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Last updated: April 22, 2011 - 02:16

Release notes

CCK Select Other has made the transition from CCK to Fields in Drupal 7. The module functionally works the same as it did in Drupal 6, but there are many improvements such as:

  • Improved Javascript support with help from altrugan, bakr, and emilianot.
  • Support for any fieldable entity.
  • Multiple value fields, multiple fields, and Field Conditional State support.


  • Add a new list field and choose the "Select other list" widget within any fieldable entity such as a Content Type, Profile2 Type, User, Taxonomy, etc...
  • Add the select list options within the field instance settings Select list options instead of adding them in the Allowed Values field settings.
  • After saving, you may want to set a default value by going back into the field settings.



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