Need help with the styling comments

I have in my template.php (custom theme) the following code to present a comments along with EDIT and DELETE Links:

Strange problem Importing photos with GPS-info


I want to import and show GPS-info for my photos. I think I have all modules needed but not working 100 %.

When I import my original photos (taken with a Sony DLSR) I got no GPS-info.

BUT if I import same photos to Adobe Lightroom, export them to a new folder and from there import them into my Drupal site I got all GPS-info!

Someone that has an idea how to fix that?

I have defined fields for gps_gpslatitude, interop_gpslatitude and winxp_gpslatitude.

Script timed out before...

Hi all,

When I try to get to admin>configuration the site times out. All other parts of Drupal are working fine. Any ideas?

[Wed Feb 22 17:14:17 2017] [error] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: index.php, referer:


More taxonomy page and navigation questions

I am so sorry that I am such a newbie and therefore struggling a bit with how to incorporate a taxonomy into a new page (and therefore also navigation to that page).

So here's the deal. I'm building a travel website. As such, I have created a taxonomy of all of the world's destinations (there are about 20,000) These are nested (global region, then countries, then states/provinces, then regions, then localities). That is complete and entirely uploaded to Drupal.

Modify the update email notification


I'am new to drupal. Is there a way to modify the update email notification in drupal7? (The email that is send to the site administrator when there are new updates for modules or drupal core updates)

Any advice?

Modify img attributes to create 100% width for specific view


I am using D7 and this is my issue:

I want to keep a header image at 100% the width of the screen when the user zooms in or out. I tried this using css - width 100% !important - but was unsuccessful.

I was able to do this using Firebug by modifying the width in the img[Attributes Style]. I am not sure how to access that particular piece of code in the css or just for the single view.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.


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