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This module provides entities to plan and meassure business results and business resources. You can build for example event registration features, project planning tools, car renting platforms and lots of other apps to manage resources. Therefore it contains the following modules:

  • erpal_resource - to build resource entities such as team members in a project, events, cars.
  • erpal_budget - to build entities to plan the availability of resources such as planned working times, capacity or availability.
  • erpal_output - to book resources and measure business output against the planned values (using the budget entity) such as revenue and expenses or real working time, booking times and resource usage.

Use cases

The general use case is to provide resources using the resource entity, plan these resources (regarding their availability in this example use case) using the budget entity and use these planned resources (real working time e.g.) with the output entity. All planning and output meassuring functions in ERPAL platform are build on top of this module collection.
There is a functionality that allows you to book an output entity to a budget to keep track of the total budget (planned) and the available budget (still available). All the logic can be used with the provided Rules integration.

Video and first introduction

In a blogpost and a video you will get a complete introduction about when and how to use ERPAL Core.


This module has some dependencies. Please add the following patch for the mvf module:
#2223983-2: Save field settings in instance

This module with the supported 7.x-3.x branch is used in the ERPAL platform distribution.

Deprecated 7.x-1.x branch

Then branch 7.x-1.x is only used to provide some module collections for the ERPAL Business Management distribution. The module in this deprecated branch has no stand allone functionality.

Drupal 8 Port

#D8CX: I pledge that ERPAL Core will have a full #Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

This project is developed by Bright Solutions. We also offer paid Drupal and ERPAL integration and process consulting.

Supporting organizations: 
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