Redirecting views pages on multilingual site

I can't figure out this one. I have a multilingual site with views page for each language.
So when i'm on and i click on french, i get (with english content) instead of (with french content) and vice-versa.
Thanks for any help.

Sidebar Menu collapse/extend


I am working on our site and we have an elaborate sidebar section in our children's section.

I was wondering how I could get my sidebar to look like this one.

As you can see, you can extend the block.

I am all about presentation and I do not want trails of information dragging on the sidebar.

Especially if the main content is not as long.


Search indexing not working after migrating D6 to D7

After migrating my website from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, the search is not working. Settings page shows that none of my nodes are ndexed.

From log files I can see that while running cron for search, some error is coming.

I had checked for empty nodes and orphan taxonomy as suggested in many forum posts, but there is no such issue in my website.

What could be other issue?


How to have responsive logo in bootstrap subtheme


My logo size is 250x150. Appearance > Subtheme settings> Uploaded my logo. I can see the actual logo size in desktop. When I view it in phone, the logo does not fit into the screen. It is going beyond the screen. I thought bootstrap will take care of that. How can I make sure the logo is responsive? Do I need to do some coding? Do I need to upload different sizes logo for different devices? I am lost.


add new child page in D7

I am looking for an easy way to allow site editors to add child or sub page top the current node they are on. I would like a text link on the parent page that says add new child page here. Right now they have to go to create new page and then go to menu setting and drill down one hundred menu page titles to find the parent page then need, its not easy for them or anyone. In Drupal 6 we used node hierarchy, to create a child page was easy. You go to the parent node, click the children tab then click on create child page.

Arrangement Suggestions


I am working on our Web page and we have songs for children. I would like to know if there is a nice way to organize these songs. We have about 300+ songs so it will be very time consuming transferring them over to Drupal. I would like to know if there is some way that will make it look nice on the page. Currently, we just have a full list of songs. The person can collapse the categories or expand them. I have tried looking for ideas on other sites but I am lost. I am new to Drupal so I am not too aware of what modules I can use to make this happen.

Thank you!


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