Draw a Search on MAPS Module


Are there any search modules that utilise GMAPS and drawing lines to search within the line proximity?

Best method for 6->7 upgrade and redesign

I'm looking for advice for finding the most painless method possible for both updating and upgrading a small company website. Here are my circumstances:

Using with Pop-up Calendar widget and Date fields

  • Install Date Popup Timepicker module and its dependencies.
  • Navigate Administration » Configuration » Date Popup (admin/config/date/date_popup), select "jQuery UI Timepicker" in the options list and save settings. So this is the only available option added by the Date Popup Timepicker module for now and it's full name is jQuery UI Timepicker (By François Gélinas) timepicker library: https://fgelinas.com/code/timepicker/

Colorbox login user malfunction


How can users return to where they were in a views load more pager that uses ajax?

Hello, so I have a view which lists all of my products. The pager for the view is the load more pager, and it uses ajax.

When a user clicks on a product, and then goes back to the product list, they are returned to the top of the list, and have to keep clicking on 'load more' to get to where they were.

Can I set the views pager so that when the user returns to the view, they are where they left off?

Thanks for reading :)

Date Popup Timepicker

Date Popup Timepicker module adds more timepicker options for Pop-up Calendar widget for Date fields and date_popup form element provided by the Date module.

There are 2 possible ways of using Date Popup Timepicker module:


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