Select element

I'm creating a content type programmatically and I need to know how to create a select element. Drop down with options. Please help.

Drupal Quiz, change how quiz starts

Hello, currently I have a view listing quizes, when you click on a quiz title it takes me to content/"quiztitle" and then when the user clicks "start quiz" or the "Take" tab it takes them to . I would like it to go straight to the node/%/take/1 instead of this intermediate page at content/"quiztitle".

How can I achieve this?



Need Suggestion is Drupal Fit for it or not

Hi I am new to drupal world But i am eager to learn drupal. I want to built an website like below.
I have few expand and collapsible node on click on these node text i can able open a new url.
Here the below thing currently i am doing using mySQL DB,PHP,Java script framework D3.js.
here maintaining a parent child relationship in a table in mySQL DB.Then fetching the data from table(parent,child,node text url) using PHP code then formatted it to JSON then using java script D3 JS framework i am displaying this.

Site for lovers of rare breed chickens

This is our site for devotees of rare breed chickens. built in drupal 7

and the attached online store and ubercart.

fully responsive and https.

Generate automatic URL alias

I have a few content types. I have the 'Generate automatic URL alias' activated on all and it works in most of the cases.

But one content type doesn't respons add still shows node/xx

If the box is checked, it turns grey and shows me the path I created in the 'Configure URL alias patterns' menu. But doesn't work and appear in the browser.
If I turn 'Generate automatic URL alias' off and creat a path of my own it is also doesn't work.

Any idea ;)

Use Javascript in one module to modify display of another module

I ran into this trouble:

I want to use javascript to modify the display of one module (module1) from another module (module2). That is to say, module2 has a couple of .js files and maybe a sort of "hook_theme_alter" function that are used to modify the display of some widgets in module1. module1, however, does not know the existence of module2. I cannot see the hook_theme_registry_alter can do this job.

Thanks a lot.


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