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Ubercart compatible module.

Ubercart has included the Recurring Fees module as a core module for some time now, allowing users to associate recurring fees with products that customers must pay for via credit card. Unfortunately, the module was never really there in terms of practical uses and extensibility. Due to its limitations and to its relatively minor importance to the Ubercart project as a whole, the development team decided to move it into contrib space where it could mature without limiting or being limited by the core Ubercart development cycle.

UC Recurring Fees 6.x-1.0 is a straight migration of the code from Ubercart as it stood at its latest point in the 2.x development cycle. It was removed between RC1 and RC2, as we forgot to nail down the issue prior to tagging the 6.x-2.0-rc1 release. Several community members have been developing code and ideas to greatly improve and maintain this module, and they will work on it through this contrib in the 6.x-2.x version and beyond.

New in UC Recurring Payments and Subscriptions 2.x


  • New/improved API for payment gateways to interface with uc_recurring - see hook_recurring_info().
  • Ability to treat a recurring fee as a new order - so it gets access to everything a new order gets at the time of renewal e.g separate invoices, apply roles etc...
  • Option for unlimited renewals (ie: renew until canceled).
  • Option for recurring payments to be set that same as product price (this means that the recurring payments can be based on adjustments of a products from things like attributes).
  • Conditional action support - sending emails on failed renewals.
  • Extension API - administrators can configure what will happen on a failed payments, e.g order can be extended and re-attempts as many times as required.

Payment methods/gateway supported:

uc_recurring supports various gateways, the following are known supported gateways. Any question about specific gateways should be directed to the maintainers & users of those gateways.

Payment Gateway How are renewals triggered. Status
No gateway cron (no payment entered against orders) working
test_gateway cron working CIM cron working ARB external gateway, message sent back to site. working
Paypal WPS external gateway, message sent back to site. working
Paypal WPP external gateway, message sent back to site. working - #911664: Recurring and WPP - Can you chime in if you have it working?
uc_securepayau cron working
Sage Pay Direct cron working
uc_eway cron working
uc_usaepay ??? see own module
uc_clickandbuy ??? see own module
uc_epn cron working

Current plans for getting out a 2.0 Release:

The following are issues holding up a stable release:

Upgrading from UC Recurring 1.x to 2.x

If you are using:

  • ARB - there is current no upgrade process for this gateway, if you are currently using this gateway with 1.x you should NOT upgrade to 2.x at this stage.
  • Other gateways - no other gateways were officially supported in 1.x so its recommend you test your upgrade process thoroughly before performing on a productions site.


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