Wouldn't it be great if I while typing in my blog could press [ to start a linodef intellisense session. It then waits for me to type some tekst, and it then filters the text the same way that nodereference cck fields do. When I select an item and press return, it inserts the correct # of the node I selected.

A further improvement might be that I would write "[image." to get only results from image nodes. Or how about "[own.image" or "[user.image" for more filtering?

Just throwing out ideas.


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Would be nice though spontaneously I have no idea how to it. Nodereference CCK and other modules (Node search etc) are using the default auto complete functions. Unfortunately that isn't possible with those textfields that already contain other content.

If anyone knows an approach please reactivate this issue.

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In a button perhaps pop up a field autocomplete widget thingie that would autocomplete and then directly insert into the textfield?

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This is the way the autocomplete button works already. Type in the text (node title, field content, term - depending on your button) and it gets substituted by the Linodef tag.