Commerce Discount provides a new user interface for defining and managing product and order level discounts. Using just the core pricing system of Drupal Commerce requires knowledge of how to use the Rules UI, which is beyond the capabilities of most merchants. Additionally, the core system cannot support order level discounts or certain types of shipping / product discounts. This module addresses all of those things.

Additionally, all discounts are exportable entities, meaning they can be managed in code for version control and testing / deployment purposes.

Creating discounts

  1. Install Commerce Discount and its dependencies (see below).
  2. Browse to Administration > Store > Discounts.
  3. Click the Add discount link in the header.
  4. Configure the basic details of your discount:
    • Admin title is used in administrative lists and reference fields.
    • Name is what customers will see when the discount is applied to their orders.
    • Discount status may be toggled to disable the discount by default.
    • Sort order determines how discounts will be sorted before being applied to an order. The lower the sort order, the earlier a discount is applied during price calculation.
  5. Choose the desired discount type and offer type. Note that the types of special offers available differ based on whether a discount is being applied to a whole order instead of just a single product.
  6. Add any conditions you desire to limit when the discount may be applied to an order or product.
  7. Configure the final default conditions:
    • Discount dates determine the start and end date for a discount; only available if the Discount Date submodule and its dependencies are enabled.
    • Compatibility with other discounts lets you determine whether or not the current discount can be applied to an order depending on what other discounts have already been applied.
    • Maximum usage determines how many times a discount may be applied across all customers or to a single customer's orders; only available if the Discount Usage submodule is enabled.

Coupon support

Commerce Discount does not provide support for coupons itself. Instead, Commerce Coupon 2.x integrates into Commerce Discount to add coupon codes to discounts and support in the customer user interface for redeeming them.

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