Config partial export is a lightweight features-like module for developers. It is able to export to a tarball only modified configuration files shown in Configuration/Configuration management/Synchronize (/admin/config/development/configuration) tab.
After enabling the module click on the Partial Export tab and select the files you want to export. In addition you can add to the list the file. After export you can copy the files from the tarball to your config/install folder in order to add them to your install profile and apply those changes on next install.

Config partial export

  • Adds Partial config tab to Configuration management
  • Exports only the selected files from the list of modified config files
  • Adds to the export list file if requested

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Accelerate development of your site by quickly exporting to a tarball the selected config files. This way the developers can easily copy those files to the config/install folder no need to find them among the files of a full export. The module is useful first of all for developers working in team but we suggest to use it by single developers as well.


drush cpex --help

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