Show non-required fields when admin adds new users?

I have a site with only the admin permitted to add new accounts, though users are allowed to edit some of their details after they're created. (I'm using field permissions for this.)

It works fine - but when the admin adds a new account for the first time (/admin/people/create), none of the non-required fields show up when creating a new user. After they're created I can go back and add values to said fields, but it's not an option when first creating a user, the fields just don't show up.

Drupal Limitations with Fields and Webforms

Hi there,
Everything was fine and running so smooth..., but then it came the customization phase. I got kind of frustrated with Drupal for the following reason: it has limitation on simple thing. For instance, the refinements and details of content types and its fields become a piece of hardwork. See 2 examples bellow:

1. To make a field as required but only when its CSS property to display is assigned to °block°. When the field has the property assigned to °none° the javascript must not to take place.

Strange database error

Can anyone tell me why I am getting the following error please

Recoverable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to t() must be of the type array, integer given,

My second argument as far as I can tell is an array, my form submission is as follows

Getting syntax error using drush on one site but not others

I'm on a centos server, with several Drupal sites installed. I just installed Drush 8 using php 5.4.16 for the first time to assist in several new projects. I have it set up so it's in the server path so I can access form anywhere. To start testing some designs, I set up two sub domains under two of my current sites. Lets call them and
I also set up an aliases.drushrc.php file, and placed it in the drush install folder:

Restrict some classified-ads categories by role?

we've used classified ads for a long time, but in our site rebuild we want to ad a new category of non-expriring ad for professional services which can only be created by members with a specific role (a perk for paying a higher membership subscription). Is this doable within the classified ads module [1], or would a better approach be to create a different content type which looks similar to classified ads, and use views to integrate it?

Drupal 6 to 7 migrate_d2d UI and cck content types

I am trying to resurrect a small Drupal 6 website by upgrading to Drupal 7 using the migrate_d2d UI tools. The legacy Drupal 6 site has several content types which are cck-defined. In step 5 of the migrate_d2d UI process, the migration tools correctly recognize all the Drupal 6 content types, including those that are cck-defined, but in the Drupal 7 'Destination Type' drop-down, I am only given a choice of Article, Basic page, Forum topic, Product, or Webform.


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