Create Soccer Game Table


I have some data (in this case the first day of results of Portuguese League Soccer):
Game Results data

The content type has the following fields:
Game Results fields

How to add a attribute to Picture field?

I can add a 'onload' attribute to a standard image field using this:

Uploading images: only ALT-text and Title.

Hello, I'm working on a Drupal 7 website. At first I had no problem uploading images. But suddenly I could only upload the ALT-text and Title of the images, but not the full images anymore.

I thought that the problem had something to do with other errors. But now I have solved all other problems and I still cannot upload images. I also ran all updates, update.php and cleared my caches.

Image Field file size, possible false positive.

I'm working on deploying a site today and I had a problem with being able to upload images to an article's image field.


  • The file (filename).jpg could not be saved, because it exceeds 512 MB, the maximum allowed size for uploads.
  • The file in the Image field was unable to be uploaded.

Relevant Settings:
upload_max_filesize: 512MB
post_max_size: 512MB
max_input_time: 60
memory_limit: 128MB

Sorting Views data with FILTER CRITERIA

Hi all

I have a multi-value field inside my content type which has a number of different values, I'd like to add these values into a list as a dropdown inside my view so I can sort the views data with the ajax sort.

I currently have a Filter Criteria selected from the view options, all I have is a blank field I have to type into, I need to change this to a dropdown list. Not ASC or DESC I need the values from the content type field.

Hope this makes sense thanks.

Any idea how I do this?


foreach loop with incrementing id number

I want to print an ingredient list in a node--contenttype.tpl.php

I have this php


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