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The Mobile Switch module provides various functionalities to develop mobile ready websites, based on device detection by Browscap or Mobile Detect.




  • Automatic switch to a mobile theme, if detected a mobile device by Browscap or Mobile Detect.
  • Automatic redirect to a mobile website, if detected a mobile device by Mobile Detect.
  • Prevention of mobile devices to bypass the mobile switch function.
  • Allow or disallow mobile theme usage on administration pages.
  • Developer functionality for a little bit of help for website developers.
    • Extend the Browscap or Mobile Detect device detection with additional user agents for mobile device emulators.
    • Display debugging informations.
    • Use the mobile theme with desktop browsers.

Required modules and classes

Branches 6.x-1+ and 7.x-1+

Branches 7.x-2+

  • Mobile Detect PHP class
  • Libraries API; Note:
    Mobile Switch branch 2+ requires Libraries API 2+.
  • Mobile Detect Import - included submodule
    Provides update and import functions for the Mobile Detect PHP class.

Recommended Mobile Switch modules

Recommended other modules


Works out of the box if you are use the operating mode theme switch. There is one configuration option through the Mobile Switch settings for appearance: Operating mode - and choose the mobile theme.
The operating mode redirect needs more configurations.

Update from 1 to 2 branch

See README.txt for update and installation instructions.

Help needed

To initialize a demonstration page with links to websites which use this module help is required.

Are you the owner or admin such a website please follow this link to propose the Mobile Switch website:

Proposals for sites that use the Mobile Switch module

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