Webform - Sharing Data with another form / Exporting as URL String

We presently have the results of a particular webform showing in a view. Is it possible to take the submission data as a webform to either:

1. Create a URL string of data so that it pre-populates into a different webform through a link -or-
2. Have the submission data some other way link to a different webform

Any help would be appreciated.

How to create a field that links an image/icon

I want to have a field on user profile where users can enter their facebook username and it will show a facebook icon with link to their facebook profile. same with twitter etc. How do i go about doing that?

Custom search box with node fields


I'm wondering if there is an easy way to create a custom search box with the fields which are in my node (content type). I mean : a basic search box with e.g. a title and a date (this is for a search base on an event).

I tried using a lot of modules but it seems that the search box is not easily customizable (or maybe I'm happily wrong).

I know there is a possibility using SOLR but I can't install it on my server.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Sub-theming Bootstrap Theme

I've encountered an issue, and I know what the problem is (at least I'm pretty sure I do), but I don't know how to fix it.

Custom web services

How to create custom web service in Drupal 7?

Search Box - Right Alignment

Hello, i am a new user in Drupal and i have created a site using a Zen subtheme. The problem is that i can't figure out how to move the search box in the right side of the header. I have searched a lot ,but most posts are fairly old. I am sorry if this problem has already been solved and i missed it.

Thank you!


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