After nearly three years of intense community collaboration by nearly a thousand contributors, Drupal 7.0 is today officially released and ready for download!

Built for community, by community

Some contributors of Drupal 7, arranged in a tag cloud shaped like Druplicon.
(Some of the contributors to Drupal 7, image generated with Tagxedo (, full list of Drupal 7 contributors)

Drupal 7 is a truly revolutionary release that saw both the size and diversity of our contributor community grow exponentially. Through the formation of and strong coordination among the Usability, Accessibility, and Design teams, Drupal 7 addresses a number of our project’s longest-standing limitations and opens up access for more people to enjoy the strong web publishing framework we have all come to love.

Huge congratulations to the community, and everyone who worked so hard to make Drupal 7 the most amazing version of Drupal yet!

What makes Drupal 7 so cool?

The new Drupal 7 user interface showing off a variety of new features

  • Vastly improved administrative user interface thanks to the D7UX movement
  • Flexible content and custom fields
  • Better visual presentation and theming with Render API
  • Accessibility is greatly improved
  • Image support is now included
  • Automated code testing
  • Improved database support
  • Better distribution support
  • Support for the Semantic Web through RDFa markup
  • Over 850 Drupal 7 contributed modules have met their #d7cx pledges.

See the full Drupal 7 release announcement for all the details. Both it and the official Drupal 7 press releases have been translated to over 11 languages.

Take a tour

Drupal 7 Marketing Video

Come celebrate with our global community!

A map showing all of the Drupal parties around the world.

More than 250 parties in over 90 countries are being planned to celebrate Drupal 7’s release, most of them this Friday, January 7. So it’s not too late to plan your own! Our Drupal 7 Release Party Planning Guide has all the details you need. Remember to tag your party photos and videos on external services (Twitter, UStream, Flickr, etc.) with the "#d7rp" tag.

Learn more at DrupalCon!

DrupalCon Chicago, March 7-10, 2011

Want to learn more about Drupal 7? Come join us at DrupalCon Chicago, March 7 - 10! DrupalCon Chicago will feature a ton of content designed to help people get up to speed, including pre-conference training and regular sessions, not to mention Birds of a Feather sessions, Core Conversations, sprints, and more. Content will be targeted at users of all levels, from those new to Drupal to the most seasoned veterans of the community.

Early Bird registration is open now through January 14; find out more at or by following @drupalcon on Twitter.


laura s’s picture

This represents a whole paradigm shift for Drupal. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped make D7 happen! You're awesome!

_____ ____ ___ __ _ _
Laura Scott :: design » blog » tweet

jaypabs’s picture

That's right. I'm so excited to port my drupal 6 to 7. I hope all modules is supported.

Thank you

bonobo’s picture

It's great to see this out.

Congratulations to all the people who made this happen!

cyberswat’s picture

It's hard to believe that one can still get the feeling that great things are just beginning for Drupal. Here's to the future and the excellent work by everyone involved! This is going to be a great year.

chrisstrahl’s picture

Fantastic job to everyone that contributed to the Drupal 7 release. And especially to Webchick and the other core developers, you guys are amazing.

This is going to be a great boon to the community, and it really goes to show how far we've come. We've had some huge wins in the past several months, and I can't wait to see what else 2011 holds for Drupal.

You guys are what makes working in this community great. Thank you.

pembeci’s picture

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great news to start enjoying 2011.

Dave Reid’s picture


Senior Drupal Developer for Lullabot | | @davereid

jensimmons’s picture

I'm so excited! And proud. And grateful to everyone who worked so hard on Drupal 7.

Now we get to use Drupal 7 to build websites! It will be fascinating to see over the next few years how much better Drupal has become, how much easier it is to use and teach. :)

silverwing’s picture

So does this mean Webchick gets a day off now?

~silverwing - yay Drupal!

Dave Reid’s picture

She deserves like a month vacation for her and Marci! With lots of cherry coke.

