Interesting bug. I'm curious if anyone else has run into it. I'm even MORE curious if anyone has a solution since this site is 80% done.

When I logged onto my Drupal 7 site today to add a "page" I got the alert: "You have not created any content types yet."

Well I got news for you site... I have been creating content on you for weeks and there are most certainly content types listed at admin/structure/types. I see them right there. The defaults plus another one I made. But somehow YOU don't see them. If I add a fifth new content type, that one gets seen. But the other ones, that are used by Views and are already configured, those are not seen.

So anyone have a suggestion as to how I might "nudge" my site to "see" these content types again?


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I solved my issue. Yesterday I removed the "Add Content" link from the Navigation menu. I figured I'd be adding content through the admin menu itself. I guess the system interprets it like you are completely removing access to it. I re-enabled this item and the ability to add content is back.

Case closed.

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Thanks, I just ran into the same thing. Weird, I'm not sure why the system works like this. In my case, I didn't even remove the Add Content link, I only moved it to the Admin Menu. I guess this is all caused by the bug in

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Yep, looks like it's this bug. And it's a nasty one. Thanks for the link.

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I came up with the same problem and got it solved thanks to your solution :-)

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This solution worked for me as well.

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I fixed this issue a while ago but I think I got something messed up during the fix.
Basically, whenever I create Custom Content, it does not show up in "Add Content", and does not show up on the "Add Content" node. Instead, it goes to navigation panel :(

Any idea how this can be fixed?

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I am very grateful. I have dealt with this problem a long time, now I have solved immediately.

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This solution worked for me too!

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Me too. Crazy bug.

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Ďakujem. It's "thank you" in Slovak.

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After an upgrade D6 => D7 all menus were in "custom" locations ... so your solution worked like a charm.
Thank you again!

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But this is stupid, no? I mean I disable the add content menu if I don't want to see it in the themed user interface, so why should it also disappear from admin area? The two are different, right? Or Drupal Developers are saying I absolutely have to suffer Add content links on all my website if I want to create content? I mean, what is the great wisdom in making this so?

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Thanks for solution.’s picture

This issue because add content is disabled in navigation menu. enabling it works fine

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Wow, i got a shock of my life, and the i saw this post and tried,
It worked,
Thank you

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I did the same in a hasty spate of housekeeping. Lesson learned!!

- Bill

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you are genius thanx a loot this is my problem :) ia am noob drupal 2 week user

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i ask how to display my table database on user view? any idea?

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@mcfilms you ar e right thanks very much

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Same error.
I got it right after I created custom content.
I also had "Create content" menu item moved to another menu. But moving back did not fix it.

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I just recalled how I got to this in detail.
1. I moved "Create Content" to User menu
2. I created new content type.
3. When I saved it, all of my content types showed up in Navigation without their Parent "Create Content".
4. I Thought that it was some sort of glitch and removed them from the Navigation.

Later, I noticed that links were still there but disabled. I re-enabled them and everything works fine now.

I think that you can always recreate links manually by path from another D7 sit. But I'm not sure if it'll work, did not test this theory.

Hope this will work for you.

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I just ran into this bug today. See

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I have since created new content types and manually put them under the "add content" menu in its non-standard location, and it works fine for me, I'm happy to report.

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Hi everyone I just had the same problem, however what I did was simply rename the "machine readable" name from 'page' to 'basic_page' and renamed 'article' to 'article1'. It worked for me. Hope this helps

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worked a treat. Very strange bug this one!

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I have found that as long as the links for each content type are enabled in the navigation menu I can create content without problems.

I have just disabled the "Add content" link (leaving its child links enabled) in the Navigation menu and manually recreated it in the User menu.

EDIT 1: Spoke too soon. Administrator can create content okay, Authenticated User can't. I'll have to look into it further.

EDIT 2: Node -> Forum topic: Create new content needed to be enabled in Permissions for Authenticated User. Works as stated above now.

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This helped me! Make sure you guys don't disable the content types in the Add Content link of the Navigation menu!

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Hi, maybe someone has written this, i haven't read all responses. This occurred to me when I moved link "Add content" from "navigation" to "maganement". The problem is, that children (links to "add page" for every content type) of "Add content" were left in the "navigation" menu. So the solution is to go throuh all children links and change their parent back to "Add content".

Hope it helps to someone.


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This solution worked for me as well.

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Worked for me too. :)

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same problem after changing the add content link from navigation to management
i returned as described in the forums reset the links because i found that the reset link near the add content link still there the message that i have to create a content type to create a content
cleared the cache but still the same problem

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I forgot to follow the add content link with its children
it is done

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...the solution worked as a charm :-)!

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Thank you. This definitely helped me. I too had moved the 'Add Content' link from the navigation menu to the user menu. But, I didn't try to add content until hours later. So, I had no clue that moving a link was the source of the problem. After reading finding your post, I saw the content type links that were left behind in the Navigation, it made sense. This is something that all D7 admins should be made aware of. Again, many thanks.


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This worked perfectly for me, thank you.

