Installation successful but it took me to Apache page after installation. Entered site name without dot com part.

Hello guys.

I just successfully installed Drupal but now it took me to Apache's page that says "It works.

Here are two things that I might have done wrong.

1. In the site name I just entered my name because I dont have a site yet. I forgot to enter to end that with '.com'

2. Secondly I gave my hotmail email address because I dont have a domain so naturally I dont have an email address like or

moving users from Drupal 6 DB to Drupal 7 DB

I've constructed a new version of my old Drupal 6 website in Drupal 7. Everything looks good. Now I am trying to import the users table from the Drupal 6 database site into the new Drupal 7 site. I am trying to do this using myphpadmin. Having a lot of trouble with this.

Any suggestions?

Use calculated value from a webform field as the "sell price" of Ubercart product

Hi everybody. Here is my problem:
I created a webform that appears as a block in the product page.
When add a new product user fill some fields and these are calculated in a TOTAL field.
What I need is that the calculated value that is in the TOTAL field of the webform, is automatically inserted in the "sell price" field of the ubercart product.
I use latest versions of drupal 7 and ubercart. All modules are up to date.
Thank you very much for any help.


Feature request for "Sports Pickem" drupal module.

Feature request for "Sports Pickem" drupal module.

User creates the league and has it password protected so that only their friends or coworkers can access the league and NOT every single user that signs up.

1. User creates league and assigns it a password.

2. User sends invites to friends using send to a friend mod possibly with the password to the newly created private league.

The league creation page is already present but only access for the admin to create the league. I need it for the user as well.

Integrating Drupal ecommerce into already built site

Hi all,

I am a new to the Drupal community. In all honesty - and I want to state this first and foremost - the only reason I joined was to ask this single question, though I may find myself returning over time.

Change Main Menu Link Code Format

Quick Question: How do I reverse the output of main menu links from
to be

Long Explanation of the Question:

I tried searching for this but I'm not sure how to phrase what I'm looking for.
I've dug around in the tables, theme files, etc for a while too.

I'm using Drupal 7.38 and the theme is Responsive Bartik.

I need the links to be reversed in the current format. I would like the link element to enclose the list element.


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