bundle exec guard is really slowling

Run guard (drush omega-guard) in windows environment is really slow?How setting up right configuration in Omega 4 ?

User Login on Product Page

I am trying to add a user login section to my product page in Drupal Commerce. Theme is using Panels for content. I created a mini-panel for user login, but not clear on what I need to do to use the user login form inside the panel. Have set the block to show only for the products page and it does show up just on that page.

Does Drupal have a similar module?

Hi, pretty basic question here, having sifted through lots of modules available for Drupal with no luck.

Does anyone know if there is a module the same as, or similar to the one seen at the bottom of these sites, available for Drupal?


I'm referring to the little message icon which pops up with special offers, it's found at the very bottom of each of the sites above in the right hand corner.

Thanks in advance!

How to count total nodes in views


I have the table format view working.

I like to do the below without programming if possible. I did google and got some help. Not getting the specific that I am looking for. With the google, I was able to figure at lease something out.

1. As soon as users come to views page, I like to see the total number of nodes of the content type (ex. car). I like to display the number on the top of the page before the search criteria.

2. Under that, I also like to see the total number of car type. Car type is a list > select list type field.

iCal feed / duplicate events for repeated dates

I have been searching for the answer to this but can't seem to find it.

Problem is only on my iCal feed (which I import into Google Calendar). The actual calendar on the site is working fine.

When I look in Google Calendar, as time goes on there becomes more an more of the same events (duplicated) listed. So for example, the current month everything appears normal. Next month all the events are doubled. The next month they are trippled, etc. Four or Five Months down the road there are 10+ of each. It's only a problem on 'repeated' events.

anchor to content type field


how would I create an anchor inside the node?

I have the content type (events) with many fields, and in the node--events.tpl I have created a region in which I have a block acting as the events page menu with some of the more relevant fields, how can I link these menu items to the correspndent field in the same, i.e.

menu in block --- should go to --- section of page (event node) [field created in content type events]

I don't see any ID associated with the field to use in href.

Thank you


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