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[#id] [#id,option(s)] [#id,option(s) comment]

Linodef is an input filter for embedding content of your Drupal installation (Drupal objects) into any textarea and link to it. The tags are based exclusively on object IDs which enables a highly dynamic usage. So links won't break and the embedded content stays up to date. Editor buttons help users to find their desired object and insert the corresponding Linodef tag into the textfield.

Main features:

  • embedding of nodes, fields, views and terms
  • short and extensible tags
  • configurable buttons allow users to insert objects without having to know their Linodef tags
  • customizable message system for detailed reports about faulty tags

Module dependencies




Please use Entity Embed instead. It supports all D8 entities and formatters as well.

6.x-1.0 final

Drupal 7 - no further development/seeking developer

  • Filter/Taglists: evaluate the best way to embed fields (using node/user/etc ID or using field directly if possible)
  • Add a port D6->D7 module for existing tags in textfield. This could also be used to replace deprecated options.
  • Taglists: Support inline autocomplete with the help of the taglist data: #372167: How about intellisense?
  • WYSIWYG: Use feature above to replace tags in rich-text by actual content.
  • Filter: Supporting dynamic arguments (e.g. tokens or linodef own joker feature) for the option arguments to embed content sensitive views.

Upgrade hints

  • Deactivate the old linodef modules and delete the old linodef modules folder. So deprecated modules don't remain in your modules list.
  • When using BUEditor replace your existing Linodef buttons code with the new taglist code.

Additional hints when upgrading from rc2 or older:

  • Linking to nodes using an own text with the syntax <#nid>Text</#> is marked as deprecated (it is still supported). Instead use the new option override="your text".
  • Option values are now encircled by double quotes ". So you may use almost every 8bit character in option values (except double quote "). Therefore when you already use translation=en you should change it to translation="en" (the old syntax without double quotes is still supported but marked as deprecated).

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