Theme template suggestions

In the past I worked for a company where the standard way of themeing was to have a unique front page with the rest of the pages having the same layout. occasionally there you be other unique pages

so our themes had the following templates

if there were any pages which needed to be unique we would use

However 'page--node.tpl.php' did not work out of the box. We always had to use some extra code to make it work (i cant remember what it was but it was something to do with setting theme suggestions)

View of translations of a node

Hello, I'm trying to achieve a sort of views slideshow that has a field (the body) cycle in each translated version.
For example: node 123 has the body translation in english, french, italian, german. The slideshow should have the four different body translation cycle.
But I'm having some troubles into getting this achieved. It it possible?

Postman Restfull

How can i specify author in postman en JSON format when i want to create node with POST ?
i tried {"title":"test","type":"article","author":"admin"} but didn't work
when i remove author it's work, but i need it.

Custom template for pages whose path is generated by pathauto module

I have installed and enabled pathauto module for Drupal 7.

Now, I have created a basic_page titled "About us". I have specified a pattern for basic_page in pathauto which generates the following URL for about-us page:  // the pattern is page/[node:title]

How should I specify a custom template for the above path?

I have tried the followings, but none of them worked:


Can anyone help?

Approval necessary before publishing content - User Roles

My client would like to approve content before the content creator (or editor) is allowed to publish the page. Is there a process within Drupal that would allow a page to be created and edited but only saved as a draft until the admin reviews and approves?

Pleaese advise. Thank you in advance.

Upgrade to 7.36 Not Recognized

Good morning!

I just manually went through the process of upgrading from 7.32 to 7.36, because I'm sick of seeing the upgrade message every time I navigate through my site. I followed all the installation steps carefully and to the letter, but the site still thinks I'm using 7.32. I've gone back through the installation instructions, and I can't find any missed steps, so here I am. Can anyone think of something I might still have to do in order for my site to consider itself upgraded?



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