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Provides integration with bLazy to lazy load and multi-serve images to save bandwidth and server requests. The user will have faster load times and save data usage if they don't browse the whole page.
A friend of mobile devices. Do not let images, especially iframes, kill mobile device traffics.

Looking for any kind soul who are willing to spare some free time to co-maintain this module. I can assure you, you will get good karma as Newton III law confirmed in return ;) If you feel you have some love to share, please create a new issue for co-maintaining. Thank you!


  • Supports lazyloading core Image.
  • Supports lazyloading core Responsive image. Works with <img> and <picture> elements. Works with IE9+.
  • Supports Colorbox/ Photobox/ PhotoSwipe, also multimedia lightboxes.
  • Multi-serving images for configurable breakpoints, almost similar to core Responsive image, only less complex.
  • CSS background lazyloading, or see also Mason, GridStack, and Slick carousel.
  • IFRAME urls via custom coded, Blazy Video, Blazy Image with Media, or see also Slick Video, Slick Media.
  • Delay loading for below-fold images until 100px (configurable) before they are visible at viewport.
  • A simple effortless CSS loading indicator.
  • It doesn't take over all images, so it can be enabled as needed via Blazy formatters, or its supporting modules.



Install the module as usual, more info can be found on:


Enable Blazy UI which can be uninstalled at production later.

  • Go to "/admin/config/media/blazy" to manage few global options, including enabling support for lazyloading core Responsive image.
  • Go to Manage display page, e.g.:
    Find "Blazy" formatter under "Manage display".

For custom usages:

  • Add a class "b-lazy" along with a "data-src" attribute referring to an expected image, or iframe URL, or to any supported element:
    IMG, IFRAME or DIV/BODY, etc.
    Non-media element, DIV/BODY/etc., will have background image lazyloaded instead.
  • And load the blazy library accordingly.

Check out blazy.api.php for details.


Blazy works with fields and Views, and supports a few enhancements.

Optional Features

  • Views fields:
    File ER and Media Entity integration, see Slick Browser. Suitable for huge galleries with lightboxes, or multimedia switcher.
  • Views style plugin Blazy Grid:
    CSS3 Masonry and Block Grid Foundation.
  • Field formatters:
    Blazy, Blazy Video via Video Embed Field integration, and Blazy Image with Media integration via Video Embed Media integration.

Similar modules

Read update SOP whenever updating Blazy and its related modules.

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