This modules adds coupon features to Drupal Commerce through integration with the Commerce Discount module. The recommended version is the latest 7.x-2.x release, and there is currently no supported upgrade path from the previous version.


Commerce Coupon allows you to add any number of coupon codes to a discount. Customers may enter a coupon code on the checkout form to attempt to activate the related discount. If there are other conditions on the discount that prevent it from being applied to the order, the customer will be notified. Otherwise the discount will be applied and the customer will see that the coupon has activated it.

Commerce Coupon 2.x provides a number of architectural improvements and new features over the initial version:

  • Integrates with Commerce Discount: now you can add coupon codes to any existing type of discount offer. Add coupon codes to discounts in the standalone coupon UI or on the discount edit form.
  • Multiple discount offers per coupon code: simply add multiple discounts to a coupon entity.
  • Inline conditions integration: coupon date range and usage are now controlled this way so that it cuts down on empty fields on coupons that do not use these types of conditions.


Tips and tricks

Commerce no payment is a really handy module if you're allowing full payments through coupons (100% coupons or full fixed amount ones).

Upgrading from Commerce Coupon 1.x

Note: Commerce Coupon 7.x-2.x-beta2 has an upgrade path from 1.x to 2.x. It works for upgrading relatively simple coupon 1.x sites; mileage may vary if you have a lot of custom coupon functionality though. Please backup before trying, as you should with any upgrade.

Supporting organizations: 
2.x development and maintenance

Project information