to term fields to output with spaces converted to hyphens
  • #939992 by dereine: Allow to use underscores in css classes
  • #1072296 by barbi: Use row_index instead of count in table.tpl.php because count seems to be a bit confusing
  • #779924 by dereine: Make label in relationships required
  • #439238 by dereine: If a path is renamed but part of the destination redirect the user to the new path
  • #1062074 by dereine: Allow to restrict displays per base_table
  • #960392 by iamjon: Format profile-date values using years
  • Merge branch '6.x-3.x' of into 6.x-3.x
  • #1044000 by dereine: Don't add links if you groupby a field_node-field
  • #1032836 by arx, shawn dearmond: Check to not call unpack_translatables on broken displays
  • reported by dvcs11: Allow to use read more links of page displays
  • #1288740 by webflo: Allow multiple file ids as argument and fix the db_rewrite_sql
  • #421842 by Moonshine: Allow to override existing views during update
  • #1301366 by dereine: Add a node_comment_statistics::last_comment_uid field, filter, argument and relationship
  • #1342250 by joachim: Provide an example how to add fields via hook_views_default_views_alter
  • #1096652 Follow up by andypost: Fix example for drush vdis
  • #1341882 by dereine: Change the default value of hide_alter_empty to false for custom field
  • by dereine: Document the variable of views_join
  • #1096652 by Manuel Garcia: Add drush commands to enable and disable views


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