The strange thing is that I never moved the add content link into the navigation menu vs the management menu (where it should have been, and had been previously). I think the root of it was that when I went to flush the cache the system drive on our local dev server had completely run out of space, and drupal was unable to clear the cache because of this, and I was getting timeouts on every page I tried to load related to drupal on our dev server while I scrambled to find out what went wrong.

When I realized the server ran out of space and corrected the issue, the site came back online but a few things were fucked up. For example, my custom jquery file was empty and this issue occured, where the add content link and its children moved from management to navigation. The children were all set up properly, all I had to do was move add content back to management and it's children came with and I just re-enabled all of them and everything worked great.

So thank you, I was totally lost with this one.

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Leaving the children behind will only lead to problems :)

Mine all came back as soon as the kids were reunited with "Add content" parent..

Thanks to all on this thread.. Great work!!

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You need to leave the child links enabled in the Navigation menu.

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Yup, leaving the children enabled but the parent disabled does exactly what we all want. But this bug hints at some sort of encapsulation failure: by hiding a feature in one place we disabled the whole feature!

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Yes, thanks, this worked for me.

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When you try to add new content after disabling some links in the navigation menu you get this incorrect error message.

This is definitely a bug.

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its retarded... add content, hidden link when i was working in nav menus...

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I confirm too that this happens with 7.10. It is easy to solve but I think this is not an expected behaviour. Should we report this as an issue I wonder.

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The problem persists in 7.10 and all of the solutions posted here don't resolve it. Resetting the menu, enabling expansion, moving children, moving menus, etc. The direct links work but /node/add shows only the "You have not created any content types yet" error.

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Someone please help. I am no longer able to add content AT ALL. No links work, and I get this error message every time. This site has existed for nearly a year, and I have not changed any of my menus. All of my content types exist, but I cannot add content.

I am stuck with no way to update my site. This is an absolutely critical and catastrophic bug.

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Posted by uiii on May 4, 2011 at 1:28pm

Hi, maybe someone has written this, i haven't read all responses. This occurred to me when I moved link "Add content" from "navigation" to "maganement". The problem is, that children (links to "add page" for every content type) of "Add content" were left in the "navigation" menu. So the solution is to go throuh all children links and change their parent back to "Add content".

I had the exact same problem, edit your navigation menu and make sure that all of your content types are child links of the 'Add Content' link. You may have to flush your caches if your menus are being cached.


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I had to re-enable "add content" as well as all the content types (as children) I wanted to use - within the Navigation block. This was a big eye sore on my site, so I reconfigured "add content" to have "Administration" as its parent menu. Now I can add content again and there are no ugly links on my site.

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or in my case I ended up with two incidences of the 'Add content' link in the Navigation menu. One worked with the admin toolbar 'Add content' the other didn't, which typically had all the content types underneath. So I just moved them to the other 'Add content' item that worked...

No idea how I ended up with two 'Add content' items. Both are system generated and can't be deleted. Anyway it now works.

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Where I work, we never use the navigation menu at all. We see it as a kind of clip board where modules publish their menu items, ready to be moved to a "real" menu (if we need the menu item at all).

We normally move the add content items to the administration menu provided by admin_menu.module. That works fine, except that if you create a new node type afterwards, the node/add/type menu item ends up orphaned in the navigation menu.

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I have the same problem with drupal 7.14, all solutions given above doesn't work. I've patched my drupal as well.
I've given all the rights to the autenticated user, so he has the same rights than the administrator, and he still can't create any content when the administrator can.
I've created a new content type but the problem remains even with this new content type.

Actually my authenticated users just can't create any content... that's a bit annoying :)

I've read many solutions in this post about moving menu items to administration or wherever, I'm using the administration toolbar (so the administration menu) and the problem is the same wherever I move the "add content" menu item. Disable it doesn't work either.

So I'm not sure the problem comes from menus.
I keep searching, if someone has succeed to fix this bug with a new solution I'm interested :)

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I had a look to the structure of Navigation menu with both roles, with authenticated user the "Add content" link is here but not the "add content type" item and when I try to create it manually I just can't, this error appears : "The path 'node/add/skill' is either invalid or you do not have access to it."
My permissions are well set and I have a content type called skill.

So I just can't understand...

Another weird thing, I've given my authenticated user the role administrator and it has changed nothing, I still can't create content with him.

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Your case doesn't sound like this issue. In this issue, even user 1 would see the "You have not created any content yet."

Have you added any access control modules? 9 times out of 10 it is the addition of some sort of access control module or rule that prevents content creation when the role has the "create ### content" permission.

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The solution for me Drupal 7.14 was to find the Menu in which the Content Types and their children were, and then enable them all. Even though the Navigation Menu is never used in my installation, this let's the Administration Menu access everything correctly.

I wonder if a more recent update changed things as my primary content creator lost the ability to create content - I had to re-enable it though People > Permissions > Blog entry: Create new content (et al)

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Hi, My work around was to have all the content types as sub-menu's of a main Content menu entry, and to make all the sub-menu's active, but not the main Content link, worked for me, but really shouldnt still be in there this many months after release.

