The Bootstrap Paragraphs module provides a suite of content and layout Paragraph bundles made with the Bootstrap front-end framework.

Combine the power of the world's most popular front end framework, Bootstrap with Drupal Paragraphs, the powerful module to allow content creators to build layouts and structured pages.

Using the Bootstrap Paragraphs Drupal 8 module, you'll be able to create Bootstrap features like Accordions, Carousels, Modals, Tabs, and Multi-column layouts. You can also harness the power of Drupal referencing Text, Images, Contact Forms, Blocks, and even Views!

Watch the Bootstrap Paragraphs presentation from DrupalCon Baltimore

Bootstrap Paragraphs at DrupalCon Baltimore


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Bundle Types:

  • Simple HTML
  • Image
  • Blank
  • Accordion
  • Carousel
  • Columns (Even, up to 6)
  • Columns (3 Uneven)
  • Columns (2 Uneven)
  • Contact Form
  • Drupal Block
  • Modal
  • Tabs
  • View


Each Paragraph has width and background color options. Included are over 50 background colors and five empty background classes for you to customize in your own theme.


  • Tiny - col-4, offset-4
  • Narrow - col-6, offset-3
  • Medium - col-8, offset-2
  • Wide - col-10, offset-1
  • Full - col-12


  • Install the module as you normally would.
  • Verify installation by visiting /admin/structure/paragraphs_type and seeing your new Paragraph bundles.
  • Go to your content type and add a new field of type Entity revisions, Paragraphs.
  • Allow unlimited so creators can add more that one Paragraph to the node.
  • On the field edit screen, you can add instructions, and choose which bundles you want to allow for this field. Check all but Accordion Section and Tab Section. Those should only be used inside Accordions and Tabs.
  • Arrange them as you see fit. I prefer Simple, Image, and Blank at the top, then the rest in Alphabetical order. Click Save Settings.
  • Adjust your form display, placing the field where you want it.
  • Add the field into the Manage display tab.
  • Start creating content!


Test at

Spin up a demo of your own at

What is the difference between the 2.0 and 1.0 branches?

The fields in the 1.x branch all had the machine names field_. A few people ran into conflicts when installing this module on top of distributions. In 2.x we name spaced the fields, and Paragraph bundles to use bp_ instead.

There is no upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x.

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