This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

For background and to file new issues, please use the DrupalCI queue. We'll move it to other modules as necessary.

This is the module that takes patches posted in the issue queue and sends them off to dispatcher.drupalci for dispatch to aws testbots.

It provides Project module integration for DrupalCI. The integration serves to make automated testing and review part of the development workflow without requiring effort on behalf of the developer.

Information transfer

All requests are sent to the dispatcher using the Jenkins API. Cron is used to notifiy the dispatcher of a pending test request, which then may need a new aws instance to be provisioned and as such there is a short lag time between the event occurring and the time it has been completely processed.


Projects can be configured per environment to test daily for a project, or ever time a commit happens, or each time a patch is submitted as well as per commit.


Results are displayed along side the attachments in the issue queue. Clicking on the testing link can show the current state of the test - results if it is completed, and a link to dispatcher if it is running.

Project information