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Feedback allows users and visitors of a Drupal site to quickly send feedback messages about the currently displayed page, using a fixed positioned and ajaxified feedback form. This helps site administrators in quality assurance of their pages, contents and theme.

Because the form is submitted via AJAX, a user will not be redirected to another page and can continue visiting/using the site after posting feedback.

All feedback messages are listed and grouped by status in an administrative feedback log. Each feedback message can be marked as 'done'. Privileged users are able to see existing feedback messages for the currently displayed page to prevent submitting duplicate feedbacks for already known issues (f.e. during site building). Since feedback messages are additionally stored with a 'masked' path (similar to dynamic menu item arguments in D6, i.e. user/%/edit), existing feedback messages for similar pages can be displayed (except node/% paths).

Feedback optionally integrates with BrowsCap to additionally record the user agent for each feedback message, which helps in tracking down theming issues.




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