Comment Rating module

Is there a way to identify which module is used on a Drupal page? I am interested to know which comment rating module is used on this page, notice the thumbs-up/down Ajax rating system:

scroll down and click on Show Comments.

Color module & bootstrap not working


I'm trying to create a bootstrap-based sub-theme for a project, and I'd like to add the colour module to my theme. Roaming The Net I came across several amazing instructions & guides (eg. by codekarate/Shane Thomas, Kyle Taylor), but try as I might I'm failing badly at accomplishing the task at hand.

What I've done so far

new token added doesn't appear in the token help page


I tried to override the hook_token_info() by selecting the pair of key and its value from the database.

how to Installing Drupal 7.x, Mysql 5.6 on IIS and Windows 2012 server?

I got hired by a company which plans to create their site in drupal. They have Windows 2012 server with IIS, I found out Mysql 5.6 and php 5.4 goes with it. Question is, should i install the non-thread safe version or thread safe version of php? i dont know what is this and the 2nd question is, what is this PDO for? do i have to install and enable it in the webserver or in the database server. Somebody please help me out.

Allow users to upload images for exsits content

I want to allow users to upload images for exsits content, for example for article, but i will not allow they to delete already exist images.

How modules i can use? How to create this submit form for they?


On example: I have article content type about Rome with title "Rome". I create description for that beautiful city and i want to allow users to upload images to this exist article about Rome and display gallery of users pictures under descripton.

Inline Entity Form & additional "Details" form


Talking about Drupal 7 and the Modules Inline Entity Form and Commerce.

My stupid question is a little problem. I can not configure the module and my searches do not give me anything.

After my product display creation, got an additional form "Details" including the form fields:
Product title *, Price * Status *, and the "Description" and "Regulations" text filds.
I do not need the form, but need the "Add to Cart" only.

The setting of Product display: the "Product" field - link to product, widget Inline entity form - Single value.


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