How to theme contents of simplenews generated newsletter

Hi !

I try for a while now to prepare my new drupal site newsletter.
For this, I installed Simplenews and Simplenews content selection modules and style my newsetter in table/td/tr mode in simplenews-newsletter-body.tpl.php et simplenews-newsletter-footer.tpl.php files, to get a better compatibility with mail clients.
But the contents of the newsletter between the body and footer templates keep the div tags generated by Drupal.

So I would like to change the template of contents but I don't find how to do it. Where can I theme the good template for this ?

Installed Drush, not working: "Warning: popen() disabled" "Warning: fgets() expects parameter 1"

Could someone help me to get Drush working
I am installing Drush using PUTTY on a Semi-Dedicated Basic hosting account. I was able to install Drush using PUTTY, but with some warnings. I also tried to update a test Drupal site, but it didn't work. I copied the log of both actions below.

I used these instructions to install DRUSH: Installing Drush On Any Linux Based Server Out There

Entity Reference

Hey all, I've been using Drupal for about a year now and I love it. This is my first time posting an issues to which I cannot find a solution for. Here is my problem. I have 2 content types (Article and Collection). The Collection as a field collection called (collected_articles). That field collection a field for the Article entity reference and some other fields. What I need to do is when I'm on an Article page I need to check to see if there is a reference back to the Collection and if there is, pull all the other Articles in that collection.

menu page callback cache expiration, headers

Drupal 7, custom module to output data in JSON format.

Task: create cacheable page that prints string in JSON format.

function examplemod_menu() {
  $items['json'] = [
      'page callback' => 'examplemod_json',
      'access callback' => TRUE
  return $items;

function examplemod_json($type='node', $id=0){
  header('Content-Type: application/json');
  print Examplemod::getResults('json', $type, $id);
  return null;

Permanently disable caching in drupal.

Cacheing in drupal causes an excessive amount of interference and it's very existence puzzles me. I would like to know how I can stop it from happening on my site forever. With no possibility of it ever being turned on again in error.

Read this and prepare to get MAD!

When reading the documentation for Drupal for facebook I wanted to visit the home page of the project.
If you visit, you can see that the website has been CLOSED BY FACEBOOK ITSELF!!! ... aaargh! I'm still boiling! Is it any way to counteract this?


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