Change page layout/template post publishing

Is there a way to change the layout/template for a page once I've published it? Or even better, a way to add blocks to a page post publishing?

Sorry if this is something basic, but I've been unable to find an answer anywhere.

Get my disclaimer to actually show!?

Basically, all I want is a disclaimer/splash page to where it verifies you're 21 (just by clicking yes or no on initial launch of site) before accessing the home page or any other content. I have the most upgraded versions of jQuery, Colorbox, Libraries, and Disclaimer. Disclaimer settings appear to be fine and should work, however the disclaimer does not show at all and only my home page shows, even in a private window with no cookies. It'as as if it's not even there and nothing shows besides my site and I don't know what else to try.

<col> adding extra <br />

I have a basic page set to full html.

When I enter the following code:

<col style="width: 150px;" >
<col span="4" style="width: 100px;" >

I get the following:

<colgroup><col style="width: 150px;" /><br /><col span="4" style="width: 100px;" /><br /></colgroup>

Note the <br /> which pushes the table down a couple of lines.

What am I missing? Why the extra breaks?

Delay to drupal acknowledging core file changes

Changes made to drupal files via ftp files do not show up for approximately 24 hours.
This does not occur with all files / folders. Only seems to occur with core files (?maybe just with php)

Clearing all the caches has no effect.

This has been occurring for about a year or so.

I thought it was maybe a timezone issue but haven't been able to nail it down.

I posted a similar issue a while ago here:
Changes to settings.php ignored

Newbie: import_html

I'm trying to import a site into drupal. I've installed the import_html module and have xslt enabled in php.

I'm trying to follow the tutorial but I get confused at the first instruction:
Visit the admin/build/import_html/settings page and check the settings.

I believe I have done this by visiting admin/config/content/formats and then clicking configure on the Full HTML line.

Nesting functions by path


I'm experiencing with hook_menu and even though the API page is rather long (but not as long as Form API Reference) its quite basic.
I was trying to create a common function for a "basic" URL request but the Drupal will satisfy the most fit URL only.
Lets assume the following:
I registered the next URL to function example_blog_list

and the next URL to function example_blog_mylist


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