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This module allows Drupal caches to be stored in files instead of
storing in database. This module is available only for Drupal 7.

Comparison with other caching modules

memcache is the closest caching module. File Cache can be configured
to use memory filesystem (e.g. /dev/shm in Debian) which is very close
to what memcache do. File Cache can use network filesystems and this
is another use case where memcache is traditionally used.

apc can be used for cache bins too. If it's used for that purpose,
it's usually only for some of the critical cache bins like cache and

boost generates caches of pages that are directly served by web
server. File Cache can plug in regular Drupal page caching and provide
very fast page caching but this still needs a bit of PHP to be
executed. Database access can be avoided altogether though. See
$conf['filecache_fast_pagecache'] in README.txt.

Relation with cacherouter and fastpath_fscache modules for Drupal 6.


Benchmark results in real scenarios are needed in comparison against
memcache, apc and boost. If you have such experience, please share
with File Cache maintainer ogi (Ognyan Kulev). Numbers in
comparison with memcache against File Cache on memory filesystem are
especially important.

Quick Installation

Install module as usual, e.g. by placing unpacked filecache directory
in sites/all/modules and enabling the module in admin/modules. Go to
admin/reports/status and follow the instructions. These instructions
are meant to be complete so if they are not enough, file issue against
File Cache module.

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