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The Quiz module lets you create graded assessments in Drupal. A Quiz is given as a series of questions. Answers are then stored in the database. Scores and results are displayed during or after the quiz. Administrators can provide automatic or manual feedback. See all the features below!

This module can be used as

  • an object in a larger LMS, or a supplemental classroom activity
  • a standalone activity (audio, video, rich text in questions/answers)
  • a self-learning program, using adaptive mode with multiple answer tries
  • a training program, with multiple improving attempts


  • Extensive Views, Rules integration through Entity API
  • Integration with H5P making 20+ content types available
  • OO Question API
  • Very configurable feedback times and options
  • Pre-attempt questionnaires (through Field API)
  • Views and Views Bulk Operations for managing questions/results
  • Drag and drop ordering of questions/answers/pages
  • Configurable questions per page
  • Devel generate support (dummy Quiz/Question/Result data)
  • Question randomization, from per-Quiz pool or taxonomy category
  • Certainty-based marking
  • Multiple attempts per user
  • Lots of unit test coverage
  • Adaptive mode and feedback
  • Build on last attempt mode
  • Timed quizzes
  • Question reuse across multiple Quizzes
  • Robust Quiz/Question versioning
  • AJAX quiz taking
  • And many more...

Question types included

Quiz addons

Other modules we like

Check out the Quiz affiliated modules wiki to see a fuller list of modules that extend quiz.

Upgrading from 7.x-4.x

If you do not have any custom question modules, an upgrade to 5.x is easy.

    1. Backup your database
    2. Remove the existing quiz folder
    3. Move the new quiz folder into place
    4. Run update.php
    5. Verify that existing quizzes work
    6. Verify that existing results work
    7. Done!

Note: There are core issues with MySQL 5.7, but only during the upgrade. See here if you have to use MySQL 5.7 and Drupal 7.

If you do have custom question modules, they may have to be updated slightly to work with the 5.x version.



We have a big community supporting Quiz, and it's getting bigger! Let's make this the best assessment engine, ever.

IRC, in #drupal-course (for Quiz, Course, Certificate module support)
IRC, in #drupal-edu (general edu talk)
Drupal groups
The issue queue

Help out

Please continue to help out with cleaning up the issue queue!

Have a feature request? Please open an issue in the issue queue!

Drupal 8

The D7 version of this module is being cleaned up so that a migration/port to D8 will be easier.


Many users have contributed lots of feature requests and bug reports. Previous maintainers also deserve a lot of credit! Join the Quiz group at http://groups.drupal.org/quiz to get involved!

Quiz is currently being sponsored by:
djdevin@DLC Solutions/EthosCE for the 7.x-5.x branch

Previous sponsors
The e-learning company Amendor
The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education
Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine

Supporting organizations: 
7.x-5.x branch

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