The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.


Exporting workflows using features is currently a little broken. It uses serial IDs in the exported code, but entities normally won't be re-imported with the same ID!


Module for integrating LeadPages into a Drupal site. (30 day free LeadPages trial)

This module is under development and should not be used on production sites yet.

For those that want to use LeadPages on their Drupal site right now, please have a look at this tutorial:

It contains a workaround to display LeadPage pages on your Drupal website.


Pollgraphs is a module to extend Advanced Poll with the ability to show poll results in various different Charts/Graphs.
Uses Google Charts API as CDN.
The module also gives administrator the ability to export poll data in a CSV-file.

Demosite :

Hidden Tribe Club

New version of Hidden Tribe Band Official Site.


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