Notice: Array to string conversion in drupal_attributes()

I'm getting a ton of errors in my report log and they all say the same thing and at the same time.

Notice: Array to string conversion in drupal_attributes() (line 2437 of /var/www/html/drupalsite/includes/

This is the code that it's referring to:

D7 multisite

I have a scenario with 6 different domains/subdomains, each with a different book and different users. The layout is the same. So I need to know, if it is possble to have just one installation for this scenario?

Not getting confirmation


I have made project for sandbox and then promoted to a full project module for contribution to Drupal community. Still I have not received any notification for confirmation/rejection of module in my mail or in my account -> notification section.

Just wanted to know how much time it will required to get the confirmation/rejection of module contribution. This is the first time we are making contribution to drupal commuinity.

Help to Show Existing Nodes in Drop Down At the Time of Creating New Node

Hi All,
This is to ask for help in a specific situation of adding a node.
Actually, we want to develop the following functionality:
When a user is creating a node, he should be able to see the existing nodes he has already created in the drop down form along with an extra option of creating a new node.
This way, the user can either update the existing node or select the option of creating a new node from the drop down.
So, please offer your help to let us develop a functionality this way.

Drupal 7 - Add nofollow attribute to views pager links

We have a Drupal 7 site where we need to add nofollow to pager links.
Currently, we are using the following code but it only adds rel="nofollow" to next pages but we need this applied to all pager links.

Please don't comment suggesting other solutions, we specifically need the nofollow attribute (no we don't want to noindex, or block with robots.txt or rel=next/prev).


Hello, I want to install module that is (number of download).


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