Using Disqus and get email notifications


i wonder: disqus is used a lot of times with drupal but i dont find a way that my users get a simple email notification when somebody post a new comment to their articles (node). I use Single Sign-On, that means disqus has the user name and email. But how i can i make that notification work?

Im on Drupal 7.42 and D8.1

sombody has some solution for this?

thank you!

Create variation my node without commerce

Hi to all, I have a custom node type called 'Tour'.
My site admin have to insert 3 tours(for example) that have the same fields except one.
I want to create a variation as commerce kickstart do for size or color.

Can someone help me?Thanks in advice

What resource (book/online tutorial) should I pick to learn more programmatical side of Drupal?

So I spend last half a year maintaining/developing a project that was handed to me by my cousin "since I am the computer guy", after the previous developer jumped ship. In that time, I got pretty confident when it comes to non-programmatic side of drupal (views, rules, rule links and schedules, content type management and access) etc. You name it, I can "hack" it together in Drupal in a week if there is a module for it.

Email Address - Programatically add mail suffix to name.surname

Users has sometime to fill either dozens or hundred of mail addressees (Email field type) with the same suffix (e.g or more complex as

It would be nice if there could be two fields: first one for "corporate suffix", the second one where to fill "name.surname" only and programmatically have the entire email address completed.

PS. "mail_address_field" is in the content type "employees" that is referenced to the "Company" type.

Some chances?

System won't recognize core or module updates (7.22 --> 7.43)

I feel at wits' end with this one. This is a custom multisite (2 sites) installation that I'm tasked with maintaining.

The system is running 7.22 and I manually updated the core (7.43) and modules on the server and cleared cache. When running / it says there are no updates to apply. Running cron still shows that 7.22 core (and all old modules) are still in effect and in need of updating, even though all files are updated on the server. I have seen a good few posts on this and tried *all* of the solutions I could find from these threads:


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