Some links in IE Edge not working

We have a problem with some links not working in IE Edge. Most of the links in the header and slider sections of the index page don't work in Edge:

This includes the links at the very top, the links in the Learn More buttons, the main nav across the slider, and the secondary nav below the slider. Nor does the search box work. Other than than that, all the other links work, starting right below the secondary nav bar.

Mediaelement module gives blurry videos


I am using the above module. I created field using the above module.

Added File type field > Allowed file extension: mp4, webm > Maximum file size: 32 MB

Manage Display: Format > MediaElementVideo.

I added a node > uploaded the mp4 file. When I visited the page, I can see video but blurry. How can I have same quality as original?

HTTP500 error...

I've recently added a new theme to my test site. I was in the middle of creating a custom content type when I realized I needed a new module. Hopped on over to the modules page and was hit with an HTTP500 error. Now I can't navigate to any of my pages.

Credit Card Payment

How I can accept Credit Card in Drupal website without using any third party payment gateway like PayPal? And I want to transfer that money to Indian Bank Account. Is there any module in Drupal?

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics homepage

Ecommerce as Flawless as Foundation

Organizations involved: 

Unable to change title using hook_menu_alter()

I'm trying to change the title of the 'Request new password' page. This is defined in user.module:

$items['user/password'] = array(
    'title' => 'Request new password',
    'page callback' => 'drupal_get_form',
    'page arguments' => array('user_pass'),
    'access callback' => TRUE,
    'type' => MENU_LOCAL_TASK,
    'file' => '',

So in my module I have used hook_menu_alter():


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