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With this module you will be able to create interactive videos, question sets, drag and drop questions, multichoice questions, boardgames, presentations, flashcards and more using Drupal.

All the content is HTML5, meaning it will work great on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With H5P, you create and edit HTML5 content directly in your web browser just like you edit any other Drupal content.

In addition to being an authoring tool for rich content, H5P also enables your site to import and export H5P files. H5P files are package files for HTML5 content and applications. They work much the same way as Flash files work. You can easily upload them to your Drupal site and publish rich Internet content and applications. Whenever you upload a new type of content as an H5P file, your editor will learn how to create and edit this type of content so that you're able to create more content of the same type, using the H5P editor. This makes H5P a very powerful authoring tool.


  1. Install the H5P module as you would install any other Drupal module.
  2. Visit the content types section of H5P.org and download content types you like.
  3. Create content of the new content type "Interactive content" (node/add/h5p-content)
  4. Upload the .h5p files you downloaded from H5P.org, and make sure you're logged in with a user who has the "update h5p libraries" permission.
  5. Revisit the Create "Interactive content" page (node/add/h5p-content). You'll now see that you can create new instances of the content you uploaded in the previous step using the H5P editor.

Administration of H5P libraries

An H5P administration interface is available at /admin/content/H5P. This page lists all installed H5P libraries, and provides the funtionality to:

  • Add H5Ps containing libraries only (no content)
  • Delete unused H5P libraries
  • List all nodes using a specific library

The process of creating new content and new libraries for H5P is documented on http://h5p.org.

The development of this module has been sponsored by The Norwegian Digital Learning Arena

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