This module allows payments to be made through the Danish payment gateway provider QuickPay.

Drupal 7 version includes submodule for integration with Drupal Commerce and Übercart 3.x (UC3 module contributed by B14), the Drupal 6 version includes submodules for Übercart 2.x, and E-Commerce 4.x, and Drupal 5 version supports E-Commerce 3.4 and Übercart 1.x.

All versions contains a sparsely documented, but simple, API for custom integration, with the Drupal 7 being a new OO rewrite.

Read the included README for required implementation information.

Important information

There's no tested upgrade path between major Drupal releases.

Supported features

  • Payment by all common credit cards (as supported by QuickPay).
  • Language selection for payment window.
  • Autocapture. Übercart 2 module can autocapture transactions only containing non-shippable products.
  • Subscriptions, by using core API, or uc_reccuring 2.x.
  • Übercart 2 module supports adding transaction fees to order.

While these modules are as plug and play as is possible, setting up online payment still requires some insight into Drupal, payment gateways and PBS requirements, and is not for the casual user. If in doubt, consult a professional.

E-Commerce 4 for Drupal 6

The eC4 module implements a new workflow status in order to support authorize/capture workflow. Some adjustments are necessary, detailed information is available in the readme file. Please test your order workflow thoroughly, and report back on your findings.

This module has been sponsored by QuickPay and, DiscImport, UC3 module contributed by B14.

Live sites

Used by B56, Linuxpusher, Halberg Design, DiscImport and others.

Project Information