This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides issue tracking for projects created with the Project module.

It allows users to submit issues (bug reports, feature requests, tasks, etc) and enables teams to track their progress. It provides e-mail notifications to members about updates to items. Similar to many issue tracking systems. You can see it in action at the issue tracker.

Drupal 7 version

The D7 port of is finished and there is a 7.x-2.x alpha release. The upgrade path from the Drupal 6 version or upgrades from the current 7.x-2.x releases to future releases, are not guaranteed. It is not recommended to deploy the D7 version on a production site until the 7.x-2.0 official release is created.


This module is maintained by a team of people:

  • Derek Wright (dww) of 3281d Consulting has been the primary maintainer since 2006.
  • Neil Drumm (drumm) from the Drupal Association is now the product owner for, and heavily involved in the D7 porting effort.
  • Brandon Bergren (bdragon) of Tag1 Consulting has been a co-maintainer since 2010, is the primary maintainer for the Project usage submodule and usage statistics, and is heavily involved in the D7 port in general.
  • Michael Prashun (mikey_p) of Shomeya Inc has been a co-maintainer since 2011.
  • Greg Knaddison (greggles) joined as a co-maintainer for the D7 port in December 2012.

Past maintainers include:

  • Kjartan Mannes (kjartan): the original author and maintainer until 2005.
  • Nedjo Rogers (nedjo): primary maintainer from 2005-2006.
  • Chad Phillips (hunmonk): co-maintainer from 2007-2012.
  • Adam Light (aclight): co-maintainer from 2009-2010.

Many thanks to all of their contributions over the years.

Related modules

A few other modules are known to extend the functionality of Project issue tracking:

  • Issue tree (provides a JavaScript visualization for related issues based on "meta issues" that point to sub tasks)
  • Comment alter taxonomy (provides freetagging for project issues using issue comments to alter the tags)
  • Project issue file test (a.k.a. "PIFT" -- provides automated testing of patch files attached to issue comments)

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