Thought I'd post this since I couldn't find it anywhere and it took a while to figure out.

First, if you want to group fields in cck and allow users to create duplicate entries, you need multigroup. But, that is only in a development version of cck, which is cck3. Found here:

To install this, I wasn't able to use the normal update.php. Instead I did this:

1. disable all the modules in the cck section. There will likely be a number of other modules dependent on the cck group of modules.

2. Replace the cck directory in the sites-->all--> modules with the updated 6.3 version

3. reenable all the modules you need.

That's it. I didn't (and couldn't) run the update.php, because the cck module wasn't an available option in the update list. But, the above worked and now I can use create multigroups.


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Is it safe to use CCK 3 in production site? I hardly needs multigroup. Do we needs Views 3 for cck 3?

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It might be a bad Idea to disable the modules before updating them. If a module creates a Database-Table and you disable this module, the Database-Table will be destroyed.

Read here:

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Surely that is only if you "uninstall" the module...not disable?

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