This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This project allows images associated with an ImageField on a node to be formatted as a "mini gallery". Using JQuery Cycle and ImageCache, all images are rendered in both large and thumbnail forms. The smaller form is used as a "pager" for the larger image. By default the themeing styles the thumbnail images to 3 per row.


  • This module supports Features. Any profile you make can be exported along with dependant Imagecache presets.
  • This module has a profile API (used by Features). You can define your own profiles to bundle with you module.


Third Party Integration

  • Features - for version controlling your profile configurations.
  • Lightbox2 - If this is installed, there is an extra feature to allow you to define a 3rd ImageCache preset for Lightbox2 to "popup" when the large image is clicked.


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