How do I store user information and retrieve it?

I am trying to build a web site and put a comments page. This comments page should have fields like Name, Address, E-mail ID, Contact Number and Comments, where a person who visits my site put their details (Much like a feedback book).Some of these fields like name, Contact Number and Comments would be made mandatory.

I would like to see these details later, and, take action to improve the site. Is there any module I can use or do I have to do HTML/PHP coding and store the info in a DB, and then later retrieve the info through code again?

Date Select Array Order - How to Reverse it?

Im working on a website with a content type that uses date fields. One field I have created allows people to specify a year (only). This field is using the select (date_select) widget, producing a dropdown for people to find a year. For practical purposes, I have set 1900 as the start date and the current year as the end date for this field, preventing people from selecting years before 1900. However, the one slight UI issue is the order within that dropdown. By default it lists the years in ascending order.

Views problem after backup

I made a backup with Backup & migrate module with a default configuration.

Question: Fetch products by ALL referenced terms in URL

- How can we achieve this desired situation? Do note that the product should contain a reference to ALL terms from the URL and the number of terms in the URL is variable. It can contain 1 term ("/shop/tennis/"), but could also contain 4 terms ("/shop/tennis-nike-pants-sale").
- What's the easiest way to get rid of the "/shop" from the URL?

How to use Scheduler in Views

I have nodes that uses Scheduler and it works fine. But if i use a View, how can i use the unpublished date to remove a node from the view?

Suggestions needed for handling node content approval

A requirement has been made that when an admin user creates a node, deletes a node or edits a node, it go into a queue for approval. This would create a workflow that any changes to the site would not be displayed until an admin user with a given role had reviewed the new content or edited content. Once approved, then the content would be pushed to the site.

I am curious how this may have been handled by others. Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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