The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Leaflet Basic Widget

Simple geofield widget for adding/removing markers on a leaflet map.

R.B. Repository

R.B. Repository: Bibliography Reference Repository

This module aims to simplify the capture bibliographic information. The information is displayed in descending order by publication’s year. There are seven types of content:

  • Journal article.
  • Book.
  • Chapter Book.
  • Conference paper.
  • Thesis.
  • Patent.
  • Software.

There is a search option on the list of publications. This looks for matches between the words entered and title of existing publications.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

There already exists a project for Progressive Web Apps over here


Prime Commerce

Prime Commerce is a Drupal Commerce platform developed by Double Prime. This is currently a placeholder to avoid name collisions.




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