Ajax replaced elements not passed through to form submit callback

Hi everyone - I've asked this question on Drupal Stackexchange with no success, so I hope you don't mind me posting it here also. If this is against the community policy, please let me know so I don't repeat this mistake in future.

I have some elements in a form as below:

[Webform] Header columns in Select Options component?


It is possible to create a select options component (webform module) like the following image?



View No Result Behavior Text in Multiple Languages

I've set up a No Result Behavior message for my view and it works perfectly. I've gone into admin/config/regional/translate/translate and added a translation for the string, but switching the view in that language doesn't pick up the translation.

Alternatively, I thought of doing this by using the yourtheme_views_post_render() hook, but I am not too sure how I'd go about setting the output to just a simple 'no records found' message.

Any ideas?

form_alter() with dynamic form_id

Hi All,

Need help in altering a form whose ID changes on every different users page.

Sample form id's.

Please note that 2,3,4 are the profile id's. And field_education is a field collection's machine name. Where field collection is a part of profile2 entity.

How to alter such forms ?

Turn phone number to click to call

I have a phone number on the site but when I view on mobile, it does not have the click to call function. It's just a string of text. I'm wondering if I can turn a number into click to call number.

Thanks in advance

-Edit: Solved with simple html tag

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found:


I installed webform and custom_webform_comments module. I logged in as admin and tried to add some comments. I got the below error. Can you please help?


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