Senior Drupal Developer for Lullabot | | @davereid

duellj’s picture

Major kudos, +1s, karma to everyone who made this release possible! There's exciting times ahead for all of us!

yaph’s picture

Congrats and thanks to all who helped!

JamesOakley’s picture

Well done all - I've been enjoying it already. A big step forwards indeed!

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janusman’s picture

Could someone maybe take the Druplicon contibutor tagcloud image above and outline the druplicon with thousands of teeny tiny webchicks?

slayerment’s picture

Congratulations to everyone who contributed! I'm excited to make the upgrade to D7 :)

okwari’s picture

Awesome! It's a massive leap forward from D6. I remember seeing Webchick demo some of the new features last winter, and I was flabbergasted by how much more intuitive it seemed.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this!

banghouse’s picture

The people that power Drupal are among the gold standard of human intelligence. It never ceases to amaze me how dynamic and resourceful the Drupal community is. Congratulations on this truly extraordinary achievement.

"Patience Luke, Let the object of your desire come to you." -- Obi Wan Kenobi

TheRec’s picture

Congratulations to everyone involved :)

I had to be away for some time, but it's been so great to contribute at some point to this release and I was really happy to meet all those great contributors while doing it. I hope I will be able to give more time to Drupal again soon. I was even surprised to see my nick up there, in the contributor logo, considering my time away but I felt very proud about it when I remarked it, thank you for the props.

To all I wish a great year 2011 with a lot of Drupal awesomeness !

geerlingguy’s picture

Totally awesome - I am happy to have helped (in my small way) with D7. And I'm much happier still to be able to install it and upgrade some of my sites in the coming months!

Personal site:

mradcliffe’s picture

Woooopie! Congratulations to all of you!

Note: The 7.x ready modules aren't necessarily limited to those who took #d7cx. The metric is just 850 modules with a Drupal 7 release.

duntuk’s picture

WOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE! I recon i guarantee!

AdamJH’s picture

I'm so glad I stuck with Drupal over the years. The entire community has come such a long way especially in useability. This year Drupal is ranked one of the top 10 sites to watch for. I can't wait for what this year has to bring. Happy New Year to the entire Drupal Community.

lca7’s picture

Congratulations from Guangzhou China Qijin

jn2’s picture

Such an exciting time to be involved with Drupal; such wonderful things accomplished, and such great things on the horizon! Congratulations and a big thanks to all contributors.

Senior Tech

tuthanh’s picture

I'm longing for this moment. Congratulation!

Hope it will bring a new era for a greater Drupal community.

carnevaledesign’s picture

We've been using Drupal since the 4.x days. What an awesome release 7 is! Thank you!

shuklasp’s picture

It's really great! I have already started work on my first drupal 7 site. But the only problem I found was the D7CX. Most of these modules do not seem to have fulfilled their pledge and most of them are still in dev or alpha release stage.

jspotswood’s picture

The D7 release certainly looks good! Thanks to all involved in producing this great feat.
But now that I have starting using D7 there seems to be many issues with the contributed modules and a significant portion not achieving the D7CX pledge. Although the D7 release date so close to the xmas break probably has something to do with this.

vuquochuy’s picture

I'm waiting for this a long time :)

KingSalibah’s picture

Drupal 6 is awesome.
The community is awesome.
Drupal is cool.
But now comes something cooler.
It took many Drupal droplets to get there.
Now here it is.
Drupal 7 is bound to rock the website creation sector!
Time to get excited and try it out.
Don't be a fool, be cool. Use Drupal 7!

vkr11’s picture

Great start of the new year !! This is really the game changer


me.prosenjeet’s picture

I was waiting and waiting since the alpha release which I tried and was very much satisfied with!
This is a great release and I cant wait trying Drupal 7 final ;-)
Other CMS's watch its the end of the road for you!
DRUPAL 7 Rules!


khanz’s picture

great, time to speed up work on my projects.. :)

Volvo, Video, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around.)

kaakuu’s picture

How easily, smooothly and fast a large site like itself can be upgraded from 6 to 7 without bumps or jerks, without ifs and buts ? Best example would be if is NOW running in D 7. Not sure if it is already running, but the example list does not list it.

