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Parade admin UI

A package built on top of the awesome Paragraphs module, featuring common sections and onepage-site solutions.

Think about this module as a feature-set, without the drawback of distributions: you can use this module on existing Drupal 8 sites too, even if they are built on a distribution.


This module powers the campaign sites platform for Tieto with more than 70 microsites such as . More details can be found in this blog post.
A demo site is also available, it's built without custom code or CSS.


We welcome any form of contribution to Parade, which aligns with the planned features of Paragraphs. Please read their post about contributing.


  • Multiple paragraph types out of the box
  • Preview each paragraph in a modal (Credits to Paragraphs Previewer)
  • A multiple link Menu field, and Anchor fields in each Paragraph type
  • JavaScript libraries included for common solutions, such as smooth scroll and parallax.
  • Improved UI with button images (NOTE: This will come to Paragraphs)
  • Multilingual support.
  • Parallax background effect for both videos and images.
  • With the Parade conditional field submodule you can connect View modes with layout and color scheme classes (based on classy paragraphs) and make sure the content editors cannot break the Corporate Style Guides.

Paragraph types

  • Header: hero text, background image or video, optional parallax effect.
  • Locations: multiple geolocations displayed with Leaflet.
  • Marketo Form/Poll: uses Marketo's generated form IDs and app.
  • Text Boxes: responsive, nested paragraph for displaying 'cards'.
  • and more...


The recommended way to install the module is via composer ( There is an issue with non-composer installation for Location paragraph type:


NOTE: As of now, most of the features are bundled into a single module, so you need to install all dependencies. We plan to separate Parade into submodules, so you can enable/disable only what you need.

  • paragraphs
  • machine_name
  • geocoder
  • geocoder_autocomplete
  • geofield
  • leaflet - check the readme for installation instructions
  • geocoder_field
  • geocoder_geofield
  • classy_paragraphs
  • view_mode_selector (8.x-2.x)

Coming soon...

  • Use core View Modes for custom layout displays, and support Display Suite or Layout plugin.
  • Use Classy Paragraphs to allow selection of user-defined CSS classes in each paragraphs (e.g. for color schemes)
  • Compress uploaded images, if ImageMagick and ImageAPI optimize are installed.
  • Gallery view mode for Images.
  • Support core Responsive Image module.
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