Pass Parameters from node to block or another field

I'm working on a website where user fill out a form (content typ) with a start address and a target address and save this into a node. When I display the node I would like to use this information and calculate the route with google maps.

Now I found this great module which already does 90% of the job:

But I only want to use the map and pass the start and end point in from the information which i already have written in the node.


The Socrata module provides an integration point for Socrata data within Drupal via their SODA2 interface, including a Views query solution and an input filter. Using Views, you can output data from a Socrata endpoint in any format that Views can render including tables, charts, maps, CSV files, JSON, etc. The input filter allows you to embed Socrata data within a text field.

Error during update

Hello, I'm new and just getting my feet wet. A Google search turned up very little on this, presumably because it appears path-specific.

I've installed Drupal 7.35 on my Windows Server through the Web Platform Installer. The basic installation appears to have gone OK as I can access the site and play with the administration options.

I was prompted for an update and upon attempting to update here is the error I get:

Update failed! See the log below for more information. Your site is still in maintenance mode.

Correct syntax to render $block['content'] as theme of type table

UPDATE: I think I found the answer, see in the Comments section.

Summary: when rendering a table into a block, nothing is displayed. What am I doing wrong?

I've been researching the answer to my question for the past 48 hours, and have held off writing a comment or new forum question so as to not duplicate a question, or ask about something that is clearly documented elsewhere.

I am writing a module to display the results of a very simple query:

Language choices option in the template


I would like to ask your help.

I used the Internationalization modul.

I want to create a new template file "views-view--blog.tpl.php" and I plan that I will take an option "language choices option".

I resolved that the current language is look:

In a View how do i apply a class wrapper to two or more fields?

Hello Everyone,

Say i have a view that displays an Image, a node title, and some text from node body. how can i create a div wrapper that covers only the node title and node body?

I tried using the module Views Fieldsets but it is not working for me.



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