StevenPatz’s picture

if history is any indicator, DO will run D7 when D8 is out.

Drupal-Tech’s picture

Thanks all community member for your contribution!

Sree’s picture

congrats to each & every contributor!

-- Sree --
IRC Nick: sreeveturi

cbrookins’s picture

The Drupal Gardens team posted a special thank you to all who contributed code to Drupal 7.
Enjoy it at and find your name :)

thiruvelan’s picture

It's great to see, thank very much and congratulations to all Drupal 7 Contributors.

asifnoor’s picture

Great to see Drupal 7 out finally. Congratulations and Big Thank you to each and every drupal developer who made this happen.

Chandrasekaran’s picture

I congratulate all Drupal contributors and developers and thank them for their selfless contribution to Drupal 7.

efarseer’s picture

Best wishes~Well done!

Latha’s picture

Congratulations! Thank you and best wishes to all the team members of Drupal 7.

ali.sharif’s picture

WoOOoOoOow Congratulations to all of you ;)

aac’s picture

Congratulations everybody involved in Drupal community!!
Drupal 7 will start a new era in opensource content management systems.


kattekrab’s picture

Congratulations to all who worked to make Drupal7 a reality.

and Thank you.

Thank you for the effort, the hours, the passion and the commitment to see it through and see it done.



MXT’s picture

Thank you all Drupal Developers!

Drupal Community ROCKS!!!


olamaekle’s picture

Great work everybody. Now the next question will be "When will Drupal 8 be released?" :).

geerlingguy’s picture

"When will Drupal 8 be released?" :)

Could be less than three years (here's to hoping!).

Personal site:

Sasuke_cub’s picture

OMG!!!! it´s hereeeeeee, the official released!!!!! i´m so happpy guysss.

Felicidadesss amigosss.... jjejejeje

youkho’s picture

Congratulations Drupal 7 is here, now let's build beautiful websites.

wedebk’s picture

i love drupal
It's very beautiful and powerful in performance but requires us time to accomplish the work

Case sensitive except for your success and forward

thanks : wedebk


mariusz.slonina’s picture

+7 for D7

yasheshb’s picture

Congratulations and a warm welcome for D7.


Yashesh Bhatia

philcoders’s picture

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this awesome release!!! Can't wait to redo our official website with this!!! Greetings from the Philippines!!!

itsmarc’s picture

Congratulations & Thanks to core maintainers and everyone who made this happen!


alexis’s picture

Congratulations to the great Drupal family. I already have a couple of solo projects where I'll use Drupal 7.

Considering usability and accesibility in this release is very good news.

awt’s picture

What a wonderful day of awakening. D7 is out. Long time work for a long time lasting release (hope so).

I'm so curious what D7 is able to handle, what possibilites are rising out of the vastly changes and improvements.

Thanks to all the contributers and to Dries and Angie :)

attheshow’s picture

Great job everyone. I'm excited about this next phase of the Drupal project! :)

Mark W. Jarrell
Beautiful websites managed by you.

sayela’s picture

This clearly shows that Drupal is the future of web development. Thanks to all those who made it possible.

mrgoltra’s picture

Getting better all the time. Thank you!

ThePickwickProject’s picture

Great news! We'll definitely start contributing some modules during the coming months, it's the least we can do to say thank you to the community!

Dries Coucke - Founder Digital Agency The Pickwick Project |

amerilao’s picture

Thanks a million for Drupal 7

slippast’s picture

Congratulations! My experience in keeping up with the various betas and RCs as a user has been great. Thank you so much for all the work that the vast Drupal team has done. Your work empowers many people the world over to improve their lives and the lives of others. May good things always find their ways to each of you. Thanks!

