This module allows creation of a number of nodes of chosen type for some users. It temporarily overrides the node creation permissions and keeps track of the number of nodes the user can create.

It can be used as standalone module or as an e-commerce plug-in. In the second case paypernode can be integrated with Ubercart, providing a new "product feature" which will allow, upon product purchase, to create a number of nodes.

This module also supports integration with Views, providing a simple way to track down nodes created through paypernode system.

State of art

D7 version is currently in development: you can use issue queue to request new features and report bugs.
D6 version is maintained for bug fixes only.


"How to Create An Event Registration System with Ubercart" by Peter Yaworski (yaworsk):


This module is currently mantained by blackice78 (

The 5.x version (and earlier) of this module was originally developed by Jose A. Reyero and sponsored by Alquimia.

Project information