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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Bright Solutions develops Drupal based enterprise grade websites and business applications aiming to improve business- and communication processes of our customers and to build digital customer journeys. We provide the following services:

  • Drupal architecture conception
  • Drupal development
  • International rollouts
  • Headless Drupal solutions
  • Drupal module development
  • Third party integration with systems such as SAP and Salesforce
  • Drupal consulting, training and coaching
  • Mobile solutions and native apps (iOS and Android)

Bright Solutions is a leading Drupal shop in Germany which develops Drupal based enterprise solutions since 2007.
Currently Bright Solutions works with 38 team members in our local office in Darmstadt and specialised partners spread all over the world.
Many of our projects integrate Drupal with native mobile apps for our customers to make data and processes accessible anywhere, even offline. Most of our projects with Drupal are international cooperate sites, university sites, government sites, intranet systems, communities and e-commerce systems.
We do professional software development with Drupal using agile methods, automated testing, continuous integration methods and automated deployment tools. To deliver efficiency to our customers in their Drupal projects, we help them to develop and maintain their own Drupal distributions that meet their exact needs and kickstart new projects.

Drupal contribution and community involvement is part of our daily Drupal passion. Because we love open-source and software that makes business more valuable, we develop the Drupal business process management and ERP distribution ERPAL Platform and ERPAL for Service Providers and the Drupal update automation platform Drop Guard.

Drupal contributions

We maintain the projects listed below:

ERPAL Platform - Distribution to build flexible business applications
ERPAL for Service Providers
ERPAL Core - ERP Framework
ERPAL Invoice
CAT - Contextual Actions and Tabs
DFV - Dependend Field Values

We have been sponsors for the following community events:

Silver sponsor Drupal Con Vienna 2017
Silver sponsor Drupal Con Dublin 2016
Silver sponsor Drupal Con Barcelona 2015
Silver sponsor Drupal Con Amsterdam 2014
Bling sponsor Drupalcamp Berlin 2014
Diamond Sponsor Drupal Camp FFM 2014
Gold Sponsor Drupal Camp Essen 2012
Gold Sponsor Drupal Camp Essen 2013
Silver Sponsor Drupal Camp Vienna 2013
Silver Sponsor Drupal Con Prague 2013
Silver Sponsor Drupal Camping Wolfsburg 2012
Silver Sponsor Drupal Camping Wolfsburg 2013
Sponsor of the CeBIT Drupal Booth 2012

Projects supported

Drupal Content Sync, Views Edit Permissions, Field error message override, Username auto suggestions, Dynamic widget for commerce line item field, Views exposed form layout, ERPAL API Unify, Drop Guard, Scald Search API Attachments, Unlink default configurations, Rules filter, Views filter args, Multistep Form, IE Placeholders, Diff Views, GOLIVE Checklist, Views calc distinct, ERPAL Quote, SimpleCrop, Form Cancel Button, Custom Order Number, ERPAL Platform - Flexible business applications, DFV - Dependent Field Values, CAT - Context local actions and tabs, AUL(Access User Lists), Timed Messages, ERPAL Reports, ERPAL GIT, ERPAL Project, ERPAL Invoice, Field Group Ajaxified Multipage, ERPAL Core - Flexible resource planning, Speedboxes - Fast checkbox handling, ERPAL for Service Providers

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