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Wow, I never would have figured this out. Changing a menu makes my content types disappear? This is a bug. Amazing it's been here so long. I just moved the Content creation menu from "Navigation" to "Management" and now my content types are back and I can add content again. Thanks to all who contributed!

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I have 'Add content' enabled in the Navigation menu, I've clicked the reset button, disabled and re-enabled but no luck. I've tried changing the machine name of my content types still get the "You have not created any content types yet."

On the Nav menu if I select Add content the content types appear in the menu and work there but in the central column the error remains.

Any ideas?

rex_the_first’s picture


I still have the same problem. Can anyone help, it has been a few months and I have followed the advice but I still get "You have not created any content types yet."

Screenshot - Add Content

Screenshot - Navigation Menu

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The screenshot links seem to be broken.

rex_the_first’s picture


They are there, I think it is to do with hotlinking. If you click refresh the images should appear. Please can anyone help me with this?


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I Fixed this issue by going to edit links from the navigation menu and then moving the Add Content menu to the Management section. Now it displays the content types when i click on Add Content.

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This tactic zaps your system menu items at the database level. It restored access to my content creation links but I did have to correct some of the other menu items as a result. Do a backup first, because it will reset the position of many menu items.

Access your database and run this query:

DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE module = 'system';

Then visit your performance configuration and and clear the cache

I found the original technique here:

rex_the_first’s picture

Thank you so much seaneffel. After moving, re adding, disabling and reabling the 'Add Content' menu in the 'Navigation' menu I didn't think anything would work but the nuclear option seems to have done the trick.

Thanks again,

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..and this is still a bug! It's easily fixed, so obviously low priority... but, still!

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I have the same problem and have followed the instruction by "mcfilms" which did work. What is the link for the shortcut "add content" link? It's not node/add...

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The URL to the creation page is /node/add.

If that doesn't work then maybe you have a menu problem. Flushing the menu table did it for me but I had to reorder the links in the menu trees by hand afterward. My comment with the instructions I used is higher on the thread.

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Hi everyone

I just got this error and couldn't figure it out but used my favourite search engine and got this node popping up at the top of the list.

So ... my creation of this bug was slightly different.

I moved the Add content link from Navigation to User Menu and initially all looked well.
It looked like the child elements followed the parent both in the admin overlay and as a basic user.
But then the basic user got this error, followed not long after by the administrator account.

Thanks to the info here I was able to trace the bug.
My Navigation menu now still has all the child-elements of the Add content element which isn't in Navigation any more, it's in User Menu.
Moving the required links from Navigation to User Menu->Add Content worked a treat.

This experience has a silver lining as I have grokked a little more on menus and now have some idea how to control what goes where and who sees what menus.

Thanks !


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In this thread:

The steps described in the post #25 by @hermes_costell solved this problem for me (Drupal 7.28).
IN ADDITION, at the end of these steps I needed to run cron and flush the cache.

I ended up also having to delete all 'system' menu links as well, and then rebuild the menu. I had most menu items either as triples or higher, and the whole admin system was going berzerk. I'm not yet sure if the issue is resolved yet... but steps I took:

DELETE FROM `menu_links` WHERE `menu_links`.`module` = 'admin_menu'

DELETE FROM `menu_links` WHERE `menu_links`.`module` = 'system'

Went to:

Which rebuilt the menu, and things now look great. My frequency of db hits were berzerk before this fix, and are now totally calmed down.

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Drupal 7.41 , fresh install

Same issue happened to me after moving "Add Content" to the User Menu. As the admin, I couldn't even access "Article" or "Page".

In order to get it working again, I had to move the Content Type links under "Add Content" . I don't actually remember when those links were moved as I'm pretty sure I didn't move them myself.

Anyway, it works now. "Add Content" seems to be a simple container for Content Types menu links & considers that no Content Type has been created if it doesn't hold any of these links. I can see the logic in this but clearly it's not full proof since I'm still experiencing this bug, five years after it was first reported.

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I got the sure solution,
When upgrading an older Drupal 7 website, we have often found that the Add Content links go missing. Here's a quick SQL fix. Back up your database beforehand, and flush cache afterwards.

DELETE FROM menu_links WHERE module = 'system';

Its works for me.

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Thanks soorajshai! This solution really does work (I'm on drupal 7.37). I have to add though that after running the SQL command above, you will lose all admin links on the admin toolbar so you will have to manually go to the links below to do the following: - for running cron, and - for flushing the cache.


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I found an easy solution for "You have not created any content types yet".
Under Administration » Structure » Menus, click navigation menu links, then move your enabled content types under Add content menu as sub-menu.
It is not necessary to move Add content menu anywhere else.

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Go to navigation menu link list (/admin/structure/menu/manage/navigation )
You will reset option in front on basic page , article and some other menu link. Please click and reset to default setting. Your node/add page will start working. This issue is because of disabling Contextual links module.