I'm happy to announce that as of today, there will be a new core committer: Gábor Hojtsy. Gábor will be a co-maintainer of the DRUPAL-6 branch (the next Drupal version after Drupal 5.x).

An important reason for putting Gábor in this role is his work on localization and internationalization, his involvement with the Hungarian Drupal community, his PHP documentation team background, and the consistent stream of high-quality patches for Drupal core.

Gábor can only commit patches to the DRUPAL-6 branch, or until that branch exists, to CVS HEAD. When the DRUPAL-6 branch is created, he is no longer allowed to commit patches to CVS HEAD. This means Gábor will be a dedicated maintainer for Drupal 6.

This brings the number of core committers to five: Gerhard Killesreiter (maintains the DRUPAL-4-7 branch), Neil Drumm (maintains the DRUPAL-5 branch), Gábor Hojtsy (maintains the DRUPAL-6 branch), Steven Wittens (maintains all branches) and myself (maintains all branches).

Please join me in thanking Gábor for taking on this role.


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warm welcome and thank you for the wonderful work!

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to Dries for selecting Gábor and Gábor for making yourself selective worthy.

bert boerland

bert boerland

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Thank you Gábor, thank you core commiters, and thank you everyone who is working very hard at drupal!

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to all of you guys... i think DRUPAL really rocks! I had my hand on typo3, joomla and plone but drupal's got the best concept i think.
So Gábor, thanks for making it even better!
Greetings from germany,

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These are the times that one must thank the contributors of a such a nice project. Thank you all.. if I haven't thanked you before.. =) Keep the great work up!

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>Please join me in thanking Gábor for taking on this role.

I wanted to thank you by making a donation, but Contribute > Donate Now > PayPal doesn't seem to work, even if I'm logged in.

Update: one way or another it is working now, but indeed it only works if one is logged into the Drupal Association site.


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Just a note, if HEAD becomes 6, and 4.7 will no longer be supported, what will happen to Gerhard? Move to maintain the 7 or the new HEAD branch and the cycle continues?
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Normally, Gerhard would phase out unless he wants to continue to maintain 4.7. Maybe I make him a new offer for Drupal 7, but that remains to be decided. Let's focus on Drupal 6 first ... :)

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More hands for helping with core development are always welcome, but it was hard finding someone who has both the experience and skill required, as well as the time to take on the role. Gábor seems like the perfect person to make Drupal 6 shine though, so welcome to the team and thanks for spending your time on Drupal!

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It is wonderful to see you on the team of core committers. Keep up the great work!

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Your work and others is what makes Drupal so solid.

Welcome to the team and thanks for your commitment.


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Congratulations Gábor

Drupal team is now more strong.

Thanks for all.


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Thanks for the warm welcome! I need to point out though that (as far as I see) core committers are mostly "only" the "gatekeepers", Drupal is fantastic because of all the community members add in their work to both Drupal core and contrib. I hope to help keep up the high quality of contributions to Drupal core.

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Big thanks, everyone, for making Drupal a kick ass framework!

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Congratulations, Gábor! Your work on the internationalization system has already made Drupal 6 pretty rockin' -- now we'll be able to throw all sorts of patches at you! ;-)

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It's a great responsibility as a gatekeeper.

-Steven Peck
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-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
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Gábor, thanks in advance for the task ahead of you!

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Congratulations, and thanks for your work and commitment ;)

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Hearty Congratulations to Gábor Hojtsy. I wish his contribution will strengthen Drupal-6 as the best C.M.S.

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cheers! keep up the great work which makes drupal one of the best cms out there

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Congratulations Gábor!
-- Great choice, Dries.

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Keep up the excellent work!


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Congratulations for having a focused approach all along. Best wishes Gábor!

Roshan Shah

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Gratulálok Gábor!

Üdv, Paal

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Hajra magyarok! (Cheers to Hungarians)
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Nagyon gratulálok!
Csak így tovább. Már alig várom a 6-ost.

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Bowing deeply, I offer you the sharpest Katana our dojo protects. You will be a frontline warrior in the international battle for supremacy, and may your training bring us honor and courage.

Congratulations to you.


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I also want to say, Thank you Gábor Hojtsy.


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Great to see another talented developer in core!

Daniel F. Kudwien
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Daniel 'sun' Kudwien

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Just a short note to say "Thank you Gábor" and also to say "Thanks to ALL the core developers" for maintaining their respective Drupal branches.

I sincerely appreciate the dedication all of you have given Drupal.

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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I believe Gábor will make Drupal meet multi-language requirements since this kind of task need a core modification. Current version of Drupal 5 has some limitation when i18n active: slower, not support the title of user define block, no automatic translation, can not use external translation application and some small limitations. All of these limitation need a core hand with intelligent talent like Gábor.

Gábor already proven that i18n.module work fine even with above limitation. Welcome Gábor, u are our hope to bring TRUE multi-language support for Drupal. Cheers from Indonesia.

Gábor Hojtsy’s picture

Well, i18n.module was architected and developed by Jose A. Reyero. *He* has proven that i18n module can work nicely even if some limitations exist. Roberto Gerola took some ideas and brought some fresh ones into the mix, adding the localizer module suite to the Drupal contributions. It is important to give credit where credit is due, and there is certainly strong prior act to multilanguage support in Drupal. We are polishing, generalizing that up with Jose and Roberto and any interested members of the community.