Website Security - Entries In Drupal Log


I wonder if the following could be explained to me, they are entries in the Drupal Log.  The attack looks automated with several entries at the same time starting with:

ACCESS DENIED - user/register 
PAGE NOT FOUND - cache.txt
ACCESS DENIED - user/register 
PAGE NOT FOUND - cache.txt

how to view external data via API

Hi guys, I'm coming to my problem right away.

I have my school's software API key.
I want to be able to use this key to display the following data on Drupal:

  • The list of teachers of a class
  • The list of the votes of a teacher
  • etc...

I did some research but I'm quite confused.
I do not know how to connect to the school software using the API key.

Thanks in advance to everyone.

An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.


I asked this question by creating Issue in Drupal Commerce module page last week, but no one reply. So I try to post it here maybe someone have an idea. (

This is my question.

Rendering menu name on node.

I have 1000 pieces of content, nodes, all derived from one content type “Platform.”

There is a link to each of these from 30 different categories (menus). None of the menus have a parent.

I put the code below in a block which is displayed on content type: Platform. This does work with menus that have a parent, as I tested it on just a hand full of sampling. However, I do not want to drag a thousand menu links (childs) into new parents to make this work. Plus, then I have to turn around and hide the parent with CSS.

Invalid phone number

About a month ago I was introduced to Drupal to help on an order system at my office. Bossman wanted users to add a phone number when creating user accounts. Got it setup and everything was working until I got a call from him today stating any phone number isn't accepted. Sadly since it's an order system a phone number is a requirement, but the only way to create a user is to remove the number altogether at this point. Here's a rundown on things I've tried...

Rebuild form on button click

A how to question...

I have a form that is using ajax to load an autocomplete text field that can be either State or Province based on the country selected (US or Canada). The auto complete path is set in hook_form_alter and dependent on the country radio button field value in the form. This works fine when the country field is already set.


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