How do I change the front page? Theme error?

I downloaded several themes, including BlueMasters, and now I can't get BlueMaster stuff off of my front page (see attachment).

I have removed the theme, and deleted it from my folder structure, but I can't seem to figure out how to remove it. I don't mind if you tell me RTFM if you can point me to said manual. Sorry for such a stupid question. Very frustrating. This issue has me giving up each night after an hour an switching over to TV. Help me keep that boob tube off and make some progress, LOL.

Full HTML disabled on front page?


I am just now transitioning to Drupal and am learning, a lot.

I am also a self-taught novice, so some problems are obviously bound to pop up, but for the life of me I can't imagine why I cant figure out something this simple.

My Problem:

D7 - How to update a custom theme through upload?

We have a developer that created a custom theme. This was uploaded into our Drupal site using the admin upload theme interface. The developer wishes to update that theme with a new version. I am told that this requires that the old theme is manually deleted. In other words, they cannot upload and install the new version through the admin web interface. Is this correct? If not then what, if anything, must be done to allow such updates to occr?

Working with the Pane Module

This is an initial documentation page stub for the Pane module.

The Pane module provides translatable custom panels panes with body and optional title, stored as variables.

How to ensure that internal URLs are consistent when moving from subdomain to domain

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a test site on a subdomain (eg.
As part of working with content, I'm linking to pages within my site.

What I would like to ensure is that once I switch from subdomain to domain, the links don't end up broken.

i.e. When I link to and switch over, the link should automatically convert to

Pass the value from a drop-down box of a view to another view


The scenario is : we have a page where the drop-down box lists two items which are the taxonomy terms. One of the value is selected from the drop-down box and the next page is loaded with few links which has only the common content to be shown irrespective of the taxonomy term. Once any link is clicked in the second page, the third page is supposed to be loaded with the contents that are related to the selected taxonomy term from the drop-down box present in the first page.


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