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This ERPAL distribution is a platform for flexible business applications built with Drupal. ERPAL platform includes the most recent functionality for business applications like accounting features, CRM and E-Commerce Systems. It is based on Drupal commerce and includes CRM core as a base for CRM and commerce functionality. The ERPAL modules will add the following functionality:

  • Manage CRM contacts
  • Manage activities, leads, opportunities
  • Create quotes(using ERPAL Quote)
  • Create orders
  • API to create invoice line items for invoicing services
  • Create invoices (using ERPAL Invoice)
  • Plan and measure budgets, revenue, expenses and resources (using ERPAL Core)
  • A base ERPAL application theme

Use cases for ERPAL Platform applications

You can use ERPAL Platform as a base distribution to build your own business applications with Drupal. Some well known use cases are:

  • Accounting solutions
  • CRM solutions
  • Resource planning solutions
  • E-commerce solutions including ERPAL as an administration backend

Who should use ERPAL Platform?

ERPAL platform is designed to give site builders a base to kickstart their development of own business applications. Therefore ERPAL Platform brings the highest flexibility by using entities and Drupal standard modules to integrate with views, rules and other "must have" Drupal contrib modules.

Some core features such as a lightweight CRM => quote => order => invoice workflow are provided out of the box.

You can extend the application that you want to build with ERPAL platform with your Drupal skills.

Videos and Screencasts

If you want to learn how to work with ERPAL Platform, visit our ERPAL YouTube video channel.

Contribution welcome!

If you like this project and want to contribute to ERPAL Platform, just create a new support issue where you introduce yourself and offer your help in some parts of the development. These can be

  • Code
  • Conception
  • Documentation
  • Provide use case ideas
  • ... help to spread ERPAL Platform over the world

Need an out-of-the-box business application?

If you want an out of the box business application for a software development company or a service providing company, you may consider using the ERPAL for Service Providers Drupal distribution.

This project is developed by Bright Solutions. We also offer paid Drupal and ERPAL support.

If you have questions about the current development status have a look here:

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