How to rearrange secondary links of the subscriptions module ?


I'm looking for a way to change the order in which secondary tabs appear in the Subscription menu in the user profile pages.

As show in this screenshot :
By default it's : Page/Threads - Content types - Categories

I would like to remove Page/Threads and change the order of Content types and Categories

Views pager disappears after editing the view


I created a views page. Views page path was When I visit views page (, I see the pager of the view in front end.
I edited the views > Added contextual filter > modified the views path to "yy/%". Now, my views pages are,, so on. I can still see the pager in back end but not in front end. In front end, I only see the field.

phpstorm debug - how do I fix a "502 host gateway error"?

phpstorm drupal debug configuration problem - how do I fix a "502 host gateway error"?

(context information)
I Just started with phpstorm, which appears mostly setup, except for the problem describe below.
I've got phpstorm setup with xdebug and so on.
I'm running a local machine XAMPP serve.
The XAMPP server has vhosts, all of which work correctly through browsers.
The XAMPP vhosts are configured in etc/hosts on Windows with normal looking URLs but with a .lcl top domain.

For example, my local sites have names similar too:

How to enable error messages?

Hi all,
I'd like to enable Drupal error/warning messages.
I'm testing a module and when an error occurs I have the message: "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later".
No messages about the error in the site page and if I run: " tail -n200 -f /var/log/apache2/error.log" I can't see any error in the console too.

Bundle product with syncronized single product's stock

Hello! :) Following the scenario that I want implement in my store. There are three products: A, B, C. My purpose is to sell two bundle composed by AB and BC.
Each product has its stock: A x10, Bx5, Cx20. The bundle products are dependable by the stock of every single product so it will not possible to order more than 5 AB product (or BC product) because every time a bundle product is bought the stock of every single must descrease.
When a single product's stock runs out, every bundle product composed by that single product can't be sold.

Tips for installing drupal 8 for beginners


Some tips that will help beginners ( like me ) with installing drupal 8.

Followed this link;

You need to nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf


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