Charts examples (Pie, Column, and Bar charts)

Transform Data into Information. Charts are a very good way to visualize a lot of data in a way that can be quickly digested.

Features (All)

  1. Wide chart type support: Pie, Line, Bar, Column, Area or Scatter charts.
  2. API: A Drupal-friendly syntax for creating charts easily, regardless of the underlying library.
  3. Views integration: Display the Views results as charts.
  4. Examples: The module includes lots of example charts for you to reference when building your own charts or chart library integration.
  5. Supported charting libraries: out of the box, you may use either (the new) Google Charts (GC for short), Highcharts (HC for short), as the charting library.

Features (Drupal 8 version)

  1. Charts Blocks: Available in 8.x-3.x-dev, this block plugin features fields for data input, so that you can chart data not already in your site without needing to use the API. Please help to improve charts blocks.
  2. C3: C3 makes it easy to generate D3-based charts by wrapping the code required to construct the entire chart.
  3. Modular Structure: Makes it easier to contribute new charting libraries without needing to touch the core Charts module.
  4. Improved Accessibility: Uses libraries that help charts to be more accessible. Please help make Charts more accessible.
  5. Easier Library Installation Charts uses Composer to make installing libraries easier (or at least more reliable!). Be sure to install the latest -dev release, as it features a new and improved Composer workflow.

Want to see a full release? Help write tests!

Installation and configuration

Refer to the Getting Started documentation for detailed instructions, as well as the README.txt file included with the module which may contain additional information.


The community documentation contains a lot of documentation about the Charts module. And the module comes with examples charts to show how to configure and use it.

Related projects

For a more accurate summary of projects related to the charts module, checkout Related Modules in the community documentation.


Please post bug reports, feature requests and support requests to the Charts module issue queue. In doing so, complying with the Issue creation guidelines will speed up things for all parties involved.

Helping out

There are plenty of ways to help maintain, further enhance, and support the chart module, as detailed in How to contribute.


Credit goes to all the maintainers for building, maintaining and supporting the module.

Supporting organizations: 
Drupal 8 port initiative and legacy support for the 7.x version
2.x version and maintenance

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