This module provides coupon functionality for Drupal Commerce.

Version 1

Full rules integration. The validation and the redemption can be controlled by Rules. Multiple coupon types can be added. Each type can has his own fields.

In combination with Rules you could create coupons:



  • Rules Integration:
    Validation of coupons and redemption of coupons can be controlled by Rules.
  • Coupon Types:
    Multiple types of coupons can be created.
  • Fieldable Entities:
    The coupons are fieldable. You can add for each coupon type different fields. For example you can add a user reference field. In the validation process you can check if the given coupon belongs to a certain user.
  • Fixed amount coupon Type:
    Check commerce coupon fixed amount for using a coupon type that uses a given amount for the coupon.
  • Percentage coupon Type:
    Check commerce coupon percentage for using percentage coupon types.
  • Mass Generation:
    Commerce Coupon Batch has its own project space.

1.x to 1.x upgrade path

The new beta versions are a huge change from what it used to be in beta4, so there might be some upgrade issues, I've opened a documentation page for explaining what has changed and also there's this issue to report problems.

Version 2

Note: beta2 has an upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x. It works for upgrading relatively simple coupon 1.x sites; mileage may vary if you have a lot of custom coupon functionality though. Please backup before trying, as you should with any upgrade.

Commerce Coupon 2.x provides a number of architectural improvements and new features:

  • Integrates with Commerce Discount: now you can add coupon codes to any existing type of discount offer. Add coupon codes to discounts in the standalone coupon UI or on the discount edit form.
  • Multiple discount offers per coupon code: simply add multiple discounts to a coupon entity.
  • Inline conditions integration: coupon date range and usage are now controlled this way so that it cuts down on empty fields on coupons that do not use these types of conditions.

2.x additional dependencies

Tips and tricks

Commerce no payment is a really handy module if you're allowing full payments through coupons (100% coupons or full fixed amount ones).

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Co-maintained by Commerce Guys.

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