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MD5: 397cb287c36bc01e901352f0f5d416e9
SHA-1: 1187bd5c25a2537538fe37f5ca4d7fe22ed7af10
SHA-256: 70a3d9646ebfcf8dc7ad626334dfb1f7e96f803db42a6b8f301fc4dff01e3352
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MD5: 2d9126ccfcecf6e6ef42d6b3cb8c2d95
SHA-1: 0ffc93c58eeac9c72779cf81f34b9d337a5173a6
SHA-256: a70626629ad472d5ab58624edf174c38a58c6aa770b89448b5cfc27451eb9fb7

Release info

Created by: redndahead
Created on: 13 Apr 2010 at 06:49 UTC
Last updated: 13 Apr 2010 at 07:27 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

There is a serious issue with this release if you already have a thumbnailhover slideshow. There should be a new release shortly to take care of this.

Although not required it is recommended that you edit your slideshow settings and then save it. This will resave some values and may alleviate issues you may encounter.

Changes since DRUPAL-6--2-0-BETA2:

  • #594794 by redndahead: Remove old code from views slideshow thumbnailhover.
  • #594810 by redndahead: Added Only show pager options when it's enabled.
  • #592826 by redndahead: Fixed No default settings for ie or advanced settings.
  • #593710 by bangpound, redndahead: Added make pagerAnchorBuilder themeable.
  • #601234 by redndahead: Add new advanced help files with tutorials for Views
    Slideshow SingleFrame and prompt in help to install Advanced Help.
  • #623874 by fearlsgroove: Add generic classes to certain themed objects
  • #630070 by redndahead, recrit: Fixed Cycle plugin not being added with jq.
  • #596116 by redndahead: Fixed Active breakout teaser CSS class in
    views_slideshow_thumbnailhover() contrib module.
  • #632838 by redndahead: Fixed Advanced Settings does not honor true/false.
  • #554438 by jcmarco, fearlsgroove, redndahead: Added Support FIELDS as views
    rows style.
  • #554438 by jcmarco, Manuel Garcia: Add better styling to fields.
  • #635560 by Dave Reid, redndahead: Fixed PHP notices.
  • #639228 by fearlsgroove: Fixed Thumbnail hover fields should be rendered with
  • #659612 by redndahead, theunraveler: Changed Add class 'views-row-$count' for
    each result.
  • #713750 by psynaptic: Reformatted code structure for coding standards and readability.
  • Moved preprocess function to module file as it wasn't loading on subsequent page loads.
  • Improved info file.
  • Changed format of tpl files.
  • #713764 by psynaptic: Reformat README.txt files.
  • Adding Views Slideshow to theme functions to make it easier to know where overridden functions came from. Slight improvements to doxygen formatting.
  • Moved drupal_add_ functions to hook_init for performance reasons.
  • Removed incorrect wording from doxygen comments and added a couple of todo items.
  • - Added top and bottom wrapper divs around slideshow controls. - Simlified template files.
  • Add jQuery cycle before other JS files.
  • #736400 by redndahead: Fixed js and css files shouldn't be added in the main
    slideshow module.
  • #754474 by redndahead: Changed Upgrade to the latest version of jquery cycle.
  • #704096 by Scott Reynolds, momendo: Fixed Views 3 requires proper
  • #757964 by redndahead: Fixed Slideshow settings javascript doesn't work in
    google chrome.
  • #479018 by redndahead: Fixed Slideshow Does not pause for videos.
  • #754648 by dingbats: Fixed Should be able to specify a function in Advanced
    Options. This requires functions to be on one line.
  • #718144 by redndahead | marcvangend: Added Hide pause/resume controls when
    timer delay = 0.
  • #756908 by redndahead: Changed Move fieldset definition of settings form out
    of contrib and into main module.
  • #743694 by snufkin: Added vs_thumnailhover(): Allow title to be used as the
    breakout field on node style.


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