How can I have customers agree the terms before making payment


When public users click Pay, it takes them to site to make payment. Instead, I would like them to select a checkbox with terms and conditions before paypal site. I am not sure how i can do it. Please advise.


create two columns and keep the polaroid frontpage


I work on this website .

I should create a second column only in the frontpage and add the contents that have a specific category( I use taxonomy) into that column.

I use the DAN theme , and it has a really cool polaroid content display. I wanna keep this and add an extra column. Like here picture.

HELP! Which file contains database login information?

Hi, we are developing with my team an online game, and an internet site made with Drupal.

I created a file called gameinfo.php

This gameinfo.php file must call database login information for my server

Which file contains database login information?

Auction: Permission for anonymous not see auction with page

The author of this module does not respond to several queries, maybe somebody will help.

When i uncheck "Place bids in auctions" for Anonymous, he not see page with auction. When i check "Place bids in auctions", then see page with auction.

What setting, role for Anonymous, he can only see page with auction?

Recipe cost calculator project

Hi there,

I'm starting a little project and looking for advises on how to do it/ which modules would be helpful, basically if I can do it with what's already existing that's great, but am happy to code if needed.

IPv6 error ?

I got an error from a member of our club, who want to visit our site through android.


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