Facebook Autopost login

I am trying to use the Facebook Autopost module but I can't log in, I probably have the wrong 'Valid OAuth redirect URIs' but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be and the documentation does not make this clear.

trouble finding access to titles of sections of block, view display

I am still having difficulty getting timely support from our vendor/contractor/developer. The page link I included below is made possible via blocks and page views, as best as I can tell. I am still learning a lot about Drupal, but I learn fast. I am trying to identify where I can find the titles on the individual route "cubes" to change them. I wish to remove the 14N, 14S, etc... It is taking forever to hear back from my contact at the vendor.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any questions to help you help me, please send them my way.


We run a Drupal 7 site. We have two video cameras that can only stream RTSP. We would like to make the video available on our website without the need for the users to install a plugin to view the video. I am guessing that I will want to convert the RTSP to MJPEG, but other formats may also work. Is there a module that I can use to convert RTSP to some format that will display on standard browsers without the need for a browser plugin?

Thank you.


How can I Display Alt, Title, and Caption Image Data as Fields?

Hi. I have a tricky situation and can't really find any information on it that's not dated at least 6 years ago.

I can't seem to display alt, title, and caption data. It seems I'm not given the option to do so. I have a Flexslider gallery, and I'd like to display the present image's data below the rotating gallery. This will include the title and caption. However, the only field which shows in my Fields list in my Display editor is Image - Caption. The title and alt are not there.

How can I get these fields to be options? I tried adding rewrite results (ie.

Taxonomy autocomplete with hierarchy

I have an accounting taxonomy like

ABC corp
-FX 9003
-FD 9103
BCD corp
-FX 9003
-FX 3031

stock, when I type "03" into an autocomplete field I get
-FX 9003
-FD 9103
-FX 9003

I want to see
ABC corp-FX 9003
ABC corp-FD 9103
BCD corp-FX 9003

I also need to support typing "a 00"
ABC corp-FX 9003

the hierarchy selection modules are similar but don't seem to support auto

Is there something like this now i have missed?

Connect to Drupal database from outside Drupal

I have found several examples that suggest the code below should display the results of a database query.

$result = db_query('SELECT title FROM {node}');
print_r ($result);

Drupal is installed in a sub-folder off public_html, mmclone1. I have checked the path with getcwd().


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