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Cleaning up user profiles from site

Hi all,

I am currently managing a site that has over 9K profiles and we are trying to take stock of what is legit and what is spam.

Does anyone know of any automated way, or at least a system that can pair down the list, so that we can delete spam/inactive profiles? We are considering a manual system but wanted to check here before we go off on a long term project like that.



Hello could you help me? I am using marketplace module

Hello, I am using drupal with marketplace module. First, i want to do a main page with many commerce stores inside the main one. Using marketplace module I have done one entity type for each store. I want to create one different administrator for each store, but I don't know how to admnistrate the premissions for each kind of administrator. Because each adminstrator must admnistrate just one store. Could you help me giving those permissions?
King regards.

how to submit a question immediately without going to the question editing form

I'm using answers module to building a questions/answers website. now I want to know how to submit a question immediately without going to the question editing form. now when I'm in "Search & Add Page" click on "Continue With Your Question" button, it goes to the question form. how to modify the answers code to make keywords immediately submitted as a question.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

[no longer required]


Error upon downloading OpenEnterprises module

After I downloaded the OpenEnterprises module, I got this error:

Warning: opendir(sites/all/modules/openenterprise-7.x-1.0-rc3 [function.opendir]: falied to oper dir:Permission denied in file_scan_directory() (line 2035 of /home/websited/public_html/drupal/includes/file.inc).

I found the file.inc file and line 2035 (the first line below), but I'm not sure what to change.


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