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SHA-1: 2d44c6b0173230eb007fe3e29128a544119cfc1c
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Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 27 Jul 2010 at 00:01 UTC
Last updated: 27 Jul 2010 at 00:05 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Please see my blog post at for some discussion of the new features across the Panels 3 Suite.

Please be absolutely certain that you upgrade CTools and Panels at the same time!!!!!

  • Deprecated the callback-based 'defaults' in favor of the identical 'process' (plugin system). Consequently, moved the content_type plugin over to use 'process' instead of the 'defaults' callback.
  • Added a ctools.api.php file and began documenting some of our api/hooks there.
  • Changed all hook_ctools_plugin_directory() implementations to use the more informative variable naming scheme.
  • #817612 by elstudio: Fix validation error that was making it impossible to add 'Existing node' content_types.
  • #787644 by Amitaibu and merlinofchaos: Introduce export-ui and auto-submit. See API.txt for more.
  • Update the plugin system documentation, and clean up plugin system logic.
  • #827498: Allow the 'custom' content type to be re-usable and exportable.
  • #827370 by dereine: Allow the new auto-submit.js to allow a single class that causes every element in the form to auto-submit.
  • #717036: Add a check to prevent CSS cache files from being cleared on a cron run.
  • Partial reversion of #742832.
  • #767046: Current theme selection rule was broken.
  • Improve the "Edit panel" tab so that Panels Everywhere can use a different name for site template, and Panels can direct it to the most appropriate tab in the editor.
  • #828352: Recent improvement to allow selection of fields to display in pane caused summary styles to break.
  • #764006 by drifter: Fix warning when using Panels Everywhere and views content panes together.
  • #467898 by mikeker: Allow taxonomy term argument to be restricted to a particular set of vocabularies.
  • #829582 by dmitrig01: apostrophes as data keys in exports would not properly be escaped, breaking the export.
  • #845540 by Dave Reid: had accidental dependency on pathauto.
  • #755954 by killes: Add relationship plugin to get node edit form context from node context.
  • #755988 by killes: Render form id, build id and token as part of the form buttons context.
  • #756118 by killes: sets content regardless of content being present.
  • #783408 by hefox: Make sure empty arguments are properly translated to NULL when passed to Views.
  • #749398 by harijari: Properly support new column added for signatures in Drupal 6.13.
  • #815164 by DeFR: Replace fragile server side cache of aggregated .js and .css with more robust embedded .js communicating this information.
  • #667504 by Jen Lampton: Allow node title to be linked to the node.
  • #830274 by Amitaibu: Wrong value passed to ctools_export_crud_load_all() by the default UI plugin.
  • #843280 by Amitaibu: Export UI would WSOD on delete.
  • #728486 by elliotttf: Fix PHP 5.3 compatibility.
  • #635730 by dereine and merlinofchaos: Fix page title pane to show actual title. Allow the tag and tag class and id to be specified in pane settings.
  • #842882 by Amitaibu: Safer handling of determing if an object is new or updated when using ctools_export_crud_save().
  • #826074 by Amitaibu: Provide more defaults in schema for new Export UI settings.
  • #715546 by jsfwd: Term list content type didn't get proper first/last classes.
  • #731950: Prevent warning if task has invalid subtasks callback.
  • #831592: Context: Taxonomy vocabulary would not save vocabulary value.
  • #836828 by jmiccolis: ctools_include() would try to include again even though it was trying to statically cache a list of files already included.
  • #843042: export-ui delete button did not work.
  • #847682 by dagmar: Allow controlled objects to have data that exists in sibling tables to enable integration with exportables.module.
  • Allow Views to use their exposed filters as pane configuration. This is under the "Allow" settings in the Content pane display.
  • #849418: "Custom" content type was accidentally losing context substitutions created when reusable custom content types went in.
  • Moved Panels stylizer UI to CTools. If you use Panels Stylizer, be sure to update Panels at the same time.
  • Introduce ctools_access_ruleset module for customizable access rulesets.
  • Introduce ctools_custom_content module for customizable content panes and move the associated UI code to the module.
  • Restore a less aggressive plugin caching.
  • #854190 by Amitaibu: Provide a nicer experience with stylizer if there are no stylizer-enabled modules running.
  • #737602: Generic NOT checkbox for all access tests.
  • #735922 by daniboy: Allow the redirect command to have a delay.
  • #704132: Fix broken term_parent access plugin.
  • #596212 by KoCo: Fix warning message if using taxonomy terms context but no valid terms were found.
  • #657652: PHP Access rules become uneditable if they had no description.
  • #680778 by hefox: Taxonomy synonyms not showing correctly in term list content type.
  • #617678: Improve 'back' button handling during adding a page in page manager.
  • #817810: Search menu retooling caused the title of search pages to get lost.
  • #505132: Fix CSS caching to truly work on private filesystem now.
  • #707990: Add default converters and a default converter to user context to ease integration with realname.module.
  • #592986: Allow "text-transform" in user-generated CSS.
  • #507092: Add a "view" context, meaning you can load a view into a context and then display individual rows from that view as panes.
  • #696402 by pokurek: Prevent node add/edit contexts from getting into infinite loops.
  • #609424: Book relationship plugin was completely non-functional.
  • #709242: Required contexts would lose keyword and identifier when transfering context from one system into the subsystem.
  • #860306 by jcmarco: "Substitutions" fieldset would not open due to missing js.
  • #861778 by ayalon: Hold session ID for anonymous users when using the object cache so wizards can work for anonymous.
  • #846408: Increase #delta in reorder weights so that more than 21 variants can be used.
  • #827310: Node comments content type should not display comments if the node is configured to disable them.
  • #622570 by omerida: Add an option to display the comment forbidden information if the comment form cannot be displayed in comment form content type.
  • #863296: Do not leave NULL plugins left by searching for nonexistant plugins in the list when getting all plugins.
  • #853256 by swentel: Allow the normal node view content types to support CCK hosted build modes like Views does.
  • #865392 by Amitaibu: Auto-guess ctools ajax class with element associations.


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