filtering exposed filters


I have a site that I'm using exposed filters with multiple selections to sort and present articles.

The problem is, the client wants to use 8 filters with over 300 options within the filters. It's a bit messy and overwhelming with that many checkboxes.

Is there a way to only expose the filters and options that apply after the users initial selection?

I've spent the day digging but can't seem to find anything.

Any help would be be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


How to prevent spam account from signing up

When i open my drupal site to allow signups, even with admin approval required. i get lot of spam signups with gibberish. How do i prevent spam accounts from creating a drupal account?

Do you think using both Captcha and Honeypot is enough?

How to send an email within Drupals system to the admin of user account getting deleted

I believe I can achieve this by making a rule with the Event "After deleting a profile" and the Action of "Send an HTML email" but I'm not sure what to put in the

The mail's message HTML body.

I would imagine I would be placing some kind of tokens within there but I don't know what I should use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Need help with HTML mail module

I want my drupal installation to send HTML mails (either custom css or theme css). So I installed mailsystem and html mail modules. But when I tried the test feature in HTML mail module, it resulted in HTTP 500 error. smtpmailsystem class works fine, smtp authentication is also working, plain text emails are being delivered normally. But HTMLmailsystem always returs http 500. I am stuck here. I have Drupal 7 running on Apache, windows, php 5.6.

Workbench, view draft tab, and Views module

I have an issue with pages being built via Views and using the 'view draft' tab in conjunction with Workbench Moderation. It seems that any content that is showing on a page via a View will show only the published content. If I edit a page and keep it in draft mode when I access the 'view draft' tab any edited content that is shown via Views will be the published content, any content shown in, for instance, the body field shows the draft content.

When I go to the 'edit draft' tab I do see the content that is in draft mode.

Reverse proxy (nginx) + Apache


I have nginx frontend and apache backend (I'm using Vestacp), now drupal 7.50 doesn't see external IP and log only server IP where I have installed drupal. I have controlled apache log and external IP are logged, but drupal can't read, my nginx.conf an apache2.conf where I have replaced mi internl IP with "x.x.x.x" and my domain with ""



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