Atlassian Crowd

This module provides single sign-on integration between Drupal and an Atlassian Crowd server. It supports detection of the Crowd SSO cookie to provide automatic login of users already authenticated via Crowd. Drupal accounts are created automatically if the user account doesn't already exist. The module also manipulates the standard Drupal user login form validation handlers to authenticate directly against Crowd instead of Drupal.

Some additional features are included that allow you to automatically associate Crowd groups with Drupal roles, redirect self-service user forms in Drupal (e.g., reset password) to remote Crowd alternatives, and more.

Getting Started

You will of course need to be running an Atlassian Crowd server to use this module. Because the current version of the module communicates with Crowd through REST, no other special dependencies are required (you just need an open http link between your Crowd and Drupal servers).

It is recommend, though not required, that you also install the Dynamic Cache module if you have page caching active for anonymous users.

Please see the module documentation for more details about installation and usage.

Customizing and Extending

This module provides core authentication functionality for any Crowd-to-Drupal integration, which may be sufficient for most use cases. If your case requires more specific features, you may first want to see if there are any existing sandbox projects that offer reusable code. Known examples include:

  • Crowd Push & Provisioning - Provides push and provisioning sync capabilities to send user data updated in Drupal to Crowd (allowing Drupal to handle user creations, updates, password resets, etc.).
  • Crowd Batch & Auto Pull - Provides batch and automatic pull syncing of user data from a Crowd directory to Drupal (allowing Drupal user lists to be in-sync with Crowd for administrative purposes).

These examples make use of the basic connection API that's part of this module, which your own code could tap into as well.

6.x Branches

Due to limited resources the 6.x-1.x and 6.x-2.x branches of this module are no longer officially supported and won't be receiving any attention (see #2252913: Remove support for 6.x). These branches are still available in the repository if someone is keen to explore them.


The 2.x branches have been enhanced and are currently maintained by Ryan Jacobs (rjacobs) with support from the Center for Research Libraries.

This module was initially developed and maintained by Erich Beyrent
Originally sponsored by CommonPlaces e-Solutions, LLC and VoltDB

This module and its maintainer(s) are in no way affiliated with Atlassian, the company that develops and maintains the Crowd server software. No endorsement is expressed or implied.

Supporting organizations: 
Lead development and maintenance on 7.x-2.x branch.
Development and maintenance on 6.x and 7.x-1.x branches.

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