Notice while running Panels Bootstrap Layouts

I created a site with Panels, Bootstrap and Panels Bootstrap Layouts. Everything works fine. But while running I'm getting that:

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$css_id in include() (line 1 of /var/dcr.local/sites/all/modules/panels_bootstrap_layouts/plugins/styles/panes/bootstrap_panel_pane/panels-bootstrap-layouts-panel-pane.tpl.php).

Drupal 7.35, Panels 7.x-3.5, Bootstrap 7.x-3.0, Panels Bootstrap Layouts 7.x-3.0+6-dev

Newbie: where is admin/build/modules

Basic question about what these 'paths' mean.

Help with Handling dates

I have a drupal site and I add content with feeds module. The input file is a simple csv that has a date in the following format:


My content type has a field of type "Date (ISO)".

I want to query the database and for that I'm using EntityFieldQuery. Here's a sample of my code:

conditional fields during construction

I have a content type call listing that have different fields. I'm wondering if I can add an
if condition on some of the later field.

For example: If field taxonomy (a drop downbox) selected businesses, a
field called highlight will be shown, otherwise hide highlight.

Does anyone know any module that would do that?

Thanks in advance.

File field callback on selction

I’m working on my first complex module. So far things seem to have been quite easy to get answers to (well, not real easy), and now I am working on a module that will be far more complex than the others, and I am going to need lots of help along the way.

For starters, the module creates three nodes. In the first node the form needs to upload an image. Rather than upload the image upon selection, the image will only be uploaded when the form is submitted.

Views PHP errors

I'm trying to set up a views row using php filter.

Here's the devel dpm data:

Here's what I use for the php filter Output value:


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