Integration with the Leaflet JavaScript mapping library.

Now compatible with Leaflet JS 1.0.3 !

IMPORTANT: if you wish to use Leaflet JS 1.0.3 with Leaflet MarkerCluster, please read the note on its project page.

A Modern, Lightweight Open-Source JavaScript Library for Interactive Maps by CloudMade.

The Leaflet module features:

  • Field formatter that can show a map for fields that contain geospatial data.
  • Views integration that plots data on a map (using the sub module Leaflet Views).
  • Lightweight and easy to use API for defining maps and displaying data on a map.

Please refer to the documentation or the current README for all the details, including help on installation, configuration and usage.

Some modules that build on Leaflet, adding various features:

  • Leaflet More Maps: adds over 20 map styles, selected at the flick of a drop-down
  • Leaflet Label: alternative tool tip hovers for polygons and line strings
  • Leaflet Hash: bookmarking for maps, appends a hash of current map center and zoom to the URL, so you save and restore the "view port"
  • Leaflet MarkerCluster: makes large marker populations easier to navigate through animated clustering and drill-down capability
  • IP Geolocation Views & Maps: adds a swag of cool features such as centering options, markers colour-coded by any field in your View, cross-highlighting between content and map, geocoding and reverse geocoding options.
  • Many more...

Originally developed by ThinkShout and @pvhee (from Marzee Labs) with lots of help from the community. RdeBoer of flink started the Drupal 8 port. Please help out so that Leaflet remains at the cutting edge of the Drupal geo stack.

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