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Provides a basic set of paragraphs types.

  • Text
  • File downloads
  • Node links
  • Term links
  • User links
  • Detail container
  • Container

The container supports styles using. Prebuilt styles:

  • 2/3 columns
  • inline-blocks
  • table-row

A content type is also included.


As the name indicates, this module is about a basic set of paragraph types, that most people use directly or as a starting point and that are easy to customize. It will not contain special stuff with lots of magic.


Patches appreciated. New paragraph types or features have a good chance to be included if

  • they seem useful for a significant amount of users
  • they are packaged in a module
  • they are preferably built using Features

Other modules

(open an issue to list other modules here)

  • Paragraphs Collection announces to provide advanced functionality (Grids, Sliders, a set of predefined styles), but currently (2017-01) is announced highly experimental, and for now relying on a Bootstrap-based layout.
  • Bootstrap Paragraphs is a ready made collection of simple and complex paragraphs like tabs and sliders for Bootstrap-based layouts.
  • Parade contains complex paragraph types like maps, seems to contain a lot of magic, and is currently (2017-01) announced to be under heavy development.
  • Bricks announces to improve the paragraphs authoring experience, but currently is small an documentation.
  • Geysir announces to improve the paragraphs authoring experience through modals, but also announces to have some unresolved issues with that.
  • Thunder distribution provides some paragraph types(Gallery, Image/Video, Instagram, Twitter, Quote, Text, Link), but not as separate reusable module.
  • Classy paragraphs is used in this module to provide container styles. Unfortunately there is no way now (2017-01) to have separate style sets for containers and content.

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