Any reason why this wasn't released tomorrow, on the 7th? ;)

Netrics’s picture


A big thank you to all of the developers and everyone involved that helped test and fix bugs for this release. I can't wait to see where we go with this version for the future of Drupal.

Looks like 2011 is going to be a great year.

te-brian’s picture

Congratulations to all the hard-working volunteers who made this happen. I'm excited to start using D7 and continue to try and contribute more.

Now where is that D8 queue :)

silverwing’s picture

The Drupal 8 Issue Queue.


span’s picture

Great to finally see 7 out but what the heck have you done to the frontpage? It breaks all the new design guidelines and looks like true amateur work.

I can't actually believe that admins would make the same mistake all of us developers and designers try to have our customers not to do. This is bad.

sovarn’s picture

Congratulations on the release and all the hard work of the volunteers. Drupal is getting better and better.

JohnGu’s picture

That's wonderful!

Best wishes~Well done!

umesh sharma’s picture

Congratulations to everyone who contributed Drupal7!
ICAN TEchnology celebrateing the arrival of Drupal 7 - 7/7/ 2011.
Welcome drupal7
our Whole team organize small treat at ICAN TEchnology.

Thanks to drupal Team

Umesh kumar Sharma
ICAN Technology
Raipur, Chhattisgarh,

shahinam’s picture

Great, it is cool.
Congrats, DRUPAL community.

venkatadapa’s picture

Good News for all drupal developers. Congratulations to one and all behind this success.

outpost11’s picture

Sounds great,
really wanna come and join your guys, thanks.

cssdru’s picture

Great start to the new year! Congratulations!

Kudos to all Drupal Community.

jsequeiros’s picture

Es una excelente noticia el lanzamiento de Drupal 7.
ya era hora.

Aeonius’s picture

Been using the Rc's and beta's for some time. I must say D7 is the best version of Drupal so far. Cangrats to all that have worked so hard to create this great piece of history! My hat's off to all of you! Keep up the good work and think of whatever you can to make D8 even better -- if possible =)

ssabat’s picture

I was able to install and configure Drupal 7 on my new Lenovo Windows 7 Home Premium laptop!

It is my first introduction to open source CMS. I worked on a closed CMS aka Eprise Content Management Server 10 years back! The goal there was to automate and indivudualize website content generation using SQL server as back end server; and IIS as webserver.

So, I took Drupal for a spin.

1) Installed and configured Apache 2.2

2) Installed and configured PHP 535

3) Made sure that phpinfo() shows what Drupal 7 wants

4) Installed and configured mysql 5.0.24

5) Made sure that I can connect to mysql with sample PHP script

6) Downloaded Drupal 7 and copied the content under apache htdocs

7) Made sure that access permissions are set right to folders under htdocs

Started Drupal 7 installation and I was able to get thru whole process.

Then, I went ahead and installed some new themes kile Sky, Fusion. Fusion gave me some problems though.

I dared and installed openmedia ( drupal 6 code ). I was able to bring it up fine after some tries. The installer gave me error and I went ahead manually configured admin user/password. I brought up the site.
So, you can use Drupal 6 profiles under Drupal 7; but you need to watch out.

Overall, my experience has been terrific so far.

Thanks Drupal team!!


federico’s picture

Thanks for your great work. D7 is great, but....I think I should have waited for 7.1 or 7.2 . After I've updated one of my sites, and after a lot of work, I keep finding issues and patching...Please don't misunderstand me, Drupal is great and D7 is awesome and I'll keep using it for many years, but, in my special case, in my opinion, there are still a lot of issues to solve in the stable 7.0 release.

Thanks again!

aamin’s picture

Drupal 7 rocks ! Thanks to all the contributors.

alltooeasy’s picture

A big thanks from us to all the D7 contributors!

We scrapped the D6 dev version and skipped to 7. You are all awesome!
If you would like to we're trying to get some feedback: email
Much appreciated!


John Tapsfield
Partner. Alltooeasy.