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How to delete module from drupal.org?

Hello. I needed to change machine name module after I had created custom module in my account. I created a new module with new machine name and now I need to remove old module but I don't see "delete" button in edit form. 
Am I doing something wrong?

Virtual Assistant

Want to have a client looking for a born again virtual assistant..
here's my website:


Help for Structured Data > hentry (markup: microformats.org) Errors

Hi Guys,
I am using a wordpress theme for my Ho Chi Minh Tour. It is an excellent theme. However, it is showing a lot of Hentry markup errors on google webmaster tools. I have tried all sorts of possible solutions but to no available. In particular, the category pages are the main cause of the errors.

Can anyone help on how to add author name, please?

Need to chose java or PHP to work with Drupal, please suggestion which is the best option to work with Drupal.

Hi Friends,
java or PHP which is the best option to work with Drupal and why please guide to chose the best technologies with Drupal.
very urgent.


Cleaning up user profiles from site

Hi all,

I am currently managing a site that has over 9K profiles and we are trying to take stock of what is legit and what is spam.

Does anyone know of any automated way, or at least a system that can pair down the list, so that we can delete spam/inactive profiles? We are considering a manual system but wanted to check here before we go off on a long term project like that.




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