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MD5: b606bd0544e91befd363e6005ee5cb88
SHA-1: 3089c4cbb5ec187690c444b41de2e7def8fc9cbd
SHA-256: 08e3c5dae3d44d5aafe6745147899c318348ebae2cfd8af581c5209abe1e4a5c
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MD5: 29d6c8a4f21388533eec28f06e649c51
SHA-1: 9c8cae3fdfe108ebc3b75a2feb621b6a3e4faaca
SHA-256: dcb40d64cd81ee61d805ceb76a86adeb0978982f4e5c5c72a51f6bfb8d7e79c3

Release info

Created by: dawehner
Created on: 11 Feb 2015 at 09:41 UTC
Last updated: 11 Feb 2015 at 19:03 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

See SA-CONTRIB-2015-039 - Views - Multiple vulnerabilities

Changes since 6.x-3.0:

  • Strengthen the redirect of views locking
  • Strengthen the default configuration
  • #1845268 by Pol, d.clarke: Fixed Jump menu default value incorrectly set when using absolute link option.
  • #694094 by dawehner, yhahn, Ian Ward, aspilicious, Letharion, smokris: Fixed Allow views defaults static cache to be cleared.
  • #1857410 by Ivan Zugec | jhodgdon: Fixed Doc block at top of is wrong.
  • #1189926 by dawehner | glowsinthedark: Fixed Exposed filter on title field no longer defaults to showing all content.
  • #1367304 by dawehner, tim.plunkett: Fixed Using OR in filters breaks contextual filters.
  • #1409640 by Dean Reilly, aspilicious | 5kot: Fixed Taxonomy terms on node relationship potentially joins on wrong table.
  • #1677784 by Jax | kenneth.venken: Use $empty=TRUE for the empty area handler render function.
  • #1645988 by jeffschuler | jlmeredith: Fixed Fatal error: Class 'views_handler_argument_string()' not found.
  • #1346752 by damiankloip | Marshell: Undefined variable: css_class() in include().
  • #1559174 by damiankloip: Added views_handler_argument_node_type() should extend views_handler_argument_string().
  • document some methods on the view object
  • 1395440 - updating 'about' information
  • #1317500 by rvilar: Add an outut format for Promoted similar to what Sticky and Published have.
  • #1537152 by joshuautley: Fix typo in the field_math handler
  • #1295202 by szt: Only fill up the grid lines, if there are actual results
  • #1338686 by paul.moloney, dawehner: Just generate tokens if the role exists in the result
  • #817748 by Roger Saner, pillarsdotnet: Sort by Book Hierarchy does not exactly repeat book hierarchy
  • #1525152 by Georgique: Check for options format-key in unpack_options
  • #1372184 by thorin_edr:Correct text in more link options
  • #1457244 by Bevan: Removed Doxygen config file.
  • #1444272 by helmo: Document and instantiate fields in the default query plugin.
  • #1212660 by fgm: Don't load the class while checking whether the class_exists
  • #1239526 by hydra, marvil07: Don't show path/external form elements on field_node_link
  • #1271540 by marvil07, dereine: Don't limit feed description to 128 chars
  • #1491722 by marvil07: Allow replacements for rss descriptions.
  • Remove all tests from 6.x-3.x, as they are too much overhead to maintain and they are broken.
  • #930928 by tim.plunkett: Take sure $start is always defined.
  • document views_plugin_style::row_plugin
  • #1395436 by sreher: Improve the Advance Help Documentation: advanced-settings section
  • document views_get_page_view
  • document views_display::display_options, views_display::handler
  • document view::core, view::api_version and view::disabled
  • document view::row_index, style_options
  • document ViewsHandlersTest::assertEqualValue
  • document views_plugin_display::get_plugin
  • #1274300 by dereine, tobiasb: Validate that the exposed items per page contains the non-exposed items per page at least
  • Document view::human_name
  • document view::tag
  • #1411478 add description to the view object so using a template works
  • take sure that the text area handler test doesn't fail on a random input
  • #1426094 by joachim: Allow handler form to use other handlers
  • #1377954 by MiSc: Allow to customize field HTML for fields and user-picture fields
  • Move trimming after the token replacement
  • by merlinofchaos, dereine: Add a raw key for join extra, which allows to do field to field conditions
  • document use equal on boolean filters
  • #1427252 by joachim, dereine: Add 'is null'/'is not null' to user roles filter with a good description
  • #1124098 by bojanz: Small follow up to fix a notice
  • improve comments for plugin_query
  • by dereine: Allow relationship definitions to add extra to the join.
  • Merge branch '6.x-3.x' of git:// into 6.x-3.x
  • #1224616 by dellintosh: Fix notice for #id with filters which don't set the #id
  • #1413200 by dereine: Take sure that is loaded
  • by webflo: show unicode boolean characters
  • correct documentation about views_plugin::display
  • small comment about plugins
  • document all kind of handlers in the view object
  • document some fields in style_table
  • some additions to plugins documentation
  • #1410368 by catch: Make ->args consistently available in hook_views_pre_view()
  • #1273806 by infojunkie, dereine: Date argument default plugin wasn't exported
  • #1362114 by JamesAn, dereine: Remove unused variable
  • #1300054 by dereine: Add an id for the exposed form checkboxes as well to prevent a notice
  • #1396276 by schnitzel: Fix documentation of views_trim_text::ellipsis
  • take sure that identifier is defined in term_node_tid
  • #1397906 by dereine: Add a default value to fix some notice
  • #1399948 by liquidcms: increase #maxlength for table summary
  • #1397944 by bfr: Validate the content of display_comment field
  • add @ingroup to all field handlers
  • add @ingroup to all relationship handlers
  • add @ingroup to all argument handlers
  • add @ingroup to all sort handlers
  • add @ingroup to all area handlers
  • add @ingroup to all filter handlers defined by views
  • add @ingroup to add basic filter handlers
  • document views_handler_filter::exposed_info
  • document views_handler_filter->can_group
  • by dereine: Add pager::pre_render
  • #1396544 by liquidcms: Allow to translate the table summary


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