registration and password reset message

Hi all,

Is there a way to change the message that shows on the site after someone registers or someone requests a password reset?

Right now they both say "Further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address."

We would like to have 2 different messages appear on the page.

Thank you,


Jcarousel and nonunderstanding


Sorry for my poor english...

This post to understand how configure jcarousel:

What i want to do is to add a block for all the pages, using carousel. I've got several pictures, and i'd like to use this module to build an horizontaly rotation.
So, after created a view as block, with jcarousel format and field display format, i dont understand where i can put the pictures code in the block section, because i've not body section in the block .

Could you help me, or give me links to find solutions ?

Thanks for your response

Page Title Issue


I am using meta title for tag it is working fine but sometimes page titl eis comming instead of meta title..I cheaked the setting for meta title but didn't find any problem..I need to fix this, please give me solution


'which drush' no longer works. Is it my .bashrc?

which drush used to work but now it doesn't do anything. Neither does which composer. which php works like it should and gives its path.

I think this might have happened after I edited ~/.bashrc and specified $PATH and alias for Drush and Composer.

According to this article:,

Accept Credit Card payment

I am using Drupal Commerce. How can I accept credit card in my website and transfer that money to by bank account? Is this possible by not using any third party service like PayPal?

Malicious files detected - modules/system/html.tpl.php


I have been getting repeated messages from my hosting site - - indicating that a large number of files have malicious content and that they had blocked the outbound port 80 for this domain name as a precautionary measure.

I did the following

1. Changed my password
2. Upgraded to the latest version 7.42 of Drupal
3. Sent a request to unblock port 80

The site was up and running.

I did these actions on 10-Feb-2016.


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