The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

RestWS API Documentation

RestWS is incredibly powerful to a Drupal developer, but to a third party not using Drupal it's very difficult to communicate what services are available, and how to make service calls.

RestWS API Documentation displays a pretty page documenting all services and their properties.

Inspired by

Sandbox moved to 7.x-1.x in

D8 Title

A port of the title module to D8.

TMGMT Translator Moravia 2

The Moravia Translator is a plugin for Drupal’s Translation Management Module. It connects Drupal with Symfonie 2 (Moravia localization project management platform) and you can send requests for translations to Moravia.

With this CMS integration, Moravia provides a complete language solution which covers the full range of activities related to bringing localized content to your target audience quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and with the required quality.

Features of this integrated system

Git Testing Sandbox

This is for testing pushes

Attribution API obsolete

This project is beeing replaced by Attributions. The API version of this project is no longer supported and should be considered obsolete.

Also see #2454853: Request to change short name "attributionapi" to "attributions".



This is a rudimentary effort to increase support for roles in restws. It should be considered fairly experimental.


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