How to create a car sales site


I am trying to develop a car sales site.

1. Home page will have the search section with few drop down fields to select the search criteria. How would I do it? Is the view the answer?
2. Home page will display the search results with the list of cars. Each car should be linked.
3. When users click a click, details about that car will display in another page. How would I link the car to its details page?

Proxy & Rewrite questions

D7 on Apache2 running with Clean URLs enabled & working. is working fine

On the same server another webserver (Java) is runing and listening on port 8008 - verified and working
(Help system from is working and responding - But would like to keep port 8008 closed for the outside world...

How to get list of enabled front-end themes?

I am developing a module in which I want to make a list of enabled themes. Also I don't want to show administration themes in the list. So How do I make a list of enabled front-end themes?
Thanks in advance.

Best woman magazine

Women's magazine "Prelest" of famous Russian portal for women. The magazine contains thousands of articles about relationships, family, beauty, women's health. There is also a section on cooking, which publishes only proven and best recipes.


Women's magazine founded in 2004 and in 2005 received the award "Golden site - 2004" in the nomination "Best online media". Now this edition with hundreds of thousands of regular readers.

Why we chose Drupal.

multisite related

Is it possible to have one of the sub-site reside in a remote server for a Drupal multi-site? or all the sub-sites should be on the same server as the parent site?


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