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The Mobile Tools module provides Drupal developers with some tools to assist in making adjustments to your site based on the visitor's device.

  • Contextual switching of content and layout
  • Exportable configurations using Spaces and Features
  • Define your sites via domain, sub domain, path, path pairs and query string
  • Server side feature detection using Browscap
  • Automatic redirection to a site based on device group
  • Mobile bookmark popup/Add to home screen notification
  • Media Query builder
  • anything else we can think of!

Mobile Tools integrates with the following modules to enable the described functionality

  • PURL
  • CTools
  • Context
  • ThemeKey
  • Browscap
  • Spaces
  • Panels
  • Features
  • Context HTTP Headers

Mobile Tools 3.x


DO NOT USE 7.x-3.x ON PRODUCTION SITES. It is very much a dev branch. Some of the code works, some doesn't. UI's are missing and there are still some legacy elements in place. I'll remove this warning once dev is more stable. For those who would like to try out the module, please see the README.txt and INSTALL.txt for special instructions. Here's a quick rundown of what you'll need

  1. PURL latest dev
  2. CTools latest dev (to avoid PHP warnings)
  3. ThemeKey latest dev
  4. Spaces will cause warning messages (we aren't done with Spaces integration yet)

The 7.x-3.x dev release is ready for community testing and patches. There's still lots to do but most of the basics are in place. We still need help with Spaces and general UI adjustments but the core features are working:

  • Device groups
  • Theme switching
  • Context switching
  • Device detection
  • Device redirection

Where we need the most help is with device redirection. At the moment, when enabled, it forces the user to the new URL without an option to skip. I would like to add that capability. Also there are some caveats with Page cache but we'll work on those as well.

I've also added the 6.x-3.x branch to git. There is currently no difference between it and the 6.x-2.x dev branch. It's there so people can start supplying patches for updating to the new architecture. Once we create a full release for Drupal 7, we'll begin porting the Drupal 6 version of Mobile Tools to the new 3.x API.

Mobile Tools 2

Sufficed to say, Mobile Tools 2 has been neglected in the last few months. The 7.x-2.x release for Mobile Tools is going to be deprecated and will no longer be actively developed. All efforts for Drupal 7 will be on the 3.x branch. As for Drupal 6, we do have some patches from the community we'll be pushing out to a new build. We'll keep 6.x-2.x as stable as possible until we have the 3.x version ready. Only critical bugs will be addressed. All new feature requests will be logged and saved for the 3.x branch.

Mobile Tools does not provide a mobile theme, but can be used together with mobile themes or content adaptation services.

Co-maintained by Devin Carlson

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