A distribution for professional publishers

by Hubert Burda Media

Thunder is a Drupal 8 distribution for professional publishers. It consists of the current Drupal 8 functionality, lots of handpicked publisher-centric modules with custom enhancements, and an environment which makes it easy to install, deploy and add new functionality.

Thunder users also benefit from a whole range of channel- and feature-specific enhancements through collaboration with industry partners such as nexx.tv, Riddle.com, and Valiton.

As members of the Thunder Coalition, publishers, industry partners, and developers build custom extensions and share them with the Coalition to further enhance Thunder.


For further information on installing drupal, follow the install instructions.

What's installed by default?

Contrib Modules:

Plus some base configuration:

  • A channel taxonomy
  • An article content type with some base fields
  • Image, gallery, social media and video media types
  • A set of commonly used paragraph types
    • Gallery
    • Instagram
    • Image
    • Twitter
    • Video
  • Pre configured role for editorial staff

What can be activated optionally?

Here you can find more information about these modules.

Supporting organizations: 

Project Information