This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Module Description

This module is used to send mails via Amazon SES. instead of usind Drupal's native mail system.

Advantages of this module

  • You need not setup your own SMTP server.
  • lesser configuration, just setup your AWS credentials and you are all set.
  • This module sends email via Amazon SES by directly calling API.

How to install it

  1. Just like other module , donwload it via drush or FTP, and enable it.


  1. Libraries
  2. awssdk


Follow these steps:

  1. Provide your AWS Security Credentials "admin/config/media/awssdk", it is must, so that this module can
    send api request to your AWS account. For more details about AWS Credentials
    read through
    Get your access key here
  2. Amazon SES requires that you verify your email address or domain, to confirm that you own it and to prevent others from using it. so you must verify your sender id. For this go
    to "admin/config/aws-settings/aws-verify-ses-sender-id". If you don't have Production
    Access to Amazon SES, you must verify reciepient's mail addresses.

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Upcoming Features

  1. Meaningful feedback, i.e. who has read mail, who spammed it, who have not received yet.
  2. Integration with module.

PS: After enabling this module, it will override default mail system and start using AmazonSesSystem mail system.

Supporting organizations: 
Devoted time and resources towards continuing support of this module.

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