Targeting a Specific Drupal Commerce Form with hook_form_alter

Hi, is it possible to target a SPECIFIC Drupal Commerce checkout form with hook_form_alter?

I have 3-5 products on my site and I want one of the products to have completely different fields, styling, etc.

Right now I'm targeting my Drupal Commerce forms with the following:



I'm working with Drupal 7 and AT Commerce Theme. I've installed Superfish menu succesfully.

Now, I wanna erase the ancient EMPTY BOX menu bar AT commerce, to show only my new Superfish menu.

How can I do it????

Thanks a lot for your time.

Module to Link Documents that are Related?

I've noticed that someone has created a tab in their documents that says "linked documents" and it contains a manual list of all documents which have been defined as "related." It creates a two way link between the documents. For example, let's say you wrote an article on the Jackson Five music group. You also wrote a second article on michael jackson himself. You want to create a relationship between the two so you link the documents and there is a link two ways between the Jackson Five and the michael jackson article.

Sub Taxonomy Terms for a Song Number

I'm having issues figuring out sublevels in Taxonomy. I'm always just done 1 level, but I'm working on a view for albums, that show a content type of songs. I want to be able to enter a bunch of songs, but have them linked to 1 or more albums, and have their track listing for each album listed. Can someone please sort me out.

Content Type - Song
Taxonomy Terms - > Album(s) > Song number

A song can be tagged to be in multiple albums,
and then I need a reference to what song number it is on that album.

How to optimize content entry - forms?

I'm moving someone from Wordpress to a more advanced Drupal site that uses custom doc types. Wordpress has fantastic forms plugins you can buy which allow you to create an entry page with all the fields for your custom doc type, make it look pretty, map the fields to the appropriate fields and make it easy for users to enter new content. For example, you create a clean title box, box, category and other taxonomies and a submit button. The user sees only a clean form on the front end and can enter in the content in a clean page -- not the very messy Drupal back end.

Help desk module

Hi There,

I am wondering if there are any great customer service modules?

I am looking for a module which can do something like the 'chat or call' funtion at the right of page.

Does anyone have an idea?




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