The Google Chart Tools: Image Charts API was deprecated by Google on April 20, 2012 and can be shutdown at any time. We do not recommend using this module for any new projects. Various options are being considered regarding future versions of the chart module, refer to #2376179: Chart 7.x-3.x Release for more details.

The Charts module supports the more recent Google Interactive charts, and is a valid alternative to consider. Refer to the Comparison of Charting modules for other possible alternatives to consider.

OK Why Use Google Charts?

There are many reasons to choose Google Chart API over other methods such as Flash or Flex charts.

  • Lightweight, reliable, no need for server side libraries or additional modules.
  • Simple to extend and implement within the Drupal framework.
  • Memory friendly.

Note: using the Google Chart API is "free of charge", which should not be confused with "free software". You cannot review, nor modify it, and you are bound to Google's terms of service when using it. Google has the rights to analyse your data and resell it at any point when they see fit to do so.

OK Documentation

The Chart community documentation provides documentation about hooks, examples, HowTos, etc. Updating it for the 7.x version of chart is (still) in progress, although most of the API is the same.

The README.txt and chart.api.php files also contain some information worth checking out.

OK Community Support

Please post bug reports, support requests and feature requests to the Chart issue queue. In doing so, complying with the Issue creation guidelines will speed up things for all parties involved.

OK Helping out

More maintainers with similar needs are welcome. Alternatively, install the Chart module, build your own charts and contribute them back.

OK Developers

Currently development and maintenance of the Chart module is sponsored by In Petto.

Prior development was done by:

OK Credits

Credit goes to all the maintainers for building, maintaining and supporting the module.

Project information

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