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Cloudwords for Multilingual Drupal is the fastest, most flexible, and most efficient way to manage the process of localizing your website using Cloudwords. Once this module is installed, your content is ready to be served up to any market in any language with Cloudwords' workflow automation and powerful project management capabilities. Select the content you want to localize and Cloudwords does the rest.

The process is simple

  • Pick what Drupal content you want to send out for translation
  • Sync that content to Cloudwords and route it to the translation vendor(s) of your choice
  • Sync the translated content back into Drupal once your translation vendor has delivered the translated content into Cloudwords
  • Let our module automatically detect new and outdated translations that require your attention

Since the “Cloudwords for Drupal” module manages your translation process via Cloudwords, you will be able to use the following Cloudwords features: time-saving project management and workflow, vendor management and cost saving benefits of centralized Translation Memory, and more. Cloudwords also send your Drupal content to translation vendors via XLIFF, a translation industry XML standard that helps simplify the process.
Simply install the Cloudwords for Drupal module into your Drupal site today

Translatable Content

Nodes and other Entities: Content translation as well as entity translation is supported. If using entity translation, this module will work with entities provided by Drupal core as well as contrib modules such as:

  • Fieldable Panel Panes
  • Field Collections (nesting supported as well, as in field collections within field collections)
  • Beans (Block Entities Aren't Nodes)

i18n string translation

  • Built-in interface strings
  • Taxonomy vocabularies and terms
  • Blocks
  • Contact categories and replies
  • Menus and menu items
  • Panels custom content panes



  • This module requires the PHP cURL library.

How to Setup

Please review our Cloudwords For Drupal Setup Guide for full installation, troubleshooting, and basic how-to-use information.

For a quick install process:

  • Install this module along with the included submodules.
  • Please verify that you have set the private upload directory for your Drupal instance. The settings can be found at the following path: admin/config/media/file-system
  • If you do not already have an existing Cloudwords account, you can signup for one at You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access your new Cloudwords account.
  • From within your Cloudwords account, click on “Settings” in the upper right corner, then click on “My Account”, then click on “API”. Or, use this url: . Follow the instructions to generate an API key for your user.
  • From within Drupal click on “Configuration”, then “Web Services”, then “Cloudwords”. Copy the API key generated within Cloudwords into the “API Authorization Token” field. Click on “Save configuration”.
  • You should now be ready to start using Cloudwords for Drupal. To begin using, from within Drupal click on “Structure” and then “Cloudwords”. You can begin selecting Drupal content that needs translation, submitting the selected content to Cloudwords, easily manage the translation of the content via a Cloudwords project, and import the translated content back into Drupal.

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