Limit webform (survey) submissions [solved]

Drupal 7 - Webform - Webform Select Limit

Just a quick note to help people trying to find the setting for limiting the number of submissions a user can make.

This is for those using webform - with Webform Select Limit -

Which Drupal 7 module best resembles this Drupal 8 module?

Hi all,

I want to recreate a similar module on Drupal 7 to this one (built on Drupal 8). Is anyone aware of a similar module for Drupal 7?



hook into drupal ajax

Is there a way to hook into drupals ajax system? I am using the managed_file module, and creating a managed_file in a module I am making. When doing so, after you upload a file, the id of the file field changes, but the <label> for the field does not. This creates an accessibility issue, as there is no a label with no field associated with it. 

MySQL Processes Slow on Drupal 7 Site ("Copying to tmp table")

Hi! I have a Drupal 7 site and for some indistinguishable reason, some times it bogs down the MySQL system and creates a lot of stalling for my site and other sites on my server.

Here's an example of some of the processes which are running when the system is slow:

A Converting Question...sort of

Not sure where else to post this.  I am converting a large Drupal/Ubercart site from
D6 to D7, then eventually to D8 if able.

I am not a Drupal/PHP/MySql novice, but the question may seem novice.  In D6 verson of Ubercart, what table makes the association between product nids and image fids?

Adding my Own Conditions in Views?

Hi! I have a tricky situation. I'd like to list a bunch of articles on my site on a bunch of different pages, displaying a bit differently on each page.

My problem is that I want to choose different conditions for each page. On one page, I want to show the ten latest articles. On another, I may show all articles starting with A. On another, a list of ones with a certain category. On another handful of pages, I want to display ones containing a particular keyword.


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