Import or aggregrate Commerce entities (e.g. products) using Feeds

Using the power of Feeds, almost any type of data can be imported into commerce entities, be it data in the Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format, XML format (use Feeds XPath Parser), or any other format for which a feeds importer exists. Data can also be synchronized from a remote location, e.g. from an XML or RSS feed, handling potential issues associated with duplicate content. Large amounts of data can be comfortably imported because of the Feeds usage of Drupal's core Batch API. This module can import both commerce entities and their associated commerce display nodes in two consecutive steps.

The module contains:

  • Product processor for Feeds that creates product entities in Drupal.
  • Profile processor for Feeds that creates customer profile entities in Drupal.
  • Commerce coupon processor for Feeds that creates coupon entities in Drupal.
  • Commerce price mapper supporting the creation of price amounts and currency codes from raw input.
  • Commerce product reference mapper supporting the creation of relationships between product displays and product entities.


It is strongly recommended to use the latest version of Feeds module
If you don't know feeds, check the site builder's guide to Feeds

  • Install & enable the Feeds (including UI) and Commerce modules (including product, price and their UI modules)
  • Go to admin/structure/feeds and add a new importer
  • Select the "Commerce Product processor"
  • In Settings, select a product type to use to create new product entities
  • In Mapping, select how raw input fields map on fields of the product entity.
  • Select at least Product SKU (make unique) and Product Title.

Example configuration

A feature is included to quickly show how a comma-separated file can be used to import product entities.

  1. Install the Commerce Kickstart profile.
  2. Install the Commerce Feeds module (commerce_feeds); this requires the Feeds module and its dependencies
  3. Enable the Commerce Feeds Example feature (commerce_feeds_example) which contains the example feeds configuration; this requires the Features module and its dependencies
  4. Go to /import and click on 'Product import'
  5. Select the file 'example_products.csv' that is inside the module (commerce_feeds/commerce_feeds_products/example_products.csv) and click Import
  6. Go to /admin/commerce/products to see the imported products
  7. If you want to import product displays (i.e. Drupal nodes), repeat from step 4. and click on 'Product display import' and select the file 'example_products_display.csv'. Go to your homepage to see the updated products.

Related modules

Commerce Feeds multitype provides a processor that handles multiple types of products in one import.


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