Entityform multipage modal window shifts location on "next"

I've got a multipage entityform that opens in a modal window according to the modal module instructions in the first answer here:


Everything works fine at first, but when I click next, the modal window suddenly drops below the fold, so that only the top is showing on the screen, and the second page auto-positions at the bottom of the form.

Only variables should be passed, array output problem

Hello Drupal community,

I have a problem in a multi language site. The code from the previous developers is:

foreach ($node->field_image['und'] as $id => $field):
print render (file_create_url($field['uri'])); " href=" print render (file_create_url($field['uri'])); ">

I got an error on the site: Only variables should be passed by reference in include()... for this line.

hooks, preprocessing, bootstrap... introduction to drupal plumbing

Reading through various material I came across the web, there are often instances of posts resembling the following:

"oh, to do that, you could use:" and then comes some PHP code using Drupal lingo, but with no indication of where to insert or change the code.

Is there anywhere a quick and down-to-earth explanation/description of how Drupal can be supplemented with additional code, what is the order of execution, Drupal mechanisms, which files to modify, etc?

PHP function run on multiple nodes

I have a php function that is pulling xml data from an external site and is then used to pass php variables to javascript to draw a svg object graph with the d3 library. To demo it I have just been running it in a custom node content with the php filter on and it works there. However, now I need to pull different xml data from different urls, and display them all in the same block, thus I have to call my php function multiple times. As I'm new to drupal, wondering where is the best location to initialize it so I can access it for each node without getting the duplicate calls error.


CacheFlush provides a fine granularity of control over cache tables, functions and permissions.

It ships with a predefined set of actions, but can be configured to build any number of custom presets suitable for both both development and production environments. Access to each preset can be limited by role-based permissions.

Version 3 of the project consists of the following modules:

Database differences web app

I am working on a project that get the data from 2 databases and shows the diferences between data and structure. It is important when there is a deploy-stage-dev workflow and some more dev2. Devs have changes that should be merged to stage, and the differences from stage made by one dev must be sync with another dev. moreover the new content from life also must be merge to stage and then to